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  1. hey guys, the globe in my all round white light has died, in my deluxe HPS does anyone know what brand the orig light pole is / im guess they wont still be made but worth a shot thanks grant
  2. SBS, sweet -- any idea how heavy the added improvements are ? do you expect much mucking around with balancing it out .. placement of tank, motor size etc? cheers grant
  3. my mate john last weekend with little rainbow & the thredbo river - snowy mountains NSW Australia
  4. looking very nice SBsurfer:D
  5. That is providing that Rebel Music doesnt take it of course!
  6. not a striper, its an aussie salmon ( nota salmonid at all ), its our winter pelagic in sydney australia -- most don't get past 25 inches but we had some near 30 last week off the heads and a couple of double hook ups - they blitz anchovy on top, fight hard to the end but fight clean and jump a fair bit, a good fun fish... BTW i met up with a fellow SOLer who was in sydney recently for work he PM'd me asking some advice on where to fish... off my hobie skiff was the answer lol, we ( actually he) got a couple of small salmonin the harbour one morning before work..." SOL hooking up flyfisherman world wide" lol
  7. Further to the above post -- does anyone know if the nose where i will try and mount the electric motor... is it hollow or solid there.. i have nsaptoggles if there is a cavitty, id just like tio know now for my planning of the install? thanks grant here is the pics i got from FB page .. looks like a good set up and you dont need to cut the bow rail
  8. From the album Hobie Power Skiff

  9. From the album Hobie Power Skiff

  10. From the album Hobie Power Skiff

  11. From the album Hobie Power Skiff