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  1. Killiefish: thanks!
  2. mightyrime: I have never heard of the sage smallmouth. is there another name/model number for them?
  3. went on a smallmouth bass mission to northern maine last year and brought an echo base 7wt rod ($100) as a "back-up". I ended up using the rod the whole time as I liked it fine. any other options I should/could be looking at in higher end used rods? I had a sage rpl+ 7wt that I sold, but probably shouldn't have.
  4. Sold to holyhogy, pending payment. thanks.
  5. the poppers are essentially new, just been in one of my tackle boxes. I harvested the hooks for something else. green mackerel color. poppers are 4oz. and these suckers fly! $60 for the two plus shipping.
  6. weren't these subject to the Toyota buyback due to frame failures? Toyota paid a friend mine a very, very good price on his. but I could be all wet on this!
  7. i may have one or two in mackeral over white?
  8. so I dug out my fenwick ps90 9' 1-4oz, 10-20lb line surf spinning rod which is excellent condition and I haven't used it for years. purchased new by me and with original rod bag. what do I ask for it? if this question is not allowed by the forum, excuuuuse me! won't happen again.
  9. Fenwick PS90 1-4oz lures. 9 foot 10-20lb line excellent condition.
  10. I am sure I read this here somewhere, but can't find it. the slammer handles will fit the new spinfisher vi, correct?
  11. was lusting after a van staal and just sprung for a vr175 which is the same weight as the vs150, but with a tad more capacity and about $140 less than the vs. gets great reviews. I installed the power knob or whatever they call it (looks pretty cool and I love the feel) and have it matched with a loomis imx 108 9' for 1/2 - 3 oz. lures and I love it. food for thought? if you are stuck on a vs, the 200 is significantly heavier than the 150, and in that case, i would go with the 150.
  12. While lounging on a beach in southern Maine a few weeks ago, we spotted large pods of what i believe were pogies about 300 yards from shore. we watched the pods move, looking for feeding bass or blues and on two occasions, a fish of at least five foot in length with a white belly came vertically almost completely out of the water. it was so surprising and we were at a distance such that identifying the species was difficult. any thoughts?