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  1. color is last on the list for me..... i'd be more concerned with the size and weight of your offering, when and where you're throwing your offering, and how effectively you're working the lure while you're in the strike zone....
  2. Food, Here's the set up I'm using in the SF surf 7-8wt rod fast action (stiff 6wt works well for perch) Lead core shooting head with a mono running line (it's a pretty dated system but works well for me) 3ft 20lb stiff mono leader looped to the shooting head and tied direct to the fly DIY stripping basket (imo if you don't have this you're out of the game) Standard striper flies 4-6" Standard perch flies Some tips I can offer If your friends only have fresh water experience, I'd suggest they go to the casting ponds or lawn and really get dialed in casting the bigger gear and a stripping basket strapped around their waist. The surf is no joke and now add in back casts, wind, hand lining etc..... If they've no sinking line experience, they'll need to practice this (bringing line to the surface with roll cast then pull for back cast and shoot) Make sure the first few strips are into the stripping basket. If they miss the basket (which is really easy to do)....the surf will drag out the line and now a new can of worms just got open. They won't need to throw the whole line. They just need to get their fly into the strike zone. Knowing the strike zone is from what others have said about structure. Focus on the structure they see and that is forming in front of them. It seems like blind casting but if they've read the structure's more like target practice with timing. They'll need to pick their days carefully. Smaller to medium surf will make it easier to hit targets. Stripping is going to be aggressive but if they keep in contact with the fly they should be ok. If they've no surf experience, when they hook up, back up onto dry sand and fight the fish without the distraction and danger of the waves. Use the final wave push to land the fish. There are going to be sets of waves where the water recedes quite a bit. They'll be tempted to rush out with the water to get that extra few feet on their cast so they can reach their target. Tell them not to do this because the following set of waves will put them in am extremely dangerous spot. Watch their back cast. People are fine. But it's the dogs that will come into your casting zone and sometimes chase your fly. Tell them not to worry about perfect loops in the surf. There are too many variables to consider and fight against. As long as they know their gear and can cast it well, they'll can put themselves in the game. And final tip.....keep at it. The first few trips are going to be humbling. It's going to test their casting and line management skills but once all that is dialed in they'll start hooking up. Have fun and good luck!
  3. Words of wisdom right there. Also consider uplining your line weight. It'll help with the casting of heavy flies.
  4. Prob the best post I've seen yet....thank you for your efforts!
  5. Shooting head...lead core on mono runner to cut through the wind and water column.....double haul is're also going to need a stripping basket of some sort...which is probably more essential than the double haul. min 7 to 9 weight to cut through the wind. ....and sinking patterns. target the beach lip. line management is key. strong line management will let you hit your targets and you'll actually get to fish.....poor line management and you'll spend the majority of your trip undoing tangles and stripping in 15ft cast. pick your days...and use wind reports. for starters, if you're not comfy with casting a fly rig...i'd start with a smaller wt rod with the same set up for surf perch. you're going to learn really quickly there are new challenges to face that you don't normally deal with while plugging...for example....stripped in line........ and some eye protection....x/0 hooks flying back towards you...coupled with wind is a sobering thought. do it man! it's really fun.
  6. Sucks man. You see those guys every year. And when they give you that dumb look and answer ...oh. I didn't know it was illegal. Course you didn't. That's why you only pick up crab where the sand dunes conver you and no one can see you from the highway or jogging trail. Be safe man and be smart. Lots of crazy **** can happen out there and while there are other dudes on the beach the time peeps know what's going on or can come and help...damage is done.
  7. Dude. That's pretty sweet! Buzz baits work really well in the bay around lit docks too.
  8. Plug em & Leave em
  9. others have mentioned it and I think it is a valid point. This thread is awesome and totally on a good path but I think it's important to make the distinction of what this movement is because if it is not done correctly, it would totally alienate would-be supporters. I'm all for c&r but at the same time it's your right to keep a've definitely earned that right especially pulling one from the surf. it would suck if this movement grew to have the fanatical rep of a PETA for instance ....that probably started with good intentions and then went overboard. Another poster said something about a mission statement etc. This should be defined clearly and adjusted because all striper fisherman want the same thing...survival of the fishery. Not all will agree on how to do it. Hopefully this can unite rather than divide as we see in so many other groups across all genres....even though the common theme is the love for their craft. I could see this happening very easily and quickly.......a striper fisherman that no one knows....been fishing for stripers long befoe a lot on here even knew what a striper was.....decides to keep a fish... (even though he's pretty much a c&r fisherman)...maybe even a breeder. Someone wearing an SOL night crew sweat shirt (or new movement sticker on their car) sees this....doesn't know about this guy's history...doesn't know he's been releasing fish all his fishing life since childhood...but is zealous about the movement decides to give him crap about keeping a fish.....long story short....arguments....bad fishing experience...bad blood....why bother going to a Fling or even participate in this new movement or types of movement? and the division begins.......everyone shares the same vision but not the same path. we've all seen carnage days and it sucks....but you know what else sucks.....someone who thinks they love this fishery more than i do giving me crap....or a condescending look as if I'm ignorant about the conservation issue when i do decide to take a fish.....or worse...if i become one of those people giving others crap (and it's already starting to happen as i shake my head when i see someone keeping a fish)...and I don't want to become one of these types of fisherman either. it's a really really fine line ya know?
  10. How about a sticker on cars? Maybe they can get as popular as those Loomis stickers. If they get popular enough, you'll see them in the delta and other fishing spots....and more importantly.....on freeways. Then maybe a web site. Also, it might be a good idea to get the delta striper fly guys in on this as they are big supporters of striper conservation.
  11. very cool dude.
  12. i throw pretty much the same at all tides. the only adjustment i make is when and where i actually make the toss in relation to the a structure.
  13. Sad to say....I don't pick up trash. got tired of doing it years ago and seeing no results when i return to a spot and it's littered again. I do pick up cut out bird's nest and discarded fishing line as I don't want any animals getting into it. I'll also pick up known fishing related trash....plug packages, worm containers etc....peta already hates need for the rest of the world to come down on fisherman in full force. we wouldn't stand a chance and spot burning and fish stocks will be moot topics.
  14. Thanks dude. I'll try to make it. I'd like to put some faces to a lot of the name and great advice givers I've read over the past few years.
  15. dude, this is a really good post. it echoes a lot of peoples' sentiments. i'm a long time lurker here but don't really post too often and too anti social to say "hi." i have to admit, i do enjoy pics on this board mainly because i know how hard it is to catch one and when you do, it's nice to hear the joy in people's writing and see the big smile on their faces. but the double edge sword always come into play as you know. pics bring out the dumb sh*ts. i think the issue comes that there are mainly two types of fisherman....there's people who like to fish and are totally engrossed in the process (learning, getting better, understanding) and there are those who's main concern is to catch. i've got a lot of respect for anyone that pounds sand no matter what kind of fisherman they are. it's not an easy task to pull a striper from the surf. and it's not easy to repeat the process. so kudos to everyone who put their time in. when the two different types of fishermen meet....then someone's fishing experience is always ruined. it sucks. personally for me, the issues come up for example, on this board, when all the questions are asked about technique....the who's, what's, how's etc.....sp minnow tactics, bucktail weights, etc.... so concerned with the techniques and tactics, they miss the most important part....the etiquette and the respect. ever see a guy fish with his headlamp on because he didn't take the time to learn what his gear is capable of during the day? or like one of the other posters mentioned....can't even get your fish out of the water before someone comes in and casts over you....don't even get me started on the rail birds sitting there waiting and watching. sorry....i'm not singling out new guys...there are lots of "old school" guys who still don't care about the unsaid rules. sorry....i'm all over the place now. the original topic is related to other topics that are just pissing me off thinking about it now. screw it. i'm going fishing.