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    Mostly I'm along the shore around E. Lyme and Waterford. Secret spots not even on the map.
    I live in the very center of CT. Have lived in: CT, SC, TN, KY, PA and back in CT.
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    Besides fishing I play tournament level foosball.
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    IT Supervisor - old school mainframe COBOL.

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  1. This is a very informed opinion. Apparently, you have followed other threads of mine.
  2. 1) Had the first shot: no symptoms 2) Week later, wife and I tested positive; she had not been vaccinated 3) I had mild symptoms for two days 4) She was bed-ridden for two weeks and still very tired for the next week 5) I had my second shot and felt poorly for two days 6) She had her first shot and felt poorly for two days. Conclusion: if I hadn’t had my first shot and we were both as sick as my wife, we would have been in trouble because she couldn’t eat and could barely move.
  3. Now who really melted? The person who is so afraid of people who look and talk differently that he waited to get home to anonymously post something (I mean you), or, the person who fearlessly called out your stupidity, rudeness and cowardice in a national website (that’s me). Just to be clear - it is you who melted and then documented the meltdown for all of us to see.
  4. Super power? You can identify legal citizens by sight? Pretty amazing as no-one else has that power. In my opinion, you are the scum but that’s just based on reading your comments. That’s my super power.
  5. Emissions are back online. A process run by an outside vendor had (I think) some type of hack-attack.
  6. Tsunami 5-Star. It is amazingly tough and very affordable..
  7. I went out early April and got skunked. Not a bit of life visible along the shore. About to head back (Eastern CT). Has anyone been hooking up? From the shore.
  8. I agree on the paddletail. Please let us know how it goes - I plan a visit to my daughter in Chattanooga and want to fish below Chickamauga Dam for 'rocks'.
  9. ...why fish caught from a boat don’t count.
  10. Did anyone else watch "Sword Fishing" on TCM yesterday? Warner Bros Pictures Inc. presents "Sword Fishing" with HOWARD HILL World's Greatest Archer Narrated by Ronald Reagan. 1934 Hill and crew went out of Mexico on a sailboat to bow-fish off southern Calif. He first shows-off by hitting fishing line strands and then flying fish. Then he hits a 265lb blue marlin. The arrow is connected to fishing line that is connected to a reel and rod. The show is only 15-minute but he fought the fish for hours. The fight is something because the fish is hit in the shoulder. When they later do this from a small row boat, an attack by the fish was a real risk as the fish did attack. Historically interesting; you may be able to find it doing a search.
  11. Yeah. They changed it to reduce the number of people coming in to the DMV. Driver license went from 6-yr to 8-yr for most people.
  12. Isn’t the pfd legally required until Memorial Day or so?
  13. If you look carefully you’ll probably see that your registration is now for three- years instead and of the previous two-year renewal.
  14. Has anyone read Charlie Soares’ books? In one, maybe Walking on Water, he relates a lobstermen’s tale of returning short lobsters only to have stripers follow his boat from pot to pot eating the returned shorts. Now picture your party boats - all of them. Hook a short fluke in 80’ bring it up and release. Maybe ten shorts for every keeper. Maybe more. Let’s say forty fishermen. And do the same for the Black Sea bass. And cod. And on and on... Wouldn’t it be nice to think that these shorts all return to grow? Keep dreaming - they’re just chum.