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  1. Brilliant drag problem solving idea, Paul Thank you & Doug for the axel grease tip
  2. I can't imagine it getting any better. Man, the sweetest sound I've ever heard is my reel whizzing as a big trout's stripping out my line. I think I may be ruined because I'm bummed that my sister and her family're coming to visit tomorrow which means I can't fish so I'm considering getting "sick" on monday.
  3. I bought The Orvis Guide To Fly Fishing last winter and studied it until the middle of February. Then I bought a circa 1929 split cane rod and Orvis reel off of a friend of my father's and practiced casting, stripping, and all of the other techniques. I'd be on my front lawn casting into a roasting pan; my neighbors and people walking down the street thought I was nuts. They'd make cracks like, "You're never gonna catch any fish over here!" (The Truckee River's right across the street from my house) but I wasn't ready. Finally the payoff. I went out today up near Mogul, applied all of the stuff I learned about reading the river, casting techniques, and sneaking that I learned from reading and talking to oldtimers and caught 28 Rainbows in 4 hours. All on flies that I tied myself. Fly fishing was just sopposed be a weekend hobby for me but it's seeped into my blood and has become a way of life.
  4. Snook: I'll keep that in mind. Thanks
  5. Peter: If it'll work for you you can email me at leadwing@live.com then I'll email you my address. Jeff: Are they your reels in the pic? If so you're my hero, man. My ultimate wish reel is one of those pre-war Medalists with the round line guard & "bowling pin" cross pillars. Brian: Willdo
  6. Thanks Jeff. That really helped Peter, This is my first time in this site and I've looked all over and can't figure out how to send a PM.
  7. I recently bought a Medalist off of Ebay for my split cane rod and I noticed that there's no old grease or oil inside of it. I was wondering if this is a reel that doesn't require lube (I thought they all did). I requested an owner's manual from Shakespear but was told that the reel is an old one and the manual they have for it will not interchange. Any information would be greatly appreciated.