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  1. Hello to all.any reports offshore in md.
  2. thanks for the update.i will be out there by then
  3. i launched boat at solomons island boat ramp under bridge.went towards gas docks an work my way back in towards bridge all over
  4. Had every bait blood worms,night crawlers,peeler crab.squid,shrimp,cut bait,crawfish. not one bite.all fished mark on sonar were small an moving fast. try again in a few weeks.
  5. Asrod i was at solomons today difting all over the place.not one bite.lots of boats,talk to alot of people comming with nothing.one guy caught one small striper by gas docks.
  6. Thanks for the updates.i will be launching out of breezy or solomons. I will post tommorow.
  7. I didn't make it out friday or saturday.I will be out there monday an every week that the weather is good til end of the year.
  8. thanks for the updates
  9. call an make sure these places are open.just saw on news a minute ago,north beach pier is closed.i will be out tommorow scouting places out before i take my boat out.i will keep you posted
  10. look on youtube md fishing spots an you will see other spots also
  11. north beach has a pier. breezy has beach an pier not to far from north beach. calvert cliffs,places in california md an hollywood md
  12. are you looking for fresh water or salt? bank or pier?
  13. i will be launching the boat this weekend out of solomons,im shooting for sunday if the weather holds up.Monday looks to a good day also.be safe out there this weekend.
  14. ASrod i will down your way sunday an monday. Monday for sure.i will be bringing out my reels with 80lb braid. i will drifting an trolling.
  15. the point is open.i just looked a st marys county fishing report.some one just caught a 11inch croaker from the naval base beach.the fishing seems to be better in solomons area.saw other good reports also.