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  1. The sea bass was 24"(27" to the end of filament)I've had some o over 8 the passed few years. Never looked at the record and assumed it would be bigger than anything I catch. . Now I'll keep looking for another one!
  2. I took the family out for sea bass yesterday. It was also the 17th wedding anniversary for my wife and I. I was taken back this week when I thought back and realized that all these years of her supporting my sons an I fishing addiction. I realized I have never seen her catch a fish! Up at 4, on the water by 6 and she hooked up first! It wasnt my best sea bass day. I was shocked by the range of size. We hauled up sea bass from 8" to a 9 1/2 pound slob! My youngest son (15) also managed to pick up his first "on his own" striper. A good looking 27 1/2" fish who gave him a great fight on light tackle and swims again! On the menu today is seabass tacos! Felt good to be on the water!
  3. Rich is a 100% top notch captain! There's hardcore fishermen and then there's Rich. He is extremely passionate. You will not regret going. By the way, if there is more interesting fishing in the area, he will put you on it. Dont expect to only catch haddock.
  4. Boat fishing. Somewhat protected river. There were still 2' surf and whitecaps!
  5. hey man, noticed you are hitting tog in NH..i just moved here, what town were you fishing out of? Im not looking for a specific area, just general location..Thanks!

  6. I had two great Tog outings this weekend. I was able to get my oldest son and a cousin from NH out on Saturday and my youngest son and my niece out Sunday. Both days produced good fish. On Sunday my son had a hit and run about 50 feet of line. I thought striper at first but it ended up tangled on bottom. He handed me the rod and I gave about 10 feet of slack. About a minute later I began to think it was not to be recovered. To my amazement, I had him free and handed the boy the rod back. Turned out to be a 9 pound white chin!
  7. Rain is the best case scenario for demo. Natural dust control.
  8. Also, the law for circle hooks appears to only be for Striped Bass only. I identify as a Bluefish Angler.
  9. Why bother checking the canal when they can sit and wait to bust balls at a ramp?
  10. * Boy they really stepped up the game on gaffing undersized fish! That should help a lot. Private anglers must use In-line Cirlce hooks for cut or whole bait. Not sure why this is a regulation for just the common folk. Why not for everyone??
  11. Hopefully I'll pull a few over the rail on Saturday!
  12. What I should mention that I found disappointing is the lack of cc holsters available for the 45. The frame is in fact slightly wider that the 9/40 version.
  13. My son and I have each purchased a p320 in .45. We both love them. I have shot about 2500 rounds through mine with zero issues.
  14. Red dot is my go to for my 1911 loads. Yes a little dirty but fun to shoot!
  15. I loaded and shot 3000 rounds of .45 230gr plated from x-treme bullets. Loved them!