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    Mostly I'm along the shore around E. Lyme and Waterford. Secret spots not even on the map.
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    Besides fishing I play tournament level foosball.

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  1. Blurple SP Minnow with heavy single hooks.
  2. You should be able to stand anywhere below the mean-high-tide mark. In 49 states, this refers to a specific point on the shore. It is halfway between (1) the mark that the highest high-tide makes (picture full-moon) and (2) the mark made by the lowest high-tide (1/4 moon?). This would be a universal truth if not for Rhode Island. There, rather than using “science”, politicians decided that the mean high tide mark is about at the horizon. Beach associations applauded!!!
  3. Thanks, guys. I certainly appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me.
  4. ...are they on CT shorelines this early? I always think of them as a summer thing.
  5. Is it time, yet? Honest question as I don’t know.
  6. True. But, in some parts of the world, you better give a thumbs-up rather than on OK sign!
  7. Lilac
  8. Thanks!!! I saw it on TCM some years ago. I’ve just set a recording for the west coast feed.
  9. The official Stripometer says: not...quite...yet.
  10. This is often caused by having your chin forward and up. Try tucking in your chin and pulling it back in - toward the clavicles. This will stretch the muscles in the back of your neck. This is what works for me. Do it repeatedly - I prefer under a hot shower.
  11. On green crab? Worm?
  12. Also - you can drop off form and payment at the door of the Wethersfield DMV. Not sure about other branches. Also, most AAA and several Nutmeg Credit Unions (call first) process DMV renewals.
  13. Spot burn - though a little out of the way.
  14. I used to fish with a guy like that - needs a pic of every thing that gets hooked. Doesn’t mind the flash going off at night. Probably posts pics of his dinner plate, too.
  15. All staff is still working in the offices so online and phone transactions may not be too bad - especially because they are allowing 90-day late license renewals.