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  1. If you don't hear back from them maybe try Island Surf and Sail down at the Ship Bottom/Brant Beach border. They may be able to help you out.
  2. Its purpose is to the get the teaser/fly out to the area you'd like to fish since they don't get any distance casted on their own.
  3. What was the issue if it wasn't red tide related? Was talking to my inlaws who live in Naples and they just assumed it was the redtide.
  4. Saying Jersey Mikes set the bar for hoagies in NJ is an insult to every great mom and pop sandwich maker in this state. Of which there are quite alot.
  5. I'll have to remember this. We usually always order from Napoli down by City Dock.
  6. Are these still available? If so I'd like to order 2 of each all 4/0 #'s 1,4,8,10.
  7. 150
  8. I really hope this thing tracks north. Will really start keeping an eye on it in another day or so.
  9. WOW

    Completely agree. Ray Diddy speaks, I listen. As much as I'd like to say its good to see the NFC East being competitive I'd be lying. I liked it much better when everyone else was a complete trainwreck both on and off the field. Doesn't seem that way anymore though.
  10. The Nationals more so then anybody. The Phils have been a great surprise so far. If they can develop a few more of these young guys (looking at you Kingery) and maybe make a move or 2 before next year 2019 could really be a good year.
  11. I agree with most of that analysis Iphish. (Full discretion I'm a Birds fan). As much as I'd love a repeat I fully understand how hard it is to do. I could definitely see the Rams with the #1 seed in the NFC, unless Gurley let's that 60M(45 guaranteed) contract get to his head and cause him to take a few plays off here and there. Not like it's never happened before.
  12. Where are you guys finding these 20% coupons? They emailed to you? If so I guess I need to start actually reading some of them before I trash them.
  13. Thanks think I got it now. Appreciate the help.
  14. I always just figured it was due to them wanting you to contact the dealer. Better shot of them making the sale then I'd think.
  15. None so far. Sheath still in great shape. It's one of the sheaths from the Larry Schmid plier sets he was selling on here years ago. Pliers still in great shape as well.