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    maine stripers, fished for 60 years
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    surf, ski, fish, golf, repeat
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    civil engineer/business owner

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    Simsbury, CT and Moody, ME

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  1. i ordered a 6500dx through my local shop and was told they were not available?
  2. rio striper line or alternatively airflo ridge striper line. i like them both.
  3. people don't realize how much water they actually use. its not just showers, it washing machines, dishwashers, irrigation, car washing, etc. i am not a heavy water user, but my wife and i still average almost 70gpd/person per day. hard to believe, but its true. 400gpd/day for 2 people? somethings wrong/up!! i think the neighbor is watering their garden as well as washing their pets! at your expense!!
  4. i have been very happy with the rio striped bass lines. i have them in intermediate and sink tip in various weights for a variety of rods.
  5. no worries, i heard it was white perch.
  6. doesn't appear to be of typical arrowhead material?
  7. not super old and if its not intact....you could pay someone to dispose of it.
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