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  1. Don't have them in my neck of the woods. Yours ?
  2. Fishinchip, Your photo albums are incredible. I only view them now on my 70" flat screen. Phone viewing doesn't do them justice. Thanks
  3. RR Bridge, I could use an arm's length of those right now.
  4. Count me in. Last time I nabbed east end cod Was circa 1976.
  5. Cape Congestion
  6. So.... Cape Cod is false advertising. Change suggestion: Cape Crowd
  7. K Foley. Quote : " Would be fun to see spinners tossing skins. " Why?
  8. bob_G, Ditto. I used to pick through that skin bucket at Macos in early spring usually just as the herring started. They always had the largest skins available anywhere. I'd attach a small section the wife's old panyhose to the jig first and then pull the skin over the lot. Then I'd fill the rig with herring roe thru the jig front hole. Worked wonders. BTW, the jigs were beautifully made by Mr. Pogie - a member here from Worcester.
  9. Yup. Tim and his buds clopping along. We all learned alot in those days.
  10. Good luck, Tim. You're tough and strong. All will be well. We'll all be praying for the best.
  11. God bless you ,fishinchip. ( and God bless Popcorn Sutton )
  12. I've got thousands of hours fishing the canal. I never saw/heard the poor devil who just died. I think I heard /saw the other "Seager" guy just a couple of times. It'd be a boring world without the eccentrics among us.
  13. I'd like to know more about Steve's life. Anyone know of an obituary published ?
  14. Excellent. Thanks Tim. Although I fished with Steve at the canal for years, I actually knew very little about the rest of his life. I did know that he was one interesting guy .
  15. Does anyone know if there's a published obituary for Steve. I'd like to know more about him and his life.
  16. Very sorry to hear this. Would somebody who knows him well please post his obituary when it's available.
  17. Steve, I hope you're well very soon. How's the food ? JP
  18. The Four Feathers. Tom Jones. Sahara ( Bogart ). Murphy's War. ( O'Toole) The Man Who Never Was.
  19. And then there was the bucket of blood , The Boynton ,on Highland street. Sausages and Shells at Leo Truro's later.
  20. My misspent youth years were in the best low down pool halls in Worcester. One was downstairs around the corner from the Plymouth theater. The other was somewhere on Front street. Lots of villains and bad actors.
  21. I'm guessing Coney Island will finally - at last - be in the catbird seat. Only took 100+ years.
  22. Just an alert for anyone who travels. My recent passport renewal took 3 1/2 months. I just got it yesterday. US State dept is far behind due to the covid virus.
  23. Passing on the bridges should not be permitted.