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  1. Ocean is never closed in NJ
  2. Not necessary everyone knows and hopefully game wardens will be out in force
  3. Why not give the bass a break? The back right now is a zoo, most fish are snagged. Hoping for some enforcement now that the season is closed. Hope this clears out the crowd
  4. some amazing plug builders will be there and remember to purchase raffle tickets for our youth education for a chance at some beautiful plugs
  5. work boat rescued 2 guys in the Raritan yesterday, near hypothermia dry suits should be worn
  6. available on line only unless youre an nj disabled veteran. Then you can stop in the office with your disability info and DD214
  7. IBSP limit is 2 fish 16"+
  8. Veterans are free in IH don't know about other towns
  9. Island Heights requires a badge ALL year
  10. Absolutely spawning areas like Raritan bay and Hudson river need to be shut down during the spawn. Bass stocks are in trouble yet these 'sportsmen' refuse to give the fish a break. Think how many million potential fish are being killed, it's sad.
  11. They have enforced the number of buggies on the beach but very seldom. This year they are saying 'must be actively fishing' we shall see.
  12. Been trying to get appointment is nearly impossible
  13. So sad to hear. Always looked forward to seeing him in the fall.RIP Steve
  14. Are they even giving out 3 day passes? Once covid hit everyone moved to they're summer homes or so it seems and bought buggy permits. When law was passed in Jan I was notified by Sen Connors and went to all the municipalities north of IBSP and showed them the law. They are all on board. Go to a neighboring town and apply for a free NJ resident service connected disability permit.
  15. get it in Dec this year by mail