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  1. prefer the titanium finish, but I realize this reel may be hard to find, so black is good also. help!! I need this reel for a mission to Maine for smallies!
  2. Sorry to lowball but its what I got. $100?
  3. used to be gag's grabbers bluefish bomb but no longer made? I smell a business opportunity.
  4. as far as kids in canoes, hopefully at 9 he is a good swimmer and always wear a life jacket.
  5. Any interest at $300 shipped?
  6. I go to northern Maine pretty much every year, right after the spawn, and the guides have us using homemade foam ants/spiders topwater and its pretty exciting. 7wt is the go-to weight for smallies with a floating line at that time of year.
  7. it weighs 8.3 oz and is for 9-11wt lines. not sure what you meant by weight.
  8. Just bought this and can't justify keeping it due to some overlap in equipment. the reel/line are essentially new, not a mark on them, with Abel soft case. this reel is left hand wind and can be converted to right hand wind by Abel for $40. Price is $325 shipped.
  9. $40 shipped.
  10. its a royal pita! Sawzall and either take it to the transfer station or get rid of it on a weekly basis with trash pick-up (takes forever)
  11. On the historical (American) side of things, anything by Nathaniel Philbrick or Kenneth Roberts are great, but any American with an interest in our history needs to read "Angel in the Whirlwind" The Triumph of the American Revolution.
  12. My reel is left hand wind, which I like, but I understand that Abel will convert the saw tooth to right hand for $40. I will try the line weighing trick. any thoughts on the brand of line based upon its color?
  13. so.... any resolution to this, mvstripes?
  14. I am not sure I can say this without getting chastised in this forum, but I am still a Penn guy. Penn Spinfisher VI 2500 @$145 and if you spend $6 more at Penn, you get a free YETI Rambler! but wait, that's not all!!