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  2. Skip the salt, IMHO. Go for some Spring Chinook or Sturgeon in the Columbia. Once you hook into an oversize Sturgeon, you'll never be the same . Oh, and stay away from ifish unless you like overzealous hippies trying to push agendas on you.
  3. Don't look now, but there might be fish poop in the seawater too! And trace amounts of radioactive elements! Ahhh!! We are done for!
  4. That was sort of my point about Japan being a relatively small island. They simply do not have the land to raise enough livestock to feed nearly 130 million people. Japan imports more fish than any other country, I believe. I just try to put myself in Japan's shoes. If I had to choose between fishing a species to extinction, or letting my nations people starve, I'd choose fishing.
  5. Japan is a relatively small area of land, and it is an island, as well. Japanese have to eat something =/. While I understand your general disdain for a large fishing operation having a possible adverse affect on fishing stock, these guys are feeding their nation and aren't bad people, IMHO. Of course, I could be completely wrong, and they are bloodthirsty jerks looking to clean out the oceans for ultimate profit at any cost...
  6. MDM, Thanks, that actually seemed to clear it up. I took off the spool, reseated it, and fully tightened down the drag. Crank turned without resistance. I'm thinking I may not have seated the spool exactly right when I put in an adjustment washer.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Called Daiwa, sending it back in for an inspection.
  8. Is this common on spinning reels? The other day I had a massive sturgeon take a blistering run on me, and I kept tightening down my drag. He popped my split ring (was fishing with salmon gear) and as I was reeling back in, I noticed it was difficult to turn the crank. Backing off on the drag made it go away. Problem? Normal? Questioning my purchase of this new reel now... I don't recall this happening on my old Penn 950 SSM.
  9. Tuf-Line comes in 600 yard spools. Just remember to avoid hi vis white XP, unless you need a wax coated line.
  10. You are doing it wrong then =/. However, I've actually moved on from the Sebile (GT), to the bobbinless PR knot. " target="_blank"> Instead of just loose loops from the mainline, I wrap it tightly 20x up the mono, then double back with the tag end another 20x over the first layer. Finish off with the snell technique in that video, and burn the ends. I tested in my usual manner of tying off one end to my trailer hitch, and pulling until something breaks. Wasn't the knot, and dang does my shoulder hurt now =/. I'll post a pic of the knot in a few. Edit: Here.
  11. Are you fishing in the bay or in the Trask?
  12. Awesome. There are some lakes up in Washington state that have muskies. I'm going to have to go up there one of these days. BTW, what knot were you using that broke?
  13. When I was a boy, I used to wrap line around a beer can and fish for panfish. Worked quite well. You could point the can in the direction that you threw your bait out, and it would come off the can like a spool.
  14. For some reason I'm thinking that a rod that bends like that is not exactly a good match for that reel. Am I mistaken?