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  1. Billy on. Get the house wrapped and save six grand!
  2. Pie in the Sky. I’ll wave.
  3. Good luck at the doctor Mick. One step at a time.
  4. Of course! The side door of our house had snow drifted 6 feet high. We had to take the top window out of the storm door on the front of the house - climb out and shovel the snow away to get out of the house. Nothing moved for a week.
  5. 50. Might reach the mid 60’s.
  6. I would expect no less.
  7. So did I. ! My mom signed a work release so I could work at 14. ! i know you know Boston. I was the the manager at the Brigham’s in porter Square in Cambridge at 16. True story. They were putting in the Red Line extension from Harvard Square to Porter Square. Those construction workers loved us! We closed at Midnight. They got off at Midnight. We unlocked the door and got them whatever they wanted. They took good care of us.
  8. A little fishing content. G2 circa 1978 . . . Mick can make fun of my Members Only jacket
  9. This turned all kumbya all of a sudden. I’m out !
  10. And away we go . . .
  11. Thought you had work to do ?
  12. Went to a fish joint in Windsor CT for lunch this weekend - my broiled haddock was $15 and came with a cup of chowder too. It was very good. Wife had scallops and shrimp $17 . . .
  13. More birds, fewer cadavers.
  14. That is enough food for a football team ...
  15. Another reason to hate the church. Probably screws up their schedule. Cash flow, Yo.