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    Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
    --Martin Luther King Jr.
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    “When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.”
    ―Archbishop Dom Helder Camara

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  1. It used to be very cheap to cross the Turnpike until the early 2000s. Then the corrupt billionaire Corzine sharply raised tolls to raise money to redo the Port Authority (New York did the same). But the big hit came with Chris Christie a decade ago. He rolled back taxes for (surprise-surprise!) millionaires and billionaires. Ordinary people were happy to get an extra fifty or one hundred bucks on their tax returns, but they had to pay back that amount multiple times over: Christie’s tax rollbacks created a 300 billion budget gap which was covered by raises in college tuition, bridge tolls, Turnpike tolls, etc. There’s always something fishy when your politicians promise tax cuts. It's not you that they have in mind. Remember that. The current imbecile-in-chief did exactly the same.
  2. Debasing the office? Hurting the country? Unfit to lead? Where did this come from suddenly? First time we hear about it
  3. You know why the Democrats were more concerned with stopping Sanders than defeating the imbecile. However: if you think the imbecile-in-chief or the Republicans are for the working man, you are badly, very badly mistaken. One half of the American elite is for Biden; the other for the imbecile. Good luck choosing America! Have fun!
  4. Here is another link. It's hard to believe how simple-minded (or plain stupid!) some people can be. Try to learn something.
  5. PG is a good candidate. Plenty of disgruntled, maniacal, thoughtless and uninformed support. Rabble. Isn't this sad though?
  6. This morning I saw electronic displays on the Meadowbrook and Ocean Parkways saying that COVID-19 testing site is closed. That is encouraging, I thought. You never know. So I drove over to check it out. Nope! A female officer at the entrance stopped me and said West End is still closed and they don't know if and when it will reopen again. @#$%!!!! I don't know if testing site is closed for Memorial Day weekend only. Let's hope they shut it down for good. Enough! @#$%!!!!
  7. They're catching mahi mahi over there in the inlet, just behind the jetty
  8. I just heard him calling the Columbia study "a political hit job." Effing COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY study! For anyone else, one would say 'what the hell was he thinking?' For someone without brain, what can one say?
  9. No, he is just an unintelligent sociopath without inhibitions, principles, or boundaries. It is extremely dangerous when such a person has the responsibilities this imbecile-in-chief has in the middle of a pandemic.
  10. No, that's not what Bornstein wrote. But I bet that's what his current doctor was thinking!
  11. State Parks means ran by NY State. Open to all as far as I understand.
  12. Zu spät dafür! Too late for that!
  13. Too far away. I asked because I'd only do local face to face transaction for a used reel. But these are quite popular models and there's a lot of them out there. You should definitely be able to find one. Good luck!
  14. I have a couple of them. Where you at?