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  1. Thank you SOL and TIMS for the help. Thread closed
  2. I have found a reel, thank you for your offer though.
  3. never mind to the reel. found a different one sorry
  4. Is there anything wrong with the reel as to why you want to sell it? would you be willing to meet halfway for the reel?
  5. *edit-listed elsewhere No thank you $800 for a used 250 is in my mind way overpriced. Also saw it on Ebay.
  6. 100% keep a weighted treble at the least. The amount of times I have put myself in a situation where there is too much bait and I can't end up live lining because i forgot a snag is too many to count. Plus catching a nice bass on a live bunker is more fun than a swimmer in my opinion
  7. @The Lure Washer would you take $625 shipped for the reel?
  8. @The Lure Washer going to hold off right now and see if I can find something slightly cheaper. A little out of my college budget. Thank you for the specs. I will let you know if anything changes @HookLine&Sinker not looking for a VR style vs but thank you
  9. @The Lure Washer any reason for selling it? What is the serial number? @avet4life Thank you, looks mint. If anything changes I will let you know
  10. @avet4life sorry, forget the pictures. The 250 is going to be a little too big/heavy for my rod. Thank you for your offer
  11. @avet4life I am willing to look at the 250. Can you post pictures and what are you looking to get for it.
  12. Looking to buy a VS200, a VSX 200, or a ZX25. Color does not matter.
  13. That's a little low it's going to be Atleast $10 to ship it
  14. If you want anything specific let me know