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  4. Friends in threads This will be a major plus in the rod building community. I had ordered 21 line items of Fish Hawk and had many backorders. The fact is, there isnt a full line of thread out there. After dealing with Amtak for thirty years I'm confident that they will offer a great product.
  5. Wolfie, I see it now over in the other post, thanks for the tip, you old son of a Sea Cook!
  6. Wolfie, why remove it? It's a good thing to see thread. after all it was in scarce supply. well either way, I cant wait to see this stuff. how about you?
  7. Wolfie, my friend in threads. Spam is dissalowed. As I indicated, I made the name up. I'm not trying to sell anything. In fact I'm going to write a small pamphlet on rod building terms, pass it out No Charge. I think I'll do it in alphabetical order. I just like the term Customer= he who builds custom rods so as to enjoy this fine craft. pretty cool huh? I like the dictionary format, how about you?
  8. Customers, [customers is my new name for Cutom rod builders, I think it's a cool name] I posted a thread yesterday about some new thread being offered in 80 colors by American Tackle.. It was like the thread about "Gudebrod going out of business", where a guy talks about a thread company that no longer has thread. My post was about another company that will fill the void and help us all secure something that has been scarce, that is rod thread. Anyone see where the post is? I think the news will help anyone who builds rods.
  9. Friends of the threads, I must admit, that even I am stumped as to what I should offer. I realize that there are many ways, products and so on.I dont see that I can be of much help to the advanced guys, but the newcomers I'm sure would like to know the "secrets of the pro". I am sure that I can reveal quite a bit, but of course can only reveal so much. A rod table may not be enough for all I have to offer. the idea of a booth? it's sounding better all the time. please guys, I know that you are eager to learn, but there is no need to encourage me to "get right on it" or "someone knows someone". While my intentions are for the solidarity of the 'Society of Customers', [thats a cool name], I must proceed in this Solitary journey. And now my friends, it's Sunday, I'm rodded out, I must now take a short break and inspire. my words and intentions are for the fine community known as The Society of Customers
  10. Comrades in Custom threadery, I saw where ot appears that Gudebrod might be going out of business. This is sad news. I have used literraly thousands of spools of their fine offerings. It appears that there is a bright light at the end on the tunnel. I just received communication from American tackle that says they will be offering a full line of rod threads. 80 COLORS? WOW! It appears that their will be a wide variety of NCP's, reg nylons, and metallics. I am totally sure of all that is involved here, but fely I had to let my fellow rod builders the good news . I'll let you know more as I hear more. Good weavery! "hey guy's, it's thread time!!
  11. ---
  12. Gentelmen, the photos dont lie. Bass Pirate gave the best description. "True Craftmansship" I cant get over the crooked diamonds and threadwork on the cover of that book I saw, dont remember where, but if I do, I'll let you know. Someone should tell the guy that the diamonds need to align with the guides. Actually its what we call basic "alignment theory". I will not reveal the artist that built those rods. I will keep it a secret to protect his integrity.
  13. Tim, thats not a nice thing to say. I think Bass Pirate gave a better description. Actually, they are similar to rods that I built for Jeff Gordon, Bobby La Bonte, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Jr. Dale Jarret and Mark Martin. They seemed happy. Just didnt remember where I saw those crooked diamonds It was right on the front cover.
  14. Wolfie, my pal in polymers. Your a generous guy. Thanks for the offer of helping out. But, no I feel that this is what I must do for the community. If I need a hand, perhaps I'll give you the opportunity. Maybe. I think the format of every other hour perhaps a new technique is a good one. Please allow me time to ponder. THe International Commander of Custom rods!
  15. My fine threaded friends, This idea is looking more promicing as I think about it. I thought, a seminar for an hour here and there wont be enough. I will consider renting a table or booth. I might have handle assemblies on standby for those that would like to review gluing techniques. A rod lathe set up for thread or epoxy demonstrations. I could then have assorted time slots. Say noon-1pm, guing, 2-3 pm threadwork, 4-5 pm finishing. I think I'm onto something here The Professor of Polymer