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  1. Hello all My original account didn't work because of the upgrade and don't know how reset password, so I made this one. I no more post on web forums because I can't find the time to do it properly with follow ups and rebuttals etc, yet as a courtesy to Tim and my original home -SOL- I thought I'd make a quick stop. This is mainly to apologise to Tim because it seems that every time I go after a scam away from this site it spills over here and gives him extra work removing links and screenshots. It happened at least twice since 2008, and although I have no hand in any of that coming here I feel embarrassed about it. Thank you Tim for everything you've done and still doing, and it's only natural for these events to find their way here since yours is the biggest fishing site on earth. Downsize it and this won't happen Everyone else, don't waste your energy defending me or going after anyone. These people come and go, everyone has his fairytales and rubbish, but it never affects me the slightest bit, and I will never quit doing what's right and honourable because I am not a coward and I will never consider myself a real man if I cave to fraudsters and their hoards. Needless to say that I have no connection or previous knowledge of any of them, and it's never personal. It's only me looking after my big family of smelly fishos to the best I could with the tools I have Thanks Tim and everyone and God bless you all.
  2. That was no tuna, it's a rocket! Thanks heavens he survived this. Don't know if I would
  3. Yes indeed, pretty curious about his setup and drag setting. Good to see he still got the fish though..
  4. I have received a single report from a reader about abnormal noise when cranking a 14000 out of the box, the reel was replaced and the new one is fine. I haven't encountered this personally and I think I won't since it seems pretty rare. Hope whatever it is they find the reason and deal with it. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I hope you're enjoying torturing me as much as I think you are Unfortunately sold them brand new earlier this year. But I'm not regretting it though because I don't really keep a reel around to use it with any sort of regularity. I always have something new to test so they would probably be in their boxes collecting dust anyway. I hope the people who bought those reels are enjoying them Hmmm... Actually I personally prefer the old Saltiga over the new, particularly considering the price difference. You just need to replace the stock drag washers and you're be good to go. The Extreme came with upgraded washers so it doesn't need anything.
  6. Any tuna taking a part in "sport" fishing should be tested for steroids
  7. The most viewed thread on SOL's main forum and one of my favourites Where do you guys find girls who love to fish? The closest I came to that was someone who would tag along and look incredibly bored the whole time!
  8. Numbskull, Thanks for the kind words about my reviews and hope you will always find them a useful tool and a good material for constructive discussions. The other issues are all behind us now and it's time we move on to more positive things Regards
  9. Thanks Mokes. Enjoy yours as well
  10. And I'll be looking forward to hearing about your experiments when you do so, along with a lot of your excellent photos whose quality makes me jealous All the best.
  11. Keltan, your video doesn't mean anything. What you failed to understand in the video is that without the spring the guy keeps turning the drag knob without resistance and he can turn it further before he starts to get a resistance than he would if the spring was there. If the spring was in he would have gotten a resistance much earlier and the drag would increase gradually. So without the spring when he gives it a little nudge it goes to full because it's now just a matter of tightening against the threads of the nut which was already sitting deep in full contact with the pressure disc. This is becoming painful and I feel evil. Look Keltan, let's try something else. You're a nice guy and I enjoy your customising of the DAM reels and I posted a lot of praise when you did your 550. I don't know where it went wrong but I don't care because it's plain ridiculous that grudges should be held for long over reels and fishing. Why don't we shake hands and start over so I can enjoy exchanging posts with you again and we can all enjoy the sport and our tackle addiction? There you go Kiss me back or I'd be really embarrassed!
  12. I get it now! You just didn't understand what I said, you misread it, and you forgot about it, and that's why when you came to criticise it you made those unintentional mistakes! Yes, makes sense I'm not avoiding it, I just can't take you seriously when you sit on your computer and look at pictures then suddenly become experienced enough to refute stuff I said after months of testing. Well, if you have ever held one you'd know that after reaching the max drag, 25kg for the 20000, the knob still turns and goes beyond because the spring produces more power than similar coil spring with smaller displacement. Your assumption that the knob stops when the max drag is reached can only come from someone who never touched it, let alone fished it and scaled the drag, and shows a lack of understanding of how drags work in general. I understand your need to have the last word then do the victory dance in front of the mirror, but I'm here until you understand that you need to buy and use a reel before you can credibly come and tell us stuff about it.
  13. It's ok Keltan, just relax because you're not changing anything. I showed your obsessive pattern, lack of basic knowledge about the reels, you keep making up things one after another, and when you get proven wrong you make up another thing then finally hurl false claims like the 10 hours and "not a word about fishing". You don't own the reels, you never used them, and I doubt you ever touched one. Oh wait, Shimano Greece opened up their doors and rolled the red carpet to you and let you handle "dozens" of new Stellas before you proclaimed you didn't find the play. The play which Shimano has officially acknowledged later If you can't see the harm you're doing yourself here I can't help you.
  14. S U P E R B!
  15. The pinion from the old Stella wouldn't fit the new one. I wouldn't consider it bogus, it's a quality brass alloy and older Stellas worked fine with brass pinions, but it's just not in the same league as the tough stainless steel pinion of the 2008 model or the 2001 and current Saltigas.