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  1. Spotted a loon at Wallum Lake in Douglas this past Sat
  2. I received the email from the Division of Marine fisheries. Final verdict was to bump Black Sea Bass up an inch and reduce to 4. Fluke gets a 1/2" size reduction and scup get a 1" increase. It really seems like an awful work around. The seabass last year were tiny around the entrance of Buzzards Bay almost every time I tried for them. Fluke isn't being helped by a 1/2" decrease. And lets face it, anyone fishing for and keeping scup for the most part don't have a tape measure. Beyond disgusted but getting used to it.
  3. Jason I was one of the ones that met you. After i walked out, my wife said we should book a trip with you. Go figures. Ill be in touch for a westport trip!
  4. Without enforcement this is all kind of moot. Last year was one of my worst years for sea bass. I could find thousands of small fish in May and June at places I was normally not needing to measure in years past. I see the same crowded boats pulling in the same fish but not many splashes back in. Regs are just keeping the honest guys honest.
  5. Have you seen lithium mines or the disposal of wind farm veins?
  6. my favorite combination!
  7. Cast some small trout lures right off the boat ramp.
  8. Head down to webster lake instead. Wallum re-opens the second Saturday in April.
  9. Guys how often do you find yourselves twisted by bordering states with differing regulations. I see this being an issue with tautog and seabass in particular. Guys running from New London and fishing to say race light or fishers are in a bit of a predicament arent they? Am i over thinking this? I want to try some new things this year and certainly dont want to get jammed up.
  10. Mercury is the one contaminant that i keep my eye on.
  11. Honestly its not the pollutants that throw me off as much as the taste. Its simply a nostalgia thing with the horned pout for me. Due to my job, im under constant medical surveillance for most of the pollutants associated with fish. Oddly enough with the materials i handle everyday and the amount of shellfish i eat, the only thing that turns up every year is trace of arsenic.
  12. I absolutely never keep anything fresh water except maybe a few horned pout in the summer. I fish opening day (wallum lake) for trout as an annual ritual/shakedown for the boat before tog fishing. Those trout are given to friends that seem to enjoy the taste of trout feed.
  13. It was mostly finding the misc hardware. Last time i looked, i couldn't find anyone who had it in stock. Looking again a year later i think i have found everything. I see many newer trailers with torsion and wanted to see if its the way to go. I spoke with a torsion axle manufacturer and they stated any axle stated for use with I beam trailers can be used on tube frames as well.
  14. The springs and hardware are shot on my 2002 shorlandr trailer. Sourcing the parts has been a pita. Anyone ever convert to torsion with a tube type trailer? Most of the ones i see say they are for I beam frames.
  15. I have a 2002 df140. Its used 50/50 fresh/salt. Its been great to me. Keep your fuel clean and treated with startron.