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  1. Interesting that no one has mentioned NorthStar tri-fuel systems.
  2. I'm happy to know not everyone from Chicago is a crook.
  3. Thanks. I got dumb lucky by happening to check Vance's website. Shops near me are still 20+ deep on the 9mm but the .40S&W often shows up in a display case.
  4. Can't have just one. Picked up the M&P Shield when Vance Outdoors received a significant shipment.
  5. C'mon Steve, you know change is always good!
  6. If the material was tested and reported per an ASTM (or another) standard that is all that needs to be done. An exception to many of these standards is that the purchaser can request additional information or modifications to the requirements at the time the order is placed. Which means that unless the purchasing agent specifically requested the results format, quit arguing about an insignificant digit. The corrective action can be the purchasing agent will specify the format for all test results from a certain date or material batch going forward. And if I was the supplier I would add a fee for my time doing the "special" report.
  7. I have only handled these in the stores. At some point in the near future I would like to shoot one. From what I have heard and read, the grip shape makes the perceived recoil somewhat higher than other 9mm designs. The mag release is like an HK, in the lower part of the trigger guard. I would not be worried about bumping as much as looking for the thing to do a rapid reload. FWW can comment better than I on this topic: Having one pistol with a different style mag release requires thinking rather using muscle memory (pause, which mag release, pause).
  8. Appreciate the info. While I have several S&W Top Gun Dealers in my area, last I heard was about 20-heads deep wait list at $430+tax with unknown delivery schedule. Interestingly enough, at least two of these dealers have the Springfield xDS sitting in their cases. Almost makes one wonder if the delayed delivery put more people onto the M&P Shield.
  9. Still looking for a few more RM Peanuts or Sandeels. BL and RM Giant swimmers avaiable for trade.
  10. How long was the waiting list in your area?
  11. One of the reasons I went with the iPhone 4S was the size. I don't need a mini-tablet for a phone. iOS 6 added many useful features and took care of a few gripes. Apple's idea of a Calendar still sucks compared to what I had with the CrackBerry. Now the 4S cases need to go on sale for cheap! Oh, and iOS 6 not working with the 1st Gen iPad is absolutely stupid.
  12. The one at the top or right: is the color a typical bunker pattern or does it have the pink-ish hues as it shows on my end?
  13. Unfortunately I do not have any other needles to trade. My initial thought was my RM Needle and $5 cash for both of your Sandeels; provided there is no corrosion.