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  1. if I can get a woman on the line, I start by asking them what they are wearing. usually I get a hang-up after that or an fu pervert!
  2. i'm going with Halle Berry's approach of going braidless (or was that braless). any other mono users out there? I have snapped off a couple of plugs this year surf spinning using braid with a mono leader. I have had professionals tie the knots (various types) and the breaks occurred on the mono, just outside of the knot. had several folks check my rod guides (brand new loomis imx) with no evidence of any issues. thoughts?
  3. I think that is the same size handle that goes with my 6500. its a pretty big handle for a 4500, but you will love the grip.
  4. no dill, unfortunately. its a semi spicy relish that locals cut with mayonnaise and sprinkle on some celery salt.
  5. from York maine. classic.
  6. the title of the question says spinfisher vi
  7. then you will love the power handle. penn had mine in stock and I had it within two days.
  8. order the whole handle assembly from penn. the one I got for my 6500 was about $48 shipped. it looks great and feels great. not sure if its overkill on a 4500 though?
  9. I recently purchased two 2500's a 5500 and a 6500 (which I added the power handle from a slammer 3) and am very impressed with the reels. why would you need more? I was looking to update from my older 750ss, 7500ss and 550ss. Nice job Penn! The older reels are tanks and I hope the new reels are as robust.
  10. somewhat related, but I would be curious to know what orvis did to fix the issue, was it operator error or was there, in fact, a problem with the reel?
  11. where are you? many of the bait balls in maine are pogies being herded and crashed by minke whales. I see lots of fisherman fishing around the bait balls and catching nothing.
  12. From saltyh2o previous post "Yes Scott James reels are all hand made here in NJ. They have a booth every year at the Somerset Show and that reel is expensive....way over 500.00 would be my guess. That is his bluewater model for big tuna and billfish. Scott is a heck of a nice guy, give him a call and he'll help you out with a price." and from robmedina " ~~(732) 985-1809 ~~S.J. Designs 15 Kearny Ave., Apt. 3-B Edison, NJ 08817 Fax: 732-339-9436 Proprietor: Scott James
  13. I use a saber in the same way I remove the cork from champagne bottles. a quick slide along the rod with the back of the blade and voila! just kidding, of course. actually, I like keepers and do the same thing as crowconor, wrapping the leader around the reel and then back to the keeper, so that the entire leader is outside of the rod tip thus avoiding a kink in the leader.
  14. this seems to have been discussed before, but I have one of each of these reels and like them both, which are both metal. any thoughts on desirability of one versus the other? I am going to sell one or the other.
  15. 5mm will certainly keep you warm, but even the best, most flexible suits are somewhat constraining if you are climbing around on rocks and jetties.