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  1. Those CNRs are the worst. It seems like the more expensive the lure the higher chance of snagging a CNR. Not many local MD kayakers on this site so cool to see! Specs are definitely in, head south to the grass lands!
  2. All yours! Pm on the way.
  3. Ok, done, all yours.
  4. I think the MXJ is overkill in the kayak for stripers to be honest. I have barely fished this one but did take the same reel on a kayak mothership tuna fishing trip and it did well on black fin. If you plan on livelining big bunker or scup then maybe but otherwise it’s pretty overkill IMO. Hence why it sits for me... I could do the Abu but here are some pictures of the Cardiff for your consideration. I’d be willing to do the Cardiff and the Abu Revo S or the Cardiff and some kayak trolling lures I will take pictures of after dinner. Or I can do the Abu plus the lure lot.
  5. Alright, looks like over to you @Good2Go
  6. I have the box for the MXJ but not the others. The C4 has sentimental value to me but I never use it. I’m not sure I want to sell it. I also found a Shimano Cardiff 401 that has an sometimes finicky thumb bar but with upgraded drags and power handle. I could do that plus the white low profile Abu if you want. It has new 15lb kast king braid which I would keep if you don’t want.
  7. Here’s some options: Right Hand: Penn Squall 15 + plugs/lures Shimano Torium 20 Left Hand: Avet MXJ Abu Garcia 6601 C4 + some lures Abu Revo S lowpro baitcaster
  8. @FishTaco10 sorry I thought this reply posted! Pancakes included?! Mostly interested in small speckled trout stuff at the moment, do you have anything smaller?
  9. Right or left hand retrieve reel, I have some options for you
  10. $18 shipped or trades welcome
  11. 1 14” 3 13” jigging (one rigged) 3 10” (one rigged) $20 shipped or willing to trade for a small spinning reel, bass assassin sea shads, top water frogs, aka anything useful.
  12. I’ve seen a few recent sales for big plastics so it made me go digging. I have a bunch but put this small lot together.
  13. willing to ship?
  14. I'll take it you've tried the foam stadium pad under the seat trick?I It was way better than stock, but it didn't help the back that much. Man I do not miss that seat at all. Especially all the wet ass in the Revo. Monkey butt a few miles from shore was the freaking worst. Torch the kayak and get a new on man, that seat has to go.