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  1. mightyrime: 290 gram line is like a typical 8wt?
  2. is Steve the guy whom has caught trout on the river every month of the year on a dry fly? works or hangs out at upcountry sports?
  3. can't find many reviews of these rods. I am considering the 8'6" 7wt, fishing from guide canoes in northern maine lakes for smallmouth. I don't want to break the bank and had been using either my powell df86-2 5-6-7wt (which is gorgeous), or, on the cheap side, I have an echo base 9' 7wt as a back-up rod. I also have a sage xi3 7wt that I use for smaller stripers, but felt it might be too much for this application?. I am thinking of either the shorestalker or a used orvis recon 7wt. input? thanks!
  4. anybody want to part with a 9' 7 weight?
  5. let's get serious, based upon the video, is the kraftster bigger than tom?
  6. these are older rods but were relatively high end at the time. powells tend to be very nice rods, in general anybody have any experience with them?
  7. I think I can get it for $300 with two extra spools. all three spools have line, but who knows what they are and in what condition. curious about the drop in price. I thought abels were well thought of?
  8. pretty much from the beach or in a estuary fishing from shore with a 7wt. I have an everglades and like it but had the opportunity to buy the abel for a decent price. when I fish in areas where bigger fish might be present I use a 9wt with a riptide.
  9. stripers less than 30".
  10. I checked my yellow blank eagle claw and it definitely doesn't look like this rod, which has the appearance of unsanded wraps?
  11. qecfly has the answer! don't overthink it. just get something for less than a hundy that you like the looks of or looks good with your rod of choice.
  12. it looks like my old eagle claw, but am not near my rod to compare. I will check when I get back home this sunday
  13. you can buy a used orvis battenkill disc 7/8 for $100 or maybe less. I have a few and they work great. I find the drag fine, but really never use it as I fish primarily for smallmouth. I think you will rarely use the drag and virtually any drag with a bit of palming will work.
  14. anybody have one for sale? thanks!