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  1. yours PM coming all sold
  2. can u meet me at $230? fees/shipping really eat into the bottom line
  3. Going to post office today Both surfster together ony for $235
  4. U got it ! Pm coming Both surfsters still left
  5. Alll brand new ...prices included shipping and PayPal. White pearl surface slim -$120 Iridescent sand pikie -$120 -surfster slims -$125 each
  6. Ok pm coming. All sold
  7. Ok pm coming Only silver flash left ...
  8. All are brand new medium slim grs $118 a pop shipped to ur door. Paypal only Chcikdn scratch and sliver flash
  9. This is the link for it ! Lmk and I'll lock the wts thread
  10. Hey their not spin Jr's but I posted atom Jr skins (next size up) in the wts threads if ur interested
  11. Ya we can do that . Pm coming
  12. Their not sorry! Jist the standard atom Jr skin
  13. Can you meet me in the middle at $130??
  14. Only Danny left $38 shipped/PP