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  1. Can’t do $85 reason being is I actually have two of these and don’t really need another one. My $70 still stands if you change your mind
  2. Offer $70 shipped
  3. Where are you located?
  4. I’ll pass. It’s a ssm not an ss
  5. Reel is an ssm not an ss. Two totally different reels
  6. Ill take it pending pics
  7. Next in line if it falls through
  8. Ok thank you Matt. I will give that a try tomorrow.
  9. Does anyone know how to clean or wash these bibs? I’ve looked online with no success.
  10. I’m assuming one piece?
  11. Price for 3/4oz?
  12. Bare lead and do you have pics?
  13. Hey dan do you sell the bullet or teardrop jigheads (untied) and if so how much?
  14. Would you do $100?