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  1. Sounds good ! Pm coming
  2. Can't go that low , after shipping and fees I'd jist keep them at that point Price reduction to $45 shipped
  3. They don't
  4. both brand new $80 shopped paypal
  5. 3 used lights out pencils 3oz Tons of life left and ready for the canal $50 shipped paypal
  6. How much for just the BM ?
  7. I'll plan to be there next week. If thst works maybe we can work something out. Lmk
  8. Can offer $40 shipped on these
  9. yes !!Thats the one !!!
  10. hey! Looking for a grs M slim with green/redhead silver body. Looking for new but will take used ! Thanks !
  11. Hey ! I'm interested but have no interest in the blue one. Do you have another color bm a40 you would swap it for ?
  12. I'll take the bagged Sr torpedo for $100
  13. How much for the two BMs ?
  14. After taking pics it has a few more scuffs then I remember but still in very good conditions