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  1. Probably for the best it's quiet, keeps riffraff away. Just look at the RI forum and that clown LockedDrag, we don't need that in here
  2. Anyone put a 5 or 6k through some use in the surf yet?
  3. Has been too good in NJ and RI, have been driving up and down
  4. I'm sure if someone says it's interfering with a plover migration route or seal feeding grounds they will be there in no time
  5. Poachers gonna poach. They're laughing at us while we're here bickering about words and feelings as they're stuffing shorts into coolers and decorating the shoreline with sandworm boxes, empty bottles and tangled mono like it's a Christmas tree. Got out to a spot tonight, guy with 3 lines out (2 hand lines and 1 rod) already set up. He's on dry land I'm wading. He had a home depot bucket he kept checking on. I asked what's in there he said "striper" so I go look, this thing was so small it was almost laying flush on the bottom, I explained to him that's way too small and against the law, throw it back even if it was dead, he played stupid, I called DEEP same song and dance. For the record he was hispanic, I did not ask to see his ID/legal status before posting on SOL, but from a real life experience his English was very poor. Poachers come from all walks of life, all races no one is disputing that. But the elephant in the room that people don't want to touch because of the social climate is that some of the most widespread poachers/litterbugs/scumbags/spot burners are from specific demographics. Day in and day out you see these guys crowd out spots, trash them and poach with no accountability. If you're more worried about a word or feelings I'm convinced you've never experienced this first hand. Not to mention these poachers are the worst form of spot burning, they legitimately torch spots and in many cases get them completely shut down. That guy most likely went home untouched by DEEP, kicked back with a few cervezas, laughing at the gringo who told him to f off, he'll be back at the tackle shop for sandworms the next day, rinse and repeat. If you don't start caring and taking care of your home waters, why even bother? Let the fishery go to hell while you're worried about feelings
  6. I'm in your general area Mike and I completely agree, there are time after time problem areas that go unpatrolled. Places I don't even fish but known areas that look like a tornado just flipped a dumpster, not sure what more we can do. Like stated in a post earlier, towns avoid any sort of confrontation or enforcement in these times because they don't want to be deemed offensive or profiling. It's pretty amazing the lengths people went to get plastic straws banned and felt they were saving the world and turtles, but we have fishermen/citizens witnessing mass ignorance for the environment and laws, reporting it, cleaning up after a lot of those pigs, and it just goes unanswered and dismissed. Really makes you wonder
  7. Scum? No. Passionate and frustrated, yes. Paul I'm guessing you've never found your local quaint spots destroyed by dead sea robins, empty modelos and jarritos, balls of tangled mono, sand worm boxes scattered like decorations, actual tarps set up to camp under, broken glass and remnant from fires? Hey I mean if you enjoy fishing in those conditions we can just continue to brush it under the rug so no one's feelings are hurt or offended. I think he meant a different word, but either way we all get the picture and that's the sad reality. Spot after spot is becoming a bring the family, soak 10 rods, and leave a trail of trash that could fill a small dumpster, and take home a dozen shorts in the process. If you don't see a problem with this, you're clueless
  8. Anyone know when the herring number reports will be out? they usually have a few weeks out by now
  9. 30 minute warning. Amazing so few comments for something so important to this forum.
  10. I get you haven't been home for a while, if you have any history fishing the the river system the patterns haven't changed much. The year of covid has too many johnny come latelys crowding up spots, chasing reports, and shops being too loose and specific with parking information to out of town guys who fish in groups of 5/6 (I don't get it, are they holding hands?) has turned many spots into a lame canal style atmosphere. Out of respect for local guys it's smart to not post specifics.
  11. Is that the new BG MQ?
  12. Can't leave us hanging, so what happened?
  13. Observations are not racist. I've seen this take place in RI the last several years at an alarming rate and it is troubling, it started during the good run from a few years ago. The scup/tog bucket brigades are now switching to Albies, it was almost monkey see monkey do. They'll camp out with bait rods and wait until someone hooks up with an albie and then proceed to start casting (most times over someone elses line) and they just take, take, take with zero regard for any sustainability. Certain bodies of water and regions across the world are barren and wiped out I wonder why that is? As for the Instagram post, Game on lures should absolutely denounce that guy and distance themselves from any greedy anglers like that. That's an absurd harvest no matter the "bUt ItS cOmPLetElY wiThIn tHe lAw! SuM cUlTurEz eAt DeM!!" There is no excuse for irresponsible fishing practices, none
  14. Fished out east Thurs and Friday, Niantic to Gansett no signs of Albies
  15. Enjoy it while you can BB, can't say the same in the western end of the state. Some plan B and C spots I'm solo but otherwise better spots are flooded with a mix of NYers, fly rod report chasers, bucket brigades, and 2020 work from home i just started fishing guys. I'll send them east!