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  1. 3 hours ago, bassturds said:

    Long duration storm few screen shots from the app called windy.  Shows the eye of the storm off the canyons moving north west then circling back down south before moving out to sea.  Bringing heavy windy over Tuesday and Wednesday 


    Well we might be looking at the fat lady


    I had fun, you? 

  2. Transportation is a key factor. I cartop a 2018 outback. I found a good system for my car/rack that isn’t too energy consuming or back breaking. But much heavier and it would be a pain. The OT’s tend to be a bit heavier. 

    If you trailer or bed extend a pick up, weight isn’t much of a factor.


    I like the outback. Stupid stable but not overboard in terms of size like a PA. Plenty of storage to overpack and still have enough room to haul back a good catch. Enough speed/range to target spots a few miles away from the launch. Sea worthy- I’ve been caught in some “what the hell am I doing out here” weather and I made it back in one piece. I like the pre ‘19 models better than the new because of the rudder configuration and it sits a bit higher.


    The revo 13 has much of the same advantages of the outback but lighter, faster, with less storage and very stable but perhaps not stupid stable. 

    The big advantages of the OT’s are better warranty’s and instant reverse

  3. It was most likely me sucking. I had a very good day of tog on the other side of RI last Monday. My first spot held fish but sea bass outnumbered tog 3-1. My attempts to find a better rock was unsuccessful- I think because I was looking in dirtier water closer to shore.


    It is the time to fill the freezer with fat tog fillets for the winter. I suspect black fishing is very good and will remain so for a month or more despite my incompetence on Wednesday.

  4. Kayaked gansett yesterday morning. Started with tog and was fighting through sea bass. A couple barely keeper tog, lots of small sea bass with a few big ones (19-21”). I marked a few big fish and threw a paddle tail. Hooked up on something decent but broke off, likely a big blue.


    Went looking around for a rock with more tog and less seabass. But it was unsuccessful. Those togging from shore also seemed bored. 

    I did have one pod of funnies break with in casting range. Only three or four breaks.  It took about 4 seconds to grab my epoxy rod and cast. That was 3 seconds too late.


    Overall a very disappointing trip. Tog bite sucked, bass and blues were a no show, and it was a borderline miracle that I even saw a funnyfish. Couldn’t beat the weather though 

  5. 1 hour ago, Chass510 said:

    why dual split rings?

    If a fish can twist a plug during the fight, two splits gives you a couple more twists before your hanger is in danger. Not as fool proof as a swivel but the action is not as compromised and the hooks are closer to the front.


    these big dildo plugs can torque the hell out of the hardware/fish’s precious face. the fish will hit it from any and all directions

  6. 2/2 on pink epoxy Fri morning. Started with albie snax which was September’s top producer for me, but that was quickly refused.


    Still fish to be had but it seems to be slowing down in this neck of the woods. My guess is RI will get a quick strong shot of espresso before the fat lady sings

  7. 1 hour ago, Seadogg said:

    The heavy downpour from that would-be hurricane is what killed it in Buzzards Bay and eastern Rhode Island, at least that’s my take. The fish had just begun to show up two or three days prior to that rain and they vanished immediately following it. The following 3 or 4 days featured heavy northerly winds which then moved the bait out as well. The albies finally returned to my immediate area about a week ago, but the group has been confined to a very small geographic space, maybe a square mile. A disappointing year for sure. I believe things would have been very different had we not gotten that ridiculous amount of rainfall. No big deal. We only have 365 days left to wait until they come back. 

    I agree that the rain- it’s severity and timing- was the most consequential factor in their absence from the mid/upper Narragansett and buzzards bay.

    But out front eastern ri would not be affected nearly as much in terms of temp /salinity drop- I would think. Rst3 can correct me if the data says otherwise. Another albie mystery

  8. 1 hour ago, foxfai said:

    Is that net still out? Maybe that had something to do with it.

    Did hear they had some big bonito catches in June. Maybe a factor but I tend to think those non-mobile nets couldn’t shut down a whole funny fish season. They certainly don't help though

  9. I may have had a run in with a kmack or 2. Got snipped twice. One was trolling immediately after landing an albie. I checked the leader very closely upon release. Broke during the first run- figured probably an albie and not retying  after the fight. 

    A pass or two later, felt what was the beginning of a bite, but I was snipped. 

    There we’re definitely 3 ish pound class smacks shooting out here and there early in the am. But this time a year who knows, could’ve been barracuda or a manatee 

  10. 16 hours ago, rst3 said:

    Also, am I reading this correctly? It was caught in "Jan. 91"??

    Come on, that has to be another mistake 

    Well a 16 inch, 14 lb toad of a green bonito caught off Block island in January is certainly a notable catch. So, they got one thing right

  11. So I was taking a peak at the RI saltwater state records list and I have a few questions.


    1.) Why is False Albacore not on the state records list? 

    it is on the “notable catch list” but not a valid state record. However more unusual species like king mackerel and F***ing Tiger shark are valid state records. 

    The “notable catch” albie is only 12 lbs 5 oz. I’m guessing there have been a few caught that were bigger than that but seeing as RI doesn’t recognize albies as a record, they’re just fish stories.


    2.) What exactly is the state’s definition of a notable catch anyway?


    3.) What is the difference between bonito and green bonito?


    Apparently, a 16 inch, 14 pound green bonito caught in January of ‘91 made the notable catch list while a 13 pound bonito is recognized as the state record.

    4.) For a state literally (and I mean “literally” literally) filled by waters holding some of the northeast’s best fishing opportunities, why is the state record program such a mess?


  12. On 9/15/2021 at 3:57 PM, Capt.Castafly said:

    Dismal morning outside the Harbor of Refuge Wednesday. 

    Fished from 6:30 to 12:00 noon.

    Tide switch at 9:17 on the incoming.

    Waves really not bad. Water dirty in some places.

    Didn't expect these results - four chub mackerel and a dozen black sea bass of all sizes, but mostly small around the walls.

    Not a sign of a stripers, bluefish, or hardtails. No boats hooked up except for sea bass.

    No signs of birds or bait. Boats cover as far north as Black Point, as far west as Charlestown.

    No matter where you went, it was like a ghost town.


    Was out there Monday on foot and Tuesday on yak. I found funnies mostly out of range Monday. They weren’t around for very long- up and down for 30 minutes maybe. Got a few chances and one blow up on a silverside looking epoxy.


    I decided to head back on Tuesday with the yak. My logic: this place has been real quiet for quite a while, I found some fish feeding the previous day, no body got on them, it’s bound to get better, right? Nope! Peddled around all day, the funnies showed up right on time but they didn’t hang around for more than 10 minutes. 

    Again a couple shots, and one hit no hook up. This time bigger chunky mostly white bait was on the menu. Then no round two.


  13. I added to my exotic list the past couple weeks. Lizard fish and baby blue runner.


    The lizards were occasionally jumping out after bait in just inches of water. Caught on a small epoxy. The baby blue runners were schooled up and feeding like snapper blues. Caught a half dozen on an epoxy before leaving them alone.


    The lizard fish was far up in a bay, the blue runners on south facing open ocean.


  14. On the yak tucked out of the wind early am. 1 shot, up for ten seconds.

    Late morning scouting on foot- handful of shots at one pod up and down for 10 minutes, 1 nibble, no hook up.  Saw some enthusiastic fish out far but not for too long.


    One more try tomorrow, then at least a few days of real life