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  1. Thanks guys! Any suggestions on how to fish them if I see them again? Small metals?
  2. this past Saturday I was out near the entrance of buzzards bay. Thick fog, found birds working above breaking water. Whatever they were, they were small, fast and organized fish. They circled back to the boat numerous times giving me plenty of opportunity. Not baitfish small. Not snapper blues. I tried small metals, albie snax, green and white epoxies.... nothing. Any idea what I was looking at? Small Bonito? If I see it again, any suggested tactics?
  3. Looks great!
  4. My friend called me in a panic because his motor was running rough. He sent me a video and it looked like it wanted to rattle off the transom. He limped it to the mooring and shut it down. I was able to round up some tools and head out there today. It didn't take long to figure out that the traveling marine mechanic had 2 wires on the wrong plugs. I swapped them and the motor started and sounds great. I let it idle for 30 minutes and shut it down. His question - is there any chance of damage to the engine during the 30 minutes he ran it with the firing order wrong?
  5. Look up Putnam Pipe. Multiple locations. Pick your closest. You will likely need to by a 20' stick though.
  6. In that case, you are correct and should wear protective equipment. I mask in that case isn't very effective. You would be better served using a respirator with P100 cartridges. As mentioned above, the exhalation valve offers 0 protection to those around you if you have the virus.
  7. Tight lines guys. Didn't come to get into a pissing match. Just provide some food for thought. It was a pretty simple example to show... (i don't care what study you site) what you can see with your own eyes.
  8. Maybe I have enjoyed a long career that has required respiratory protection daily dealing with far deadlier **** than a virus.(25 years) i understand respiratory protection.
  9. So the whole wear mask thing is supposed to help stop the transition of the virus right? We are being told the virus can be exhaled with micro droplets of water. Come on folks we live in New England. Ever gone out in winter and seen your breath? Now, take a piece of cloth and put it over your mouth. Does it stop you from seeing your breath? Nope! Sorry folks its nonsense. This is a serious game of watching mice find the cheese in a maze. They are playing chess and we are playing checkers.
  10. Toms Bait in Middleboro is open.
  11. However, the ACOE can refuse letting you take off from their property making a device for fishing impossible. So in short, yes you can fly, no you cant use it for fishing.
  12. I'm not sure this is correct. This is a screenshot of the airspace over the canal. No restrictions listed. You can see the shaded area to southeast which is the airport.
  13. Mortality rates are not an exact science. I have yet to see a floating bass that had a tag on that said "released by rec angler ". Anyone that passionately supports these "numbers" has an agenda.