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  1. There is also an inshore striper fishery I forgot to mention. It is no-keep except for the Roanoke river at specific and limited times. Cape Fear, Neuse, Pamlico, Tar and Albermarle sound all have stripers but the fish are generally (a lot) smaller than migratory fish in the north east. Never heard of anyone doing really good from the bank either it's all boat fishing. The upside is being able to fish all year round down here. There is always something to fish for between building rods and now plugs and I mean with artificials - not baitin'and waitin'.
  2. Been here since '92. Cost of living is great and it's peaceful, fisheries management is as crooked as a New Jersey construction project. The kayak advice is sound, personally I skipped that and bought a flats boat when the surf fishing access on Camp Lejuene and for that matter OBX was eliminated or got more restrictive. You do not have to turn to exclusively bait fishing but the gear you're used to using there probably won't be as usable down here. There is a drum (redfish) bite down here in the winter - slot fish and over - when they school up and lay off some of the beaches near inlets. That's all gold spoons and soft plastics. My experience has been Emerald Isle to Figure 8. Sometimes you can reach them from the beach, some guys cast to them from behind the breakers in boats. In the spring and the fall take your lightest 8'er and walk the beach with smaller plugs than you use there for the drum and trout. If you get the light tackle to go with the kayak, the trout and the drum on topwater and other artificials will distract you from those bass temporarily but if it's in your blood, like me you'll never satisfy that jones without going back up there in the spring or the fall. I do it once a year.
  3. Agree. FWIW, Gen 4 has yielded great results for me.
  4. Thanks for the replies, especially XBMX. I have one in the original packaging (I think my father bought it De.) marked $1.99 from a place called Drug Fair. Like the old Food Fair? I don't know. I know they're gonna get wet in May at IRI.
  5. Greetings. I found these plugs today in my father's gear (He passed in '97 and left me a lot of gear) while looking for something else. I was just wondering if they are legitimate redfins? Some other questions; are they through wired like the belly swivel would suggest? How old are they? What's with the weep/drain hole near the tail? Any information at all would be appreciated. The value to me is purely sentimental. I intend to put fresh hooks on 'em and throw them at fish.
  6. Grew Up in New Jersey, Joined the Marine Corps at 20, in '77 Bought a home here in '92, Jacksonville/Onslow county near Camp Swampy(Lejeune) Retired in 2009. I wouldn't live anywhere else. Nobody retires and moves up north. My boat is on a trailer and can reach most New River boat ramps in 30 minutes or less. FWIW, this is way down on the list of considerations for moving/living here but Marine Fisheries Management is as crooked as a New Jersey construction project. Off shore/pelagic not so bad, but between indiscriminate inshore large mesh gill nets, (=1 slot puppy drum-redfish, 4 speckled trout and soon to be no flounder and -0- stripers except the upper Roanoke - a day) steel boats dragging 200' of head rope through the Pamlico and Albermarle sounds killing 4lbs of juvenile finfish for every pound of shrimp, expect to do a lot of catch and release. * and I didn't even mention floating oyster leases.... I Still hold to line 4 above. V/R, G H Mason
  7. I read a lot more than I post on this site and really appreciate the search function. I have a 9' Kennedy Fisher that desperately needs redone and a new BA3K86/12-25 that I am going to wrap before May. Great work by the OP on the rods and the tremendous idea on the reduction train to the runners. - I hate double foot guides. Thank you very much. G H Mason
  8. Yes these are surface lures that float. And you do twitch them - while retrieving them with a cadence. Freshwater bass guys call it "walkin' the dog". We use them for redfish, trout and stripers here in NC. I would use them in the inlet but in the back, on the north side by the marina or west of the end of the railing on the south side. Gray light in the morning and evening starting in May. Hope this link is not illegal: How To Catch Winter Stripers On Top Water Baits! - YouTube
  9. sorry stupid post should have done a lot more research. Moderator please delete
  10. Sorry only read down to the GSB and began researching. I couldn't find much on the 1147F model, I take it the "F" is fiberglass?
  11. Do you still have the Lami?
  12. All due respect, Maybe in some spots 10-20 feet but in other spots where guys are hooked up and fighting fish, - it is all made tighter quicker by the muggers who are driving up and down the beach and then get out of their vehicles and cast over the guys fighting fish when they see them. I was there Friday and Saturday. It is an exercise in turning the other cheek while focusing on your own cast and fighting the fish. Off the hook epic though, Legendary - Future Grandchildren will get told about the last three weeks.
  13. Thanks. Looking forward to it.
  14. I don't mean to hijack this thread but I did a search to find some updated information on the park and this was the most recent. At the risk of adding another person to the crowd with the additional questionable judgement of doing it on Thanksgiving wknd, I was wondering if some things are still true about the park? For the first time in a lot of years my wife and I are planning to come up and put together a large family Thanksgiving Day dinner in South Jersey and I have the itch to visit the old stomping grounds - the last time was when Jean & Art's was still open. -Is the $8.00 fee mentioned earlier in this thread still the same in the fall, or after Labor Day? -Can you still park at two-bit and walk the beach north and south? -Can you still park at "110" and walk down to the Gov's Mansion? -Would it be worth trying to get the weekend pass to drive on the beach? I'll be in this: -If so, when you get on at Gilikins, can you drive any further north or only south? Thanks in advance for any information at all. On the issue of rules enforcement, after 31 years in the Marine Corps I am all for government employees earning their paychecks but after what the "no enforcement" complaint has led to down here on the outer banks, sometimes the best thing is self policing the violators ourselves. If you bomb the park police with specifics and license plate numbers, they'll eventually get it. I don't mean to lecture and no, I don't know better but the easiest answer for any government agency to give at any level, is "no". After which no more work is required on their part and we are all out of access. Thanks again for any help. Tight Lines, George Mason Matt. 4:19
  15. On our wedding anniversary week in our usual spot, I came up empty on the striped fish I was fishing for. Now the weather is so foul our camper is rocking as if I took my flats boat off shore, with little hope of it letting up long enough to stand out in it and cast into the teeth of it between now and Monday. We did see a significant event in the changing of this State Park though and hopefully the beginning of a return to more of a campground and fishing retreat than the industrial area it has necessarily become. (not complaining cause the fish don't care - they just weren't here this week.) The lowering and removal of the south side form walker Friday night leaves a complete span across the inlet that now can be made ready for traffic and the removal of the old bridge. I worried that I wouldn't be able to hold my wife's nikon still enough for the slower shutter speeds but the shots came our all right. I resized them to upload quicker and display faster. [img= [img=] [img=]' alt='402'> Tight Lines G H Mason Matt. 4:19