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  1. Mrs. G2 is in for 5 on grid 2. Venmo incoming.
  2. Pumpkin soup is round 2 ….
  3. It's called saber rattling. If you don't respond the next time they take it a step further . . . the Dopes running the show now said "Oh well, you rooned that. We're cancelling our meeting. That will learn them some manners!" Dopes.
  4. You did the research - he already caved - I'd go full "Mick" on him. Tell him you'll settle for $475,000 and not write a complaint for official incompetence.
  5. We’re not negotiating with them. We’re negotiating with the woke lawyers and advocates. They can’t even speak English.
  6. The 3% has nothing to do “service”. Servers and bartenders earn tips. The 3% fee is on the entire bill - not just the food. I’ll stand by while you think of something witty to say about how cheap I am.
  7. Ain’t nobody reading all that.
  8. Your IQ would drop 25 points !
  9. I learned a long time ago “Never count another man’s money “.
  10. He is a Doosh pay him no mind. He doesn’t get that it is the business owners job to decide if he wants to “pay a living wage “ to the back of the house. If he does, great for them. If that drives his prices to a point the business fails bad for him, bad for them and bad for the front of the house to. If Rav was still here for he would Dog Walk this Doosh around the Tavern parking lot.
  11. Poetry . . . I've told my tale here before of a voyage with Captain Morgan . . . my last one
  12. It was a CRV - you are off the hook !
  13. Not sure if that can stay - but it was the best I could figure out . . . Maybe they are gloves? Given his obvious avoidance of the camera he has either cased the joint, done these before - or both . . .
  14. The Longmeadow Police released a surveilance picture that appears to show a black male . . . . at least to my eye If I was better at this internet thing I would post a picture. Maybe I'll try . . . Longmeadow police release photos of Berkshire Bank robbery suspect -