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  1. Found a couple of cool lures floating around Buzzards Bay the last couple days. Anyone recognize them?
  2. Nabbed a monster sea robin today! Hit a zoom kinda rippin it.
  3. Almost 3 lb scup. A monster!
  4. White perch.
  5. We usually go baitless too because the scup are hard to get through with bait. Generally use a bucktail or other jig with anything wiggly on the end, and when they're active, it's pretty constant.
  6. I'm 44 and my brother is 40, and we still get all excited about going fishing with dad. We've been at it since we were at least that young. Great way to spend time together! We're heading out Monday. I also get excited about picking out snacks...lol.
  7. The chapstick is like a miracle. A lot of times, they just pull out altogether.
  8. We always keep chapstick on us. It helps a lot to help untie a wind knot.
  9. Why don't you breathe some life into that thing.
  10. I've got an itch to fish for sure. You gotta figure most people browsing these forums in February have that itch...lol.
  11. I always wondered this as well. You'd think if the goal was preservation, it'd start later, since they're in spawning earlier. Granted...I'm pretty sure that would also be unpopular.
  12. Last year in the fall, we had some luck with smallish white/red bucktails when there were fish tearing up peanuts. I was letting them drop down a bit, and getting hits on the drop, or with kind of a slow retrieve. I think those were mostly bluefish though. Either way, there were lots of peanuts, and none of the fish were hitting a lot at the time, and that got a few fish. We also tried some gold/silver spoons, and had varying success with the similar type of condition.
  13. Lol...I know this feeling. I fish mostly MA, and only see Albert sporadically. A couple years ago, they were around, doing their thing, and I was dying to catch one. I had done my homework and had all of the right stuff. I was matching the bait with different colored epoxy jigs, and the stars were aligned. I caught zero. My dad caught one on some weird self painted Got-Striper lure, and my brother caught one on a pond popper that was summarily destroyed because it was in no way designed for that kind of fish.
  14. We had pizza from Illianos. It was really good. We did Flanders for some seafood. We were actually able to catch a few keeper stripers and fluke, so we didn't need take out all that much! Thanks for the suggestions. Dwyak will be back up a few more weekends, and without me there to catch him fish, he'll need recommendations...lol.
  15. Congratulations! That's a monster.