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  1. This is how my afternoon went.
  2. This is what I prefer to a weighted snag hook of a larger size. This has worked fine for me although I never gut hooked using the weighted snag hook I think this would be a better option. I had this laying around but I configure it a little different, shortening the leader for one but leaving enough free line for the bait to try and swim.
  3. Currently fishing Hudson county Upper New York Bay, 1st hour in...tbd
  4. Out early this morning out front Northern Ocean County with my lady, 2 hrs before high through sun up. No luck but got this great pic of her. Her first time surfcasting! She’s hooked!
  5. thanks.
  6. Master Debaiter and I Wednesday night backside Monmouth County, top of the tide, plenty of fish in the 20lb range plus this fat 31lb on Darters (yellow). Thanks for the pic brother!
  7. I'll take Surf & Jetty and also the Trophy Striper
  8. Setting up my lady...I have a surf belt but need some accessories, still need waders womens stocking foot size small, and a head lamp. I'll consider anything else as well.
  9. I might be interested in the mak if you are interested in selling. Trying to stock up for the little lady before spring, she's got the bug.

    Let me know if you are and if you have to start a thread



  10. I fish the Hudson shores often and I chunk 95% of the time. I have had some success plugging but that is more about specific spots primed for plugging rather than blindly casting. I'm on the Jersey side of the river 100% of the time. Anyone I see plugging normally has a rod with bait soaking as they plug to kill time.
  11. $40.00 Shipped? Nice piece for my office.
  12. War Room talk
  13. I'm a new car dealer with used vehicles between three locations.. I'd be willing to help you out whether it's through us or anywhere else. Send me a message we can exchange info.
  14. Prayer sent...God bless. Stay strong for your kids...You can do this!
  15. Wouldn't sell mine. Wanted a reel to last a lifetime of salt fishing. More cost effective imo. Overkill, factor influence, possibly...investment, absolutely.