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    surf, ski, fish, golf, repeat
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  1. it an older rod with no indication of line and lure rating but i have used it with 2oz lures and it worked great. my guess is 1-3oz lures.
  2. if interested in the penn return policy, check this site under penn fishing or just go to the penn website under repairs and it explains which reels they can no longer service and how to get the discount on a new reel.
  3. i typically fish in a fairly shallow rocky coastal area and if there are fish there, nothing better than a cotton cordell pencil popper 7 inch in mackerel or bone.
  4. i have a shop down my way, but how about surfland in newbury, ma? i would be sorely tempted to send it back to penn and take advantage of the 45% discount on a new reel.
  5. orvis recon $598
  6. excellent condition.....except the second guide from the reel seat is missing. $60 shipped.
  7. i think you nailed it!
  8. interesting as no heddon logo/stamp anywhere. i have a few heddons in my extensive collection of two!
  9. a friend just gave me this from cleaning out a house. any ideas? no labels on the box or lure.
  10. anybody? preferably a 1000FG
  11. i'll pass, but thanks.