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  1. fishinchip, Excellent series. Viewed on my 70" screen for the best display. Well done. Thank you
  2. Thanks, aae0130. I was listening at the time. Hopefully nothing too serious.
  3. Mass guys. What just happened on air ? Didn't sound good !
  4. DJ, Someone's going to need a bathymetric map of the canal to build those bridges.
  5. Mark Steyn . Gets fired a lot for his take on things. Very interesting almost alway.
  6. Double locking jack stands
  7. Project Farm ( youtube channel). Tool/equipment testing/review site.
  8. Fishinchip Spectacular presentation. Every picture tells a story.
  9. Thank you again fishinchip. It takes me a long time to scan your pics because of all the pondering. I have many questions about each photo you post. Well well done again.
  10. fishinchip & Capt Buck , Excellent photos and wonderful presentations. Well well done. Very much appreciated.
  11. BrianBM - quote : " Because the boxes were a jumble of stuff, with newspaper articles, souvenir photos, clothing, etc., mixed up thoroughly with classified materials. " How do you know this ?
  12. Fishinchips. Thanks again. I run your pics on my flat screen. Only way to appreciate what you've done. Well well done !
  13. Yes. Baronowski. But at the Bourne bridge. I saw him from the other side
  14. Yes. I remember that night . I was standing beside Slip. That boy could cast a jig a mile. I fact, we were just talking about that earlier this week.
  15. The DELI in Sandwich @ Tupper Rd/Rte 6A has teriffic takeout sandwiches, etc.
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