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  1. Last weekend was fishing a cinder worm hatch and had three clowns come out to a single person spot I was fishing in a back bay around 1am, full bright white lights I asked them to shut the lights off. They shut them off stopped in their tracks and tried fishing further back, left quickly. They were back a few nights later in the way back literally with the lights on the entire time watching their cast (fly rodders). Mind you this is a shallow, flat, calm back bay spot, there is no peril besides some soft mud, this isn't a boulder field in heavy surf or a slippery jetty. If you need to fish with a light on the entire time fish during the day or fish a well lit pier. By the fratboy like vibe I got of the loud "group outing" my guess is younger Patagoniastaff style fly rodders with no clue what they are doing sent by one of the western sound shops. *Please if you're going to send your clients out to fish explain to them the use of red lights only unless you absolutely need the white light for safety
  2. Same goes for western sound, spots I've never seen the sandworm bucket crews are full this year and trashed. I have a feeling we're going to lose more access from all of this.
  3. Not trying to be a dick but not going to make too many friends around here with a first year striper fishing youtube channel with locations that we can recognize for the whole world to see. Not to mention the loose drag and shake and bake treatment.
  4. Couldn't have happened to a better guy, congrats to John P. Learned a lot from your uncle over the years, thank you for sharing! We miss him in CT
  5. @NedRyerson you have been summoned
  6. Will have to retract my offer, will be away for work won't be able to pick up anytime soon. My apologies
  7. Busy few days with the holiday, didn't get on SOL at all my apologies. If still available let me know, if not no worries
  8. Sold to Mike NJ, thanks
  9. I'll take the middle one please
  10. Offer $35 picked up
  11. Mike $200 for pickup works. Not far from 95 at all, Norwalk area. Will PM you cell number to arrange and see if we can coordinate. Thank you
  12. Selling for a friend ODM Genesis model NX9-93 9' 1/2-3oz Lightly used one season, excellent condition Pickup SW CT $210 (other areas within reason) Shipped $245 Can possibly meet at shows this winter as well
  13. I thought guys who fished the MTK fall run had thicker skin than that? You keep posting and asking about specific locations, there's plenty of info already out there, if you are really motivated to try a new spot you would find that info. Better yet, just go try the spot and more often than not there will be a fisherman there that you may be able to observe or even talk to get first hand info instead of all over the internet. Or just fish it and go the trial and error route like most of us do. Sincerely, Nipplehead
  14. No, just stick to Montauk. Looking for handouts in the RI forum, now here, just head to IBSP in Jersey, they have a fall run, a lot closer to Westchester county too!
  15. Jealous? Of a possible poacher? Nope, not even close.