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  1. will do. thanks.
  2. I don't know. I'll have to speak with Ralph Votta who is Charlie Graves tins.
  3. You are way off base Kevin, you little scamp. . I sold my entire collection of Pichneys and moved on to other builders. I lost interest when I had 235 different ones. I enjoy the hunt more than owning a pile of wood. I now collect Chas. Russo which are a little tougher to find. The hunt continues! This post just brought back some memories. It's slow out here in Montauk. B
  4. I may have bought it. I was collecting Pichney's 15 years ago. Red/white Conrad Jrs are tough! Good luck. B
  5. The 2 plugs shown in my avatar are KENDEN's. Made in the 1940's in Brooklyn, NY. They also made numerous types of tins. Those are the first drails that I've seen. I have a bunch of KENDEN plugs and tins. BJ
  6. All Pichney's.
  7. Yes.
  8. paint's still wet!
  9. Nice Campo bag, Pete. I love the color of that plug too. Here's a pic of a few new ones. BeachMaster Torpedo's with 2 hooks. About 5 3/4" and weigh a hair over 2 oz. without hooks. A heavy 4/0 in the front & and single hook with hair on the tail & you are in business. B
  10. These 2- $65 shipped.
  11. That Kestrel blows my mind. Stan was one talented dude.
  12. Got those.
  13. Super sweet! I think his birds are better than his fish. Love them. B
  14. tough piece. I see them at the SWLCC show occasionally. B