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  1. That's what she said. About 25 miles (or 25 minutes) north of Key West. Maybe she doesn't want anyone to visit??
  2. My VP has a place down about 20 minutes north of Key West. She's there now. They only had 2 to 3 feet of surge but are waiting for the next high tide cycle
  3. His plan is to kill it. He's doing a great job so far
  4. Probably back out on the street already
  5. Doesn't matter. They will be back on the streets in an hour. Be interesting to see what happens to a licensed CCW gets caught in Times Square
  6. So Times Square is off limits for CCW. Why not just tell the criminal element where they don't have to be concerned that someone may be armed because that's what it actually does?
  7. The person applying has to have the reference notarized. At least that's what I understand. I have all my paperwork together but need time to do the shooting qualification
  8. So a state or city can declare themselves a Sanctuary, but when they actually have to deal with illegals they bitch and moan about getting some. It's no different then Joe's bussing and flying them all over the country in the middle of the night with their secret bus trips and flights. Why should the border states have to bear the brunt of Joe's asinine policy? Next it will be allowing them to vote. I am sure adding to the 81M is why they are letting them in by the millions.
  9. They say they are sanctuary cities until someone is looking for sanctuary. KB knew what you were referring to so don't let his convoluted view get you riled up. Of course you were not talking about trade.
  10. They obviously haven't seen it
  11. Nothing that we already didn't know prior. I am sure he made a pretty penny coming up with old info.
  12. Just like replacing plastic straws with paper straws that disintegrate before you are done with your drink, paper bottles of course
  13. Just like the border is closed. You have to be some special kind of person to give those answers in a press conference. Where does someone go to school to learn that skill?
  14. Yeah, but according to Joe and his lackey spokesperson inflation is zero
  15. My son has some app on his IPhone to ID insects. He takes a picture and it tells him what it is. No idea what the name of the app is.