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  1. Thank you, Yeah it's in really good condition and like i said penn just serviced it a few weeks back. I just don't use it and figured I'd try and sell it instead of having it sit idle.
  2. Respectfully $175 is as low as I'm gonna go.
  3. One last try before I remove this... $175
  4. I did see the one on BD site but this seems like It's older because the gentleman who had it had it for years. Plus it's not foam it's like a wool material. I may swing in and have Scott check it out.
  5. Recently came across this Wheatley Fly box and can't find any info on it. Was curious if any of you know anything about it and if it's worth anything. Thanks in advance.
  6. Price drop...200 or BO
  7. Looking to sell used Penn Slammer 6500 HS. Has minor rash in a couple places. Lightly used and spooled with 40# powepro...not sure on exact yards but over 200. Just serviced by Penn. $225 or B.O. buyer pays Shipping unless located in Mass then PU/DO could be done.
  8. Gonna cost about $10-15 to ship. $165 shipped you have a deal.
  9. Looking to sell brand new Shimano spheros 5000. Reel has never been used or spooled. No box just the reel. Asking for $175 thanks
  10. Sold. Thanks Tim and SOL
  11. $425 and I'll take care of the shipping for you or can meet in RI this week for same price.
  12. Appreciate the offer but I'll have to pass on that offer.
  13. Have spoken via email with someone from pure fishing and they have all my info and the reel's info. Will be shipped when they are back in stock.