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    Mostly I'm along the shore around E. Lyme and Waterford. Secret spots not even on the map.
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    Besides fishing I play tournament level foosball.

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  1. Look at Diawa’s SP Coastal. The rating is higher but it’s sweet spot is +/- 1oz. It will cast a bare TA clip a long way.
  2. Would somebody please tell this guy the risks of working with lead - like turning blue?
  3. The water is way too cold for a Georgia boy to fish in.
  4. 50 years after Apollo, conspiracy theorists are still howling at the ‘moon hoax’ By Joel Achenbach
  5. Since I don’t think it necessary for a lure to arrive perpendicular to the shore, I often cast at an angle - with the wind. This results in a bit more distance, maybe more of a sweep during retrieval and, I think, better mimics actual bait that swims parallel to the shore. Of course, if you are shoulder-to-shoulder this wouldn’t work.
  6. My dad, a great man whom I miss terribly, would on occasion do some reckless things. Two immediately come to mind. Once we arrived at the Niantic River, back when it was truly a fishing port with rentals and lots of commercial fishing boats. We arrived in the dark and got ready to set-up. Back then, this meant getting a spot next to other anglers - each with a Coleman lantern hung from a pole and burning all night. Dad’s job was to fish (was there even a size limit then?) my job was to flip stones looking for crabs and worms for free bait. As part of the set-up we doused ourselves with bug spray. This night my skin started to scream as the spray was applied. He’d grabbed, from the cabinet under the sink: not Off but EasyOff. As I remember, it still worked. Second. Growing-up I panfished every chance I got. Often I could get worms, night crawlers and red wrigglers from the compost pile. Of course when the weather was right, grass cut low and dew on the ground I could crawl about with a flashlight in my mouth and sneak up on nightcrawlers. However, I also had a tool he built me. It was a long extension cord with some modifications. One prong of the plug (the negative?) was cut off. The other end was had the plug entirely removed and the live wire was soldered into the end of a split copper grounding rod. Stick the rod in the ground, plug it in and every worm and any other living creature would rise from the ground and try to climb the tallest blade of grass. Worked even with a bit of frozen soil. Then I’d just walk around and pick-up the nightcrawlers and worms. On early mornings with wet-with-dew grass you could feel the tingle right through your sneakers. My younger brother grabbed the rod once, I had to unplug it in order to get his hand free. He didn’t try a second time.
  7. Growing up in the ‘60s and ‘70s these were the best I could dream of. Perfect for bluegills, yellow perch, bullheads and the occasional 12” bass or 8” brook trout. Give me a small reel, a 4’ rod and 4lb test and I’m happy.
  8. Does anyone know which tackle shops plan to carry baby seals for bait? In The meantime, I’ll continue to use cabbage patch dolls. They seem to hold up well.
  9. Oh! I see it in Main Forum
  10. Is no one going to comment on the Courant’s report if the Great White being tracked in LIS? First time ever.
  11. I can offer a few options. 

    1) the place I go for striped bass involves fishing at night,  jumping a fence and climbing up and down some large rocks. Then the fishing is easy and most likely productive. 

    2) a spot very near the first one where fishing is done from a government created spot. Again, a nighttime thing. Easy access - could be productive, just may not be overly so.  A busy area in that   It is a commercial area. 

    3) State Park for daytime. Some light easy wading will likely produce Sea Robins, small striped bass possible. Maybe a fluke.  

    All these are artificial lure fishing. In eastern Connecticut. If I can assist (I can go) in any way, let me know. 

  12. I guess if you’re fishing bait you are already on the bottom. If it were lures, I’d recommend fishing a bit deeper. When both have been present I’ve found the bass under the blues. Maybe they really are picking up scraps.
  13. I use one of those 7-day pill boxes: TA clips, split rings, etc. Handy box because I can sort the clips and rings by size.
  14. I like to keep a roll of tape for after fishing is done for the night. Open battery cover on headlamp and cover battery ends with tape, then close battery cover. This keeps the batteries from draining. Of course, remember to remove before next use.
  15. The G-Shock with tide is about $150. I just keep website available in my phone.