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  1. Are they even giving out 3 day passes? Once covid hit everyone moved to they're summer homes or so it seems and bought buggy permits. When law was passed in Jan I was notified by Sen Connors and went to all the municipalities north of IBSP and showed them the law. They are all on board. Go to a neighboring town and apply for a free NJ resident service connected disability permit.
  2. get it in Dec this year by mail
  3. Isn't Normandy Toms River township, which has buggy permits
  4. OC from IBSP up to Mantoloking allows driving in the off season but wach municipality and park requires a permit
  5. Bob thanks for your service welcome home
  6. Berkeley is scheduled in March usually same week usually same weekend as food fling
  7. Rules are no sleeping on the beach if you have an annual permit you were able to pull into the bathing area parking lot and sleep. I don't know if this still applies or if anyone is checking. Best to call the park office.
  8. what looks like teeth is skin
  9. I know where you were lol nice talking to you on my way in this morning only stayed 30 min but managed one 20" bass might get out early tomorrow but usually don't fish weekends
  10. It was allowed up till corona closure, was 24/7 fishing
  11. Don't think this has anything to do with tide
  12. powerful words brother, welcome home and thanks for your service
  13. no charge to enter IBSP but if you mean beach buggy access you must have 2020 pass only available by mail for now
  14. not supposed to be how it works but maybe they're not enforcing it? If you want to fish later a lot of beaches are open.
  15. When fishing IBSP remember it closes at 8 pm I make sure I'm out of the park by 8. couple nights ago I passed the gate house at 7:59 when I left the beach there were still a couple bait guys still fishing with several rods spiked. They didn't appear to be leaving. Please observe the rules I don't want to see it shut down again.