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  1. Sending payment now sorry, didn’t have access to pp account
  2. Thirds
  3. Would you take $50 shipped?
  4. Offer $150 shipped. Don’t really need the reel
  5. Yes done deal I’ll take it. Payment will be sent Friday $220
  6. Would you be able to wait til this Friday? If so I can do $220. If not no worries
  7. Can you do $210 shipped?
  8. Before I say yes or no. What would you rate the condition of the rod? Also and modifications to it? Or completely stock from the factory?
  9. How much will shipping be to 94580?
  10. Also willing to take the last 1321 if willing to give combo deal and ship
  11. I’ll take the 7500ss if you can do $55 pp shipped?
  12. I’ll take it for $22