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  1. I do comm bass fishing. The little money from bass goes a long a way for me and mine but I'd rather we take action too early than too late. I agree with rob and others that it may be irresponsible to make decisions on a relatively small set of data. But in terms of fishery l resources, the data is always too small. I'd rather we be too careful than too reckless. Lets not make the same mistake twice. We're not there yet but if we get there, it would be shameful.
  2. That looks like a shortfin. There was a thread in may about them coming close to shore and at times beaching themselves. They are almost never available to the shore angler but this year was an exception. They seem to be more aggressive\angrier than their longfin cousins.
  3. I've spent about 250 days on various comm fishing vessels- mostly draggers, gillnets, long line and scallop boats as well as sampling dozens of herring boats at the dock. It is impossible to make general statements about captains or comm fishermen. Like anywhere else, you'll find plenty of scumbags and some truly remarkable/thoughtful people and everything in between. Some boats throw literally every peice of trash from the boat into the same water that their dragging a net through. While others go to great lengths to respect the resource that affords them their livelihood. With that said I don't think any captain would purposefully set on top of whale especially within sight of others let alone a whale watch! Was he careless? Probably. Was his response appropriate? I really don't know. Also, trying to come up with seemingly simple solutions to extremely complicated issues is ignorant. For example, "Every comm fishery should be hook/line or 10 ft cast nets." Although I agree that their should be more incentives for fishermen to use long lines and hook and line gears, this solution does not work on many levels. Not the least of which is thousands of hard working New Englanders would be out of work and very pissed off.
  4. Seen a few guys get spooled pretty fast this time of year.
  5. The reliability of my source is unknown but it sounded legit...
  6. Not that I'm any albie expert but the only change for up north is the amount of line - 300 yds is a little overkill. I'm thinking a 9-10 ft salmon rod might be a nice set up for albies too. Anyone have any experience with this set up for albies?
  7. Just read that article. What is reported there has diminished the little hope I have for our states resources. Everybody is out for themselves and ethics are out the window
  8. Whenever the fishing is slow the epos are out... Don't want to make assumptions about the good law enforcement officers but paperwork avoidance has crossed my mind
  9. If you ever come up to mass/ri I have a American built 750ss I'd be willing to trade
  10. Seconds- in the 1/million chance it falls through
  11. That sounds extraordinarily reasonable. Ok fondew, up to you 400 picked up or 425 shipped...
  12. Again 425 shipped was the asking price but the seller expressed preference in a local meet up but did not put a picked up price. I thought if I said 425 picked up I would be increasing the price because of the eliminated shipping cost. Again I was not trying to lowball the seller, I was trying (too hard perhaps) to not violate the rules, and I was the first I'll take it. The sellers terms were just a little unclear because there was no pick up price. With this I will ask politely to reconsider the decision
  13. 425 shipped was the asking price. He did not add a pick up price which caused some of this confusion. He also said "hoping to meet local." I put 400 picked up out there because I didn't want to increase the price as this is not a bidding site. I would gladly pay the extra 25 to have it shipped to the door. In most situations I wouldn't put up a fight but I really want this reel and I had no intention of lowballing the seller. Tim might have sort this out
  14. My original post was "I'll take it for $400 picked up at the canal" I edited my response to make it clear that I would also take it for 425 shipped that asked for. Honestly, I'd take it for 425 picked up but I didn't want to make it look like I was uping the price and starting a bidding war which is against the rules. If you would like you can give TimS the heads up and he can make sure everything is legit. I know the edited post looks sketchy but I don't think I violated any rules.
  15. Pm sent