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  1. for as long as I have been buying, yes. That's since 1990.
  2. Which was the case and point of the westport ramp. It was 100% state ramp. It was then turned over to the town of westport. If you look now, the owner is "Horseneck Beach State Reservation" yet the town charges the fee.
  3. Mike, sorry I thought I responded to this the other day but must not have clicked submit. However, two state boat ramps that I use often charge a fee. The RT88 ramp in Westport is a real peeve of mine. It was turned over to the town who now charges a $5 fee. To me its not about the price and I pay it. Its a decent ramp. What really got me going this year was when I payed my fee and launched my cartop kayak. I parked in the overflow lot across the street as to not take up a trailer spot. I returned that day to a parking ticket from DCR for "Trailer Parking Only". I spoke with the harbor master and he provided me proof of the fee that i payed. DCR informed me that i would need to appeal through the online system. I tried for weeks. The system stated that the violation number was not found. Eventually about a month later it was online and told me I was past the deadline for appeal. The second ramp that I use which now charges is a Wallum Lake in Douglas. The state has now put DCR in charge who charges an "access" fee. In the beginning I would challenge the attendant that I was fishing and my license was my fee. That worked for a while. Now they will either not let you in or you can expect enforcement when you return.
  4. "Conservation" is a slippery slope. It is used to procure property and equipment and then we are restricted on the use of the property beyond usual regulations. Quite a few of the boat ramps I use were funded by F&W then turned over to local authorities so they could collect fees.
  5. A couple things that rub me the wrong way.... the majority of the increase is tied to deer hunting. Why not institute a tag system for pheasant? Also we are losing habitat daily. Money from these licenses funds the purchase of WMA's yet we are inundated by non-hunters and fishermen on these properties. Sunday hunting as well would be helpful. The list goes on.
  6. I'm interested to see what the general consensus is here on the new fee increase proposal in Massachusetts. I for one agree that an increase is probably overdue. I know some believe there shouldn't be a fee at all. I can't get behind it as it reads now though.
  7. Jason, if you don't mind, what depth are you targeting now?
  8. Thanks guys! Any suggestions on how to fish them if I see them again? Small metals?
  9. this past Saturday I was out near the entrance of buzzards bay. Thick fog, found birds working above breaking water. Whatever they were, they were small, fast and organized fish. They circled back to the boat numerous times giving me plenty of opportunity. Not baitfish small. Not snapper blues. I tried small metals, albie snax, green and white epoxies.... nothing. Any idea what I was looking at? Small Bonito? If I see it again, any suggested tactics?
  10. Looks great!
  11. My friend called me in a panic because his motor was running rough. He sent me a video and it looked like it wanted to rattle off the transom. He limped it to the mooring and shut it down. I was able to round up some tools and head out there today. It didn't take long to figure out that the traveling marine mechanic had 2 wires on the wrong plugs. I swapped them and the motor started and sounds great. I let it idle for 30 minutes and shut it down. His question - is there any chance of damage to the engine during the 30 minutes he ran it with the firing order wrong?
  12. Look up Putnam Pipe. Multiple locations. Pick your closest. You will likely need to by a 20' stick though.