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  1. Sorry, I forgot about this. I am still interested if it is still available.
  2. $210 is fine. I understand how the $10 can cut down your losses, been there. I can do a Postal money order. PM me and I will try to run to the Post Office today. Thanks
  3. Would you consider $200 shipped?
  4. Any interest in a Penn 4000 Conflict II or Daiwa Ballistic LT4000D-C? Both are in box and great condition.
  5. Thanks, Sorry for the delay to repond. I got tied up at work on a project. I will check today and let you know.
  6. Im interested, could you measure the distance between the mounting plates?
  7. Thanks, I responded to your PM. You can leave the stickers on, I like them. This will be an upgrade from my Coleman.
  8. Would you consider $225 cash pick up?
  9. Glad you relisted this. I will take it. PM me and we can make arrangements to meet up. Having some problems at my work, my schedule is changed, may not be able to meet til Sunday or next week, if that's ok.
  10. Do you ever come south to Jersey, PA or NY. I would take the black hole if we could meet part way.
  11. Is this rod still available?
  12. Was this reel used? or are you referring to the VS75?
  13. If you change your mind about shipping or if you are planning on heading south or meeting me part way, Im still interested. GPS says you are about 3 hrs from me. I will go up to $300 shipped.
  14. Would you ship the rod to 18011? If so, would you sell it at $280 shipped?
  15. Do you ever get to PA/NJ area?