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  1. Only the Danny left -$30 shipped
  2. I got this color changing one . It's hard to see in the pic but has a green/ Copper color change pattern to it. It's kind of Bunker-ish The red blem at the top is under the epoxyI rigged it up carried it out once or twice might have thrown it once or twice but it's in really good condition. $40 shipped.
  3. Ok yours. pM coming.
  4. Hey I'm gonna give webfoot first crack at the torpedo and I'm pretty sure he's gonna take it but if u want the 2 Donny Jr's and the neddle id do all 3 for $120 shipped/PayPal
  5. Ok gonna split these up. Prices include shipping and PayPal. Going to give first shot at the torpedo to webfoot. Both Donny Jr's $85 Torpedo $40 Danny $30 Wadd neddle $40 Also want to show a better pic of the blem on the torpedo. It's just black paint under the epoxy.
  6. Gonna pass. Thanks for the offer
  7. All brand new 2 Donny Jr's the green one has a cupped lip,1 Danny ,1 torpedo (has a black line mark blem under the epoxy), and 1 old school 30+ years old wadd. I Was told it was an order for Campo based on something with the eyes but I really don't know the history or how to verify, it's old and pricing it to fish. Looking for $205 shipped for everything. Prompt PayPal please
  8. Sorry it's a 9ft 1ps rod. Not gonna botjer shopping. Thanks for the interest Shutting this down ....
  9. Closing down no interest
  10. Any offers ???
  11. Price dropped $250
  12. CTS surf & jetty 9ft 2-4oz Very good condition. Only used a hand full of times. Its been sitting around collecting dust. Great rod , only so many I can use in a season and I'm trying to fund another project. A few very very VERY light scuffs . No issues with the blank what so ever $270picked up in Staten island. Willing to meet within reason.
  13. I'll take for $40 shipped