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  1. Hey Steve OK turnout Friday afternoon & evening. I made a few deals, picked up a few. Saturday was super slow. Missed you. B
  2. Tom DeGuillio- Long Island builder. Also a vintage lure collector. Great guy. Haven't seen him in many years. He used to fish Montauk in the fall. Made me a bunch of 'knock-off's'. His plugs caught. Frank Pintauro and I visited him a few times.
  3. FS- Pair of Al Gags Canal Specials- 7" and 3 oz. These catch! $40 shipped for the pair. PayPal F&F only. NO SPLITS! Thanks.
  4. FS- H.Islander Wadds- 8 1/2" long. Weigh 3 1/2 oz. A few storage marks. Unfished. $20 ea shipped or both for $35 shipped. Price is firm. PayPal F&F only. Thanks.
  5. Yours. I'll pm info. Thanks SOL. Thread closed.
  6. I'm in Massapequa. I'm retired and can meet anytime.
  7. Mike Would you trade for a nice VS-250? I have bag, no box. Bob
  8. Yours. You no like-a da.. mackeral. Ill message info. Thanks.
  9. For Sale: O.G. Gibbs Needlefish Plugs - $10 ea. plus $5 to ship any amount. Price is firm. PayPal F&F only please. Thank you.
  10. For Sale- O.G. BeachMaster Wadds. Not fished. $30 ea plus $6 to ship any amount. Price is firm. PayPal F&F only. Thank you.
  11. FS- Walter Krystock Conn Yankee from the 1950's. Original box. $108. shipped. Price is Firm. No offers. PayPal F&F only. Thank you.
  12. Its a great reel. But I'm 75 and downsizing. Its too heavy for my 7' back bay stick. I had it on a 9' beach stick. I'm on Long Island.
  13. Any problems with yours? Where are you located? Mine comes in original bag. No box. Serviced in Dec. 2022. Mechanically 100%. A few scratches. New 20# braid.
  14. Sorry. Ill post pic in a little while.
  15. Did you question Don on any of your 'expert theories' when you bought the plugs from him? Knowing Don, he would have taken the time to explain his reasoning to you. Why trash him on an SOL forum (that he is not a party to), when you could have simply asked him in person. Seems to me that Don's integrity is not the issue here.
  16. This is how rumors start. Someones expert opinion based on speculation. The torpedoes were built and painted by Don. Period. I was over Don's house a number of times pre-pandemic; when he was working on these torpedoes. Don painted these torpedoes. The mackeral patterns were painted first. He showed me the progress. I asked if he could make scallop pattern because the collectors love it. He was happy with the scale patterns on his 'lipless swimmers' and decided that he would make 'exotics' for the collectors. The reason that they're made of maple is that Don only had the 'deep lips' and wanted them to be accurate. The scallop and mackeral patterns were always popular with the collectors and he decided to make 'scaled scallops'. Don is one of the most anal guys that I know and would never allow anyone else to paint anything that he is signing. Anyone who got one of these torpedoes should hold onto it because Don is 88 years old and probably won't be making anymore. I was with Don yesterday and he said that he would be bringing whatever he has left to a Jersey show. He wasn't sure which show. I never thought that I would have to speak up to defend Don; but this thread has taken a turn. My opinion is: that at 88 years, Don Musso's body of work stands alone, as the best Salt Water lure maker. Comparable to Stan Gibbs.
  17. Trying to identify the builder of these 7", 3.1 oz. Darters. The pink one has 'pac-man' eyes; which you don't see very often. Got these over 10 years ago and just found them in a storage box. Thanks for your help. B
  18. I knew one of you 'old timers' would know. Hope life is treating you well Mr Mc. Thank you.
  19. Going thru some boxes of lures. I just came across 2; that I can't remember who built. They are both approx. 6 1/2" long and weigh approx. 2 3/4 oz. I usually keep track of my stock; but these 2 fell thru the cracks. I think that I bought them here 15 years ago or so. Any leads would be helpful. Thank you.
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