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  1. So what did you do ?
  2. Drum roll please . . . We have our Critter . . . One of Tim's buddy's broke in and trashed my basement Thanks for all your answers - and "support" Let's hope he was alone - the trap is gonna soak until Monday And for the curious among you - I thought it was reasonable cost wise - $250 for 2 traps for 5 days. $150 "dispatch fee" per critter - so I hope I'm out for $400 even.
  3. Who do you think I am BillyBob, Red or Juan ? I'm more in the FnM, Belmo, or Tom Spaz sphere Yes I hired a guy - you wanna deal with Mrs. G2 with a critter in her house ???
  4. Hey I need this guy STAT !
  5. He thinks raccoon. Yes the chimney has a flue and a "cleanout" which is how I think it got in. I was bummed - I thought he was going to go inch by inch with a catch pole My wife says I watch too much Nat Geo She is not amused that I talked into waiting a day to call
  6. It was - went nuts about 11:00 last night - critter guy is setting traps today
  7. Don't even say that - that's what she thought We have a few around - but how in the world would one get in ? No open doors, no busted windows I figured the coon dug around the foundation somehow
  8. OK - so Mrs. G2 is freaking out . . . we live in a very suburban setting in Western Mass. - think oak trees and nice lawns . . . something got into our basement and went crazy . . . knocked over baskets full of clothes, boxes off shelves, etc. It had to have been fairly big . . . no mouse, squirrel or chipmunk did this. It left one good print on a dusty tarp in the corner - 5 toes, no visible nails and a small "pad" . . . I'm thinking raccoon - what does the Tavern think ? I think it got in last night and out this morning - I went inch by inch and it was no where to be found . . . Mrs. G2 is calling the Critter Gitter guy
  9. Is that Mike Inzetta ?
  10. Year admitted to bar: 1979 Year appointed/elected: 2009, by Gov. Deval Patrick from Lawyers Weekly
  11. Hop - I don't think she was found guilty of anything to do with the dead bodies - the guilty charges were from the kids that lived. From the little I've read the prosecution was not well prepared for all the scrutiny they got on the question of "were these kids ever alive" . . . judge basically said they did not meet the burden of proof.
  12. Getting even more bizarre - medic was a prosecution witness - and had immunity . . . looking like he said it to save the seals ass - Merica On Thursday, Scott stunned the Navy court in San Diego by saying that while Gallagher stabbed the militant, he is the one who actually killed him. He told the court he did it because he thought the boy would have been killed by Iraqi forces anyway and that he did not want him to be tortured. 'I knew he was going to die anyway, and wanted to save him from waking up to whatever would have happened to him,' he said. He said Gallagher was not guilty of murder and added: 'He’s got a wife and family. 'I don’t think he should spend the rest of his life in prison.' Scott, a doctor for Navy SEAL team seven, had been granted immunity for any alleged crimes of his own by the prosecution in exchange for cooperating with them. Thursday was the first time he has ever claimed to have killed the boy himself and prosecutors accused him of lying. 'You can stand up there, and you can lie about how you killed the ISIS prisoner so Chief Gallagher does not have to go to jail,' Navy prosecutor, Lt. Brian John, told him. Gallagher has long claimed that rather than stab the fighter, he used a knife to open his throat and insert a breathing tube. He had a collapsed lung after being injured in a strike and could not breathe, he said. The boy died in May 2017 after another group of SEALs radioed Gallagher's men to tell them they had him. Gallagher and his men were on the battlefield and other witnesses testified that he said 'leave him, he's all mine.' When they arrived, the boy was still alive, they said. Gallagher approached him to give him aid but, they said, out of nowhere, he stabbed the boy in his neck and in his side. One claimed that after the boy had died, he tried to justify it by calling him 'just an ISIS dirtbag'.
  13. Found not guilty of murder. Judge said prosecution never proved they were ever alive or sum **** - jury waived trial. Was found guilty of animal and child abuse -for the other kids they found. SMH
  14. Eric is a great guy - and captain. Better hurry - he has had 4 fluke over 10 pounds this week - tops was 13
  15. A medic testifying in the trial of Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher – who is accused of killing an injured ISIS prisoner of war in Iraq – has shockingly testified Thursday that he is the one who killed the militant, not Gallagher. The medic told a court that he killed the fighter by asphyxiation.