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  1. Payment received thread closed
  2. You got it message sent
  3. Closed
  4. Last bump on this
  5. Thanks for all input and clarification on this post .. payment made .. closed
  6. Thank you !!
  7. These are yours according to rules message sent
  8. How do I get a Moderator to make sure these go to ANGCorsair before he sends payment ??
  9. Ok so the one that’s says I’ll take it gets it correct .. by just asking a question doesn’t mean I’ll take it
  10. Ok this has never happened to me before so I apologize might need some input from a moderator on this please if they go to you I will have to reverse my comment
  11. You were first to say “I will take” so I guess these are yours according to the rules
  12. I’m firm on price with the shipping thanks tho
  13. 3 oz
  14. Set of Eurojett pikies both new $65 shipped for the pair
  15. Great meeting today enjoy all the plugs and best of luck !!