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    maine stripers, fished for 60 years
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    surf, ski, fish, golf, repeat
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  1. whaler, scout, etc. more room is better!
  2. swivels? swivels? we don't need no stinkin swivels!!!
  3. 100% suckers. we have them exactly like that. anybody eat them?
  4. posted in the maine/new Hampshire forum but he lists his interest in "DE". that would be Delaware?
  5. just ordered some thumanns, can't wait to give them a try!
  6. the coffee grinder knob is larger so I can grab it a bit easier and it just feels better in my hand. (this sounds perverted)
  7. check craigslist as there always seems to be one there
  8. the southbend finalist was a cheap version of the medalist. similar but not as robust. the medalist is so classic and inexpensive, i would look for a 1492 or 1494.
  9. i have the "pancake" or "coffee grinder" penn 706 handle on my 704 and like it.
  10. the orvis battenkill reels are very nice for the money, with a great warranty.
  11. awesome! looks like a "thin" fish. looking for food!
  12. you know you need more rods! really, anyone seriously interested in fishing has a few rods rigged up and ready to go instantaneously with different lines, as needed. unless you are undergunned with the 9wt, I would just get another one.
  13. I bought a cheap Ryobi 1600 psi from h-d and the first one didn't work well so they replaced it and the second one is great for clean-up. my wife wanted something light and portable and this was perfect.
  14. my links are to the "classic fly rod forum" which i don't believe is a commercial site but simply a forum similar to sol?
  15. right now, your odometer and speedometer are running about 5% low, due to the oversize tires, so going back to oem size will correct this.