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  1. damn washout
  2. damn washout again.
  3. damn washout again.
  4. good to see an hear.
  5. thanks for the update
  6. thanks for the update
  7. Anything going on in the bay or potomac bottom fishing?
  8. thanks for the update
  9. thanks for the update.
  10. thanks for the update
  11. i miss read the report.
  12. all this damn rain. i might try monday. good to hear trout an croaker are in
  13. slacker you can catch croaker spot rockfish flounder etc
  14. hope so, i will be out there this weekend if the weather holds up .looking like sunday an monday so far. going to try saturday .
  15. that might be the best option to go out far to avoid everyone.
  16. this weekend will be packed to im sure.
  17. nice catch. was trying not to trailer that far but you have to go where the fish are. how far off shore?
  18. good luck out there