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  1. I just puked . . .
  2. Now we have a thread !
  3. They only show up when they smell a pay day - like a dog whistle.
  4. You mean the one where they marched from the dead kids home to the home of the retired state trooper where he drowned, screaming thru a bull horn he should have been there to Protect and Serve ?: Disgusting animals
  5. Until they find a contractor was welding at the point of origin.
  6. Jimmy numbers typing like he got into the “medicine cabinet “ a bit early today.
  7. Safe travels !
  8. First Class! You are a Doge Bro !!!!
  9. Mix ins !
  10. The only one that is going to make any money off this is your CPA next April.
  11. Mrs. G2 said it was too hot to cook . . . apparently it was also too hot to do dishes
  12. Mrs. Rocky must think we are all as crazy as he is . . .
  13. If there are only 256 right whales in existence. I’ve met them all.
  14. Turkey
  15. Show off !!!