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  1. A pair of Larry Welcome's Montauk Darters- New- $35 shipped. Thanks. Bob
  2. Not that aren't in the rotation.
  3. I just listed a Silver VS-200 in this forum. B
  4. Exceptionally nice VS-200. Lightly used. Cosmetically- 99%, works perfectly. $550 shipped or $525 picked up on Long Island. Price is firm. No trades. Thank you. Bob
  5. You are correct. Sorry. my wife went thru a box of darters this AM. Me, I'm color blind. So two for two? I want the red yellow & the bunker. B
  6. Hi Mike I have 3 green Eyed 7" needles to swap. Parrot, Yellow and Pink with Yellow Back. I want the bottom 2 darters in the right column & what color is the top darter in the left column? Bob
  7. Yours. I'll PM info. Thank you.
  8. A mini- Wadd and a skinny Needle, rigged & ready to go.- $30 each. Thanks. Bob
  9. I'll take them.
  10. Thanks boys. I knew that you older gentlemen would know. B
  11. thanks. I'll PM info. Thread closed. Thanks SOL. Bob
  12. An 8", 2 1/4 oz needle and an 6 1/2", 2 2/3 oz Danny- $25 shipped for both. Thanks. Bob
  13. A Magna Strike 2 oz Predator and a Fish On 8 - 2 1/2 oz Canal Special Pencil Popper- $25 shipped for both. Thanks. Bob
  14. Thanks Lou. I'll PM info. Thread closed. Thanks SOL. Bob
  15. 4 mint Rebel WindCheaters- Black, Green, Blue and Mackeral- $16 shipped for all 4. Thanks. Bob