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  1. Sea bass and stripers seem to love em
  2. Haha I’ve been very happy with the cheap n easy homemade cart. But I think you know the risk I mention with the scupper cart caused hull breakage. for me, so far so good. The reinforced scupper holes and the give in the pvc itself gives me some confidence that I’ll be ok. But I do have the hull stuffed with pool noodles just in case or if a Whitey wants to take a nibble
  3. YouTube search pvc scupper cart if you are willing to take the scupper cart risk.
  4. Yup. Shimano Tranx 401ahg great reel for big bass but can do small stuff too, just a little overkill
  5. haha! I know some life long Bristolians that cringe at the thought of having to make the long slog to Providence
  6. What’s that piece you use for hull support? I use a thick pool noodle but have to swap it out monthly as it gets squished
  7. I do take it with me on the water. Just pull it out and insert into the scuppers upside down. But I have some places I launch where it would be impossible or too difficult to be worth it without the cart. Also, I have a trip in mind where I was out at night by myself for the first time- I know not advisable but I was comfortable with area, weather and my experience. Well without getting into details, I got spooked lol. I decided to run to shore and fish a boulder field from the surf for a little bit. The terrain was a nightmare. I moved a few rocks out of the way but I was still pulling the yak on the cart over basket ball sized rocks. After fishing for an hour and half or so the tide dropped big time! I slowly and carefully (as possible) bobbled the yak/cart back into the water. Made it out with just a couple cosmetic scratches on the underside of the hull. if I had no cart, it would’ve been a quick trip or worse. If I only had a strap on cart, I don’t think I would’ve been able to traverse the rocky terrain without yanking the kayak off the cart.
  8. Going on a third year with the pvc scupper. Need to replace the tire but other than that still going strong. I have ‘18 outback with the reinforced scuppers. I stuffed my hull full of pool noodles and got the kid’s pump squirt gun just in case. I keep a close eye on it. This cart has made many launches and landings possible that would not have been otherwise. And It’s just too convenient. I re did the front hatch seal and added one on the lid. My biggest source for leaks are the fish finder connection holes and screw holes for the rod holder and ram ball. 6+ hours in chop, I get 2 car sponges worth of water. ... knock on wood
  9. Re entry practice is a great idea. But I would look for some launch spots on your own and when you find launches that aren’t public beaches or boat ramps, keep it to yourself. I know I probably sound like a dick but kayaking is becoming extremely popular and waterfront property owners are getting more and more fed up with out of towners even if it’s just the next town over. IMO every square foot of public shore access in MA is in jeopardy of being taken away. Do some exploring, keep your eyes open and your mouth shut.
  10. Caught this weekend. I think this is a frigate mackerel, but thought it was an itty bitty Albie at first.
  11. Yup that’s another strong possibility
  12. Last Saturday we ran into a similar situation In eastern RI. Fish were about a foot long, fed similar to mackerel but were faster and never slowed down or milled around. Bait was under 1/2”. Friend got bit on a small epoxy jig and light flouro but they didn’t touch anything else. IMO they had to be juvie bonito or maybe frigate mackerel.
  13. I intended for this thread to be a PSA/discussion on shore access. But I am well aware of Wareham’s increasing drug problems which, unfortunately, are not unique. Only long term solution IMO is to invest in youth. Vote local, vote to invest in public schools. Back to access- the original post has a link to a story in Rockport where access is threatened because a beach committee is complaining of the nuisance caused by scuba instructors and enthusiasts. This is completely different than the Wareham case but all could lead to a common end. I hope logic prevails in the Rockport case, as there is minimal to nonexistent nuisance to the homeowners compared to the benefit for the many who respectfully enjoy its coastal resources. If back beach was trashed like this Wareham spot was, there would be no chance, access would cinched up tight.
  14. Again I usually only enjoy the spot 5-7 times each season so I can’t be sure one way or another. But about a month ago, I show up at sunset and there were three cars parked there (more than I’ve ever seen) and about 8 young-uns shooting the breeze, drinking/smoking, and had fishing rods out but were not being used. Perhaps they just finished a casting session but it seems like they were using it as a cover. However, in years past, I have picked up plenty of fishing related trash and dealt with the smell of rotting racks. But this year, there seemed to be a marked increase in nips, beer cans and snack bags. I’m sure I sound like a grumpy old fart but I am really not against public drinking/smoking and good time having, just clean up after yourself and don’t ruin our access