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  1. I thought guys who fished the MTK fall run had thicker skin than that? You keep posting and asking about specific locations, there's plenty of info already out there, if you are really motivated to try a new spot you would find that info. Better yet, just go try the spot and more often than not there will be a fisherman there that you may be able to observe or even talk to get first hand info instead of all over the internet. Or just fish it and go the trial and error route like most of us do. Sincerely, Nipplehead
  2. No, just stick to Montauk. Looking for handouts in the RI forum, now here, just head to IBSP in Jersey, they have a fall run, a lot closer to Westchester county too!
  3. Jealous? Of a possible poacher? Nope, not even close.
  4. I was being sarcastic. You took two keepers? Yikes
  5. Ahh yes the ol marinate in the hefty bag and then inside the house photo shoot
  6. I'll be at Port 5 on Wednesday, curious to hear how tonights meeting went.
  7. More of the same as the previous few reports. Fished soco this morning, a few schoolies right at first light in the wash and then the surf picked up and churned up the water. Sandy and weedy as the morning went on, saw one decent feed way out of surf range around 8, a handful of boats on them didn't last long. Waited for something to materialize on the incoming never happened, totally dead, left at 11
  8. Port 5 Hall 69 Brewster Street 7pm I'll be there
  9. Ooof
  10. One of the greatest turnarounds of all time, backs against the wall and left for dead, they came out and pulled off a master performance. I cant stand Allegri but he pulled all the right strings this time. We have to win it all
  11. Just a reminder tomorrow 3/8 is Surf Day at Rivers End, surprised no one had posted it yet. I remember a lot of guys used to meet up for the show. Always a good show, nice because it's not a plug collectors show but more steered to getting together and the start of the season. Great speakers, some reps/demos, and a great crowd to boot.
  12. All of these and I've also had success with the Mag Minnow, a little chunkier profile than the Hydro Minnow.
  13. This bump just caused me to waste 15 minutes I'll never get back. Just like someone said earlier it's like a bad movie, you want to wait until the end even though you know it will end badly. It's like the "M" in M Night Shymalan stands for Marty Can someone put up a list of Marty's greatest hits threads so I can kill some more time before spring
  14. Sorry for the late reply, I'm in Westport but in Stratford frequently. To keep it on the up and up, sale pending meet up.