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  1. Genavorn is right on both counts, mine sold and you're not supposed to highjack peoples threads
  2. Every couple years there's an arrest of a couple of guys from Maine caught on the Cape or South Shore. Until the punishment gets severe enough the fines and whatnot are just the cost of doing business
  3. Rod sold - thread locked Thanks!
  4. Sounds good to me. PM coming
  5. Done deal. Thank you!
  6. Pm coming. Let's discuss shipping options.
  7. PM coming
  8. For sale - MAK Surfcasting 8 tube plug bag. Not the Angler series! Aside from some rust staining the bag itself is in great shape. All velcro is still strong, no tears and no wearing on the strap. $200 - southeastern MA od Cape Cod
  9. I have the LGSS106MHMF2 10'6" 2-6OZ New model $425 its practically brand new. Not a mark on it
  10. Black sea bass are beatiful!
  11. I'm selling a practically new 10'6" St Croix Legend 2-6oz -LGSS106MHMF2. Like new! $425 Cash Pickup in Southeast MA / Cape Cod. Prefer not to ship
  12. Haha! Hilarious
  13. 27 years old? Haha you got your money's worth!
  14. Bob G! How have you been? Do you still have pots down in the area where I used to be? I moved mine out a few years ago