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  1. 6500 Trophy series - has the power handle already added, stainless bearings and ready to go. Not talked about much for some reason. Pretty much just a colored C3 w/ a power handle. Abu has too many variations of the reels. Some stores have weird letters with them which are only used to confuse the consumer. Beware of some models - the base mounting plates on some of them are not metal and just glass-filled graphite (Walmart for example, other places may carry them).
  2. Some how Kadir's reply to me didn't get sent back in October. He resent it to me this am. Thanks for getting it back out to me, Kadir. The diffence with me and other people you are ever going to meet is that I speak my mind and tell ya the truth weather you want to hear it or not, Sea Dangles. I'm not one to sugar coat anything period. I'm a straight shooter: it the products great I'm gonna tell the world about it. My Mom was a seamstress for over 30 yrs so I've learned a little about how things are put together. Done some sewing myself on her old Singer commercial machine as well. I am for trying to help out the little guy (small family run business) 100%. I buy local and support the small shops. Brand new product purchased off the shelf shouldn't be defective period. What does that have to do with servicing a Mercedes? It isn't like I used the bag for a couple of yrs (200+ nites) and some of the stitching was coming apart. Two times out and things are coming apart. LOL - oh, I thought for the last few yrs I was just talking to myself. Glad to see some one actually reads what I type. BTW - I've had some others send me pm supporting what I had said - they just choose not to post and get flammed over it. I'm not going to back down when I know I am right. If your experience is different then you are entitled to post otherwise.
  3. Wow - you got a response from Aquaskinz? I sent a pm to AquaKadir back in mid October and he never even replied to me. I guess a subtle pm isn't such a good thing and I should have just posted here complaining about it. I didn't want a new product or for them to repair my bag -I made some comments and I guess they didn't want to hear what I had to say. Fine by me - Aquaskinz isn't THE only company out there that makes plug bags. Not trying to start a flame war - I know I'm not the only person who had some problems with their products. Not sure if the others just keep quiet or what..... I'm basically going to voice my opinion because it is based on principle. You pay top dollar for a product and you expect it to be made to the same standards with quality components.
  4. Snaps - if reel is too heavy.... start a weight training regiment. I have one of those: 12 lb & 275 yds Pfleuger Contender (7550?). Stainless steel is a PITA to drill and I wouldn't attempt do it at all. General rule you need special drills and stuff like that. Once you do drill thru the area around it will change colors (probably annoy ya and then you have to buff that out as Handle is a little cheesy, but that spool will outlast every reel ever made period.. Can't say how the rest will hold up - I opened it up and it looks like bronze/brass gears & worm so that is a good sign. I believe you are SOL on the weight. SS is much denser/heavier so drilling that would save you some mass for sure. Eventually you won't even notice the weight on it. I'm use to the old style Penn 750ss on a hvy fiberglass Penn Powerstick so ANY outfit now a days feels very light to me. I would cast for few hrs at a time - if I got tired I would walk a little farther between casts. RichSmith ya VS lovin flyfag/closetpacker who plays the G-tare. Go play with ya new Saltiga Z and fill those holes with some vasoline/KY .... lol. How many times you going to watch Broke Back MT?! LOL. Stop slacking and get back to work before da boss take a whip to ya ---- oh, you MIGHT like that though.
  5. Gawd NO, MM - I have better things to do with my life than to drill holes in a reel. I just buy them and use them - holes are optional. How ya doing dude - u pimping the old ladies now for big $$. Next thing I'll read is guys waxing their reels so the water beads up on them. A little warm soapy water does wonders on a reel ..... rinse the darn things off at least. No pressure washers though .... lol.
  6. No more comments - oh, come on.
  7. Big JERK?! I thought I was the big jerk. Just let the BS roll off ya back L-Dog. Taking a break a way is sometimes good. I don't qualify so I am NOT in. More fun to GIVE than to receive IMHO. Merry X-Mass ! ps - who ever does win - send me an e-mail w/ mailing address and I'll send ya a nice custom plug as well.
  8. Put the bastid in jail and feed him the fish he caught. He said it was safe, right?
  9. EBH: Unless you can drill the holes and balance the rotor dynamically - chances are you will mess up the balance as well. It isn't spinning fast at all and I am sure they use single plane balancing with a big tolerance. I balance spinning centrifugal blowers 2 plane to tolerance of 0.2 gm/mm. Some cases we have to remove material to balance - that is much harder when the wall thickness is less than 1.7mm (~1/16" thick). I know when I converted reels to bailess and you don't add the mass on the other end it wobbles something funny...... lol. Holes for drainage are good - 1DR. Charleston - good point, the parts are cast many times so the SG is even lower. Introducing stress points not really good either. BC - did you locate those Penn parts you wanted?
  10. I'm some what anal about numbers because of what I do for work. I drilled some holes in to some aluminum and weighed how much material was "loss" because of it and here is what I found: 1.92 mm aluminum - just over 1/16" thick (6061) 1/2" hole = 0.70 grams 7/16" hole = 0.55 grams 3/18" hole = 0.35 grams 1/4" hole = 0.20 grams I rounded the numbers off a little so it was easier to read. What does that translate into? If you drill 24 holes in your rotor & 24 holes into your spool that are 1/2" diameter you will save approximately 33.6 grams ( approximately 1.2 oz). 48 - 1/2" holes (1.92mm deep) to save 1.2 ounces seems to be not much of a weight savings. Even if the alumunum was thicker walled (say 50% so it was almost 1/8" thick you wouldn't save 2 oz). 26 oz vs 28 - seems like a joke. In the real work - your reel will look like swiss cheese with those holes to save that SMALL amount of weight. I can see drilling the holes to allow the water and sand to escape so it doesn't get trapped for drainage don't let some one tell you can make a heavy reel weight that much less. All those holes will weaken the structure as well. Use the numbers as a reference if you want to figure out how much weight you will "save" by drilling those holes.
  11. The Shakespeare Uglystick surf rods can handle that weight range - perfect for tossing chunk and not going to break the bank. I dunno why people look down at guys who use them for fishing. Strong, durable & components on it are nice than MANY rods costing $180 ++ range. Fuji reel seat & Fuji guides on a rod no more than $120 tops - many are down in the $80-90 range.
  12. DARN, Renegade. I'l trade ya a 5500 Emblem Pro spool w/ 80 lb PP(brand new never used line or spool) if ya want to trade for one of the whiplash spools!! SERIOUS........... pm me.
  13. Doooooh - I edited the orignal, but the quotes above me they copied I can't. NIB - if some one doesn't have $100 to spend on an outfit how can they get a rod & reel from the SOL store here? It isn't that the SOL prices aren't good. Wish there was a way there was a way to get a functional outfit that isn't JUNK for $100 to some newbie wanting to start saltwater fishing. I'm ok as I am ever going to be Renegade.... lol. Otherwise I would have been gone a long time ago. Sorry if it came across that way! I'm just going to get back into some of my other hobbies: target shooting, woodworking, etc .....
  14. LOL - I am a chronic "loser" - not of fishing gear, but my "best" friends. I lost my best friend when he was 19 yrs old and then yrs later my other best friend when he was 36 yrs old. Down the road I know there will be more. Fishing tackle and any other worldly possesion I own is disposable and can be replaced. People can not be replaced. ScrodBalls - send me a pm with what ya lost and I'll hook ya up with some good Karma.
  15. Not try to be rude, NIB. Internet is a big place - lots of love & money for everyone. No one ever said I wasn't crazy, Tony.... lol. I wouldn't make a good business person. I would tell some where they can find it for less and not make $. One of the moderators please edit my post above or kill the thread. No disrespect intended. I should know better than to reply before I think. .