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  1. Points for "intimated" ?
  2. Because the defense has the upper hand . . . at the moment. Don't forget the notes from Singer that intimated he was forced by investigators into making clients confess to knowing the payments were bribes and not donations. The judge still had to rule on that issue - if it went Becky's way they very well could have walked.
  3. What about getting on a call with Dr. No Surgery and Dr. Yes Surgery and ask then to discuss your case and ask some questions . . . that may be a way of seeing who makes the better argument for their recommendation. Maybe one or the other convinces them of the best course of action.
  4. Stay safe Rich. And thanks for manning the front line.
  5. I was too Mike and then I thought . . . Virginia
  6. The Biogen meeting in Boston was responsible for many states catching it . . .. not that it would not have happened anyway
  7. What's a bluefish
  8. Z-man - I accidently hit thumbs down on your post 740 . . . I saw a reference to someone thumbs downing a post and thought that was how you could see who had thumbs down a post
  9. Morning Bob - calling for snow up my way - I'm calling it Fake News hype to get the yentas to watch the news . . .
  10. Isn't the solution to hitting the 75% window to "prepay" salaried people before the end of June ? and then not pay them in July/August. Sure you run the risk of them leaving but that id pretty low risk in this economy.
  11. I know I was just hoping to get my first **** you !! Next time . . . and I'm sure there will be a next time
  12. Let me get this straight . . . the AC guy is asking The Tavern to answer his AC question ? Red you are priceless
  13. Morning Bob - Ready for Cinco de Mayo ?
  14. All good out here in Cabo and Eagles Dare territory - still working - about 50/50 in and out of office . . . everybody healthy - worry a bit about Mom she's 81 in assisted living and 2 residents have tested positive - one died this week - but the facilty implemented a no visitor, in-room quarantine so fingers crossed Stay healthy
  15. Winner Winner !!