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  1. $50 shipped for the 6500? New 20lb big game and comes with original handle. A puppy got this one but it fishes fine.
  2. When you say small, how small? I have an Abu 6500 if that’s what you mean?
  3. Still no love for lefties?
  4. I’m interested depending on how old it is... i’ll make an offer of a older torium 20 (silver) or a trevala s mh casting rod. Meet at cabelas in DE?
  5. I have a MXJ if that interests you... I really want Lewbag's torium (still) so maybe we can make it work!
  6. I also wish they were able to import the Helix (HiLux?) to the US but who knows how it would be once they were able to meet the emissions standards. I believe it’s based on the 4Runner / Landcrusier Prado platform and is more of an in between the Tacoma and Tundra which would be perfect for some of us that need a little bit bigger but not HUGE. I have a 2017 TRD Sport 6spd manual (really wanted to stay in a manual) that is my first truck and took some getting used to from an SUV. Overall it has been a very dependable and low maintenance vehicle but the fit and finish is not great for what you pay for it and it’s cramped inside for me and any passengers. Looking back I probably would get a Ridgeline bc I don’t really need the true 4x4 anymore and would have liked to have had the extra space/comfort, storage, and better mgs.
  7. I’m interested in the tbone
  8. Closing down here. Thanks!
  9. Awesome, will PM to coordinate. BG sold! Baitrunner still available, make an offer
  10. 210 shipped? The reel is in excellent shape and the 20lb power pro line is too...
  11. Ok, I can make that work! I’m in Annapolis, do you ever make it this way?
  12. Bump, would like to see these move on to new homes.