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  1. I dont have either one of them. Let me think about it. I do have a $200 gift card from Cabelas, if you were interested plus cash.
  2. Im interested, are you looking for any trades?
  3. Sounds good
  4. I will take it for $100 if I could send you a money order. My paypal account is screwed up right now.
  5. Im heading through there next Friday on my way to Hatteras. If you are anywhere near there. I usually take Route 1 to 113 and down.
  6. I sent you a private message about a replacement.
  7. What area are you from? I'm interested, Was wondering if we could save the shipping if close by. I
  8. Thanks for all the information.. Sounds like I did well.
  9. Thanks for the info. I have a 710 with the green spool so I thought they would all have green.
  10. I picked up this Greenie 712 for $4 at a yard sale. What is the story with the bare metal spool. The guy who sold it to me was under the impression that it was a cheaper model version of the green spool. Is that true?
  11. Normally you wait till you receive the moneyorder, than ship. I usually text a picture of the money order before I mail it. So the seller knows You are serious. I never had a problem on the site with anyone.
  12. Yes, I will take it at $75. I would rather do a money order than PayPal, but I can do it either way. PM me and give me the info. Thanks, Gerry
  13. If Fishbites takes the Tsunami rod, I would be interested in the Penn reel. Im in PA also. How much are you looking for it shipped.
  14. Would you consider selling it outright?
  15. Thanks Jim I dont think the reel has a mag. I appreciate the information.