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  1. I agree that 'whole collections' are great; but few & far between. I've always enjoyed the hunt.
  2. Check out the auction that I just listed in the thread above. It's incredible. I've been a collector of NY baits since I met Frank Pintauro. Before that, I was a plug hoarder; who fished the hoard. I have sold Pichney, Musso & Krystock collections; but I never sold an entire collection to one person. I have traded all my darters to one & my needles to another. I simply lost interest when I moved on to earlier baits; so they had to go. I get enjoyment out of what I collect and that is worth alot to me. But, when it's time to go, it's gone. I try to get as much money or baits as I can for them; but alot go for less than I paid. That's when the enjoyment factor kicks in. Every day that I had them was worth something. I have recently gotten into 19th century NY metal; so I guess that means my Russo's, Snook Baits & Kendens are the next to go. But for right now; I'm still a buyer of those builders. Keeps me out of jail. Stay safe. B
  3. Morphy's is holding an auction on 4/28 of SaltWater lures. They are auctioning off a mature collection. There are 290 lots; which total over 900 baits. It is part of Morphy's 'Firearms & Militaria' auction. A number of 'one of a kind' pieces and surely; something for everyone. The auction is ready for veiwing & you can register to bid on Morphy's site & all lots will be on display at Morphy's, Denver, Pa. facility. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy that special piece. You just don't see this type of stuff come to auction. Good luck to all bidders! Be safe! Bob
  4. IMHO. I've always felt that guys (girls) who collect the 'plug of the week' are just looking for instant gratification. All you need is a little money and 'poof'.......instant collection. You don't have to do any research, you don't have to search for months to find the new addition to your collection. Pretty & immediate. I see the logic. That way of thinking runs contrary to why I collect. Sure, I enjoy the baits that I've accumulated over the years; but the part that is the most satisfying about collecting what I collect is the 'hunt'. When I finally do track down a minty Russo or a tough Chapman (which doesn't happen very often); it goes into the hoard & I start looking for the next one. If all it took is money; I would lose interest. To me, the joy is not so much having a lure; the joy is trying to obtain it. The lures & metal that I've chosen to collect are almost impossible to find, at times. But, I wouldn't have it any other way. I have met many of my friends thru lure collecting & look forward to meeting more. It's not a bad way to pass the time; when I'm not fishing. The scarcity of what I collect; forces me to meet other collectors. Just my 2 cents. B
  5. Wow!!!!, Dave. Incredible. How many do you have?
  6. I had a few 7 1/4" bootlegs when I collected Pichneys. Mullet, all White & Black, Silver, White. I believe George Pharoah or Tom Taylor ended up with them. Maybe Steve McKenna or Steve Sylver? SC, that's an interesting story about the name: 'bootleg'. I figured it was something like that; but never made the connection. Back in those days, I only knew Danny to say hello to. I knew Donny from Jones Beach & Caumsett; but I was pretty tight lipped and the conversation never got too deep. I didn't start hitting the beach hard until '77. I came back from Viet Nam in '68 & it took 8 or 9 years to get my head on straight. I lived in Lynbrook at the time & Beckmann's & some shop in East Rockaway carried Don's darters. I don't remember seeing any metallips. Big darters in great colors. I was working 2 jobs; to make up for lost time & raising 2 kids & fishing all night; but I bought a few. Great thread!
  7. Ted, I got more than a few of them from SC. Spent a little time in his basement. Never saw more plugs in one spot.
  8. I had one just like Ted's. I figured that Danny was feeling creative that day. Great plugs.
  9. Very cool. I had one & I gave it to Bobby Glauda. He has it hanging in his basement. I thought that it belonged with him. I'll post a pic, the next time that I'm there. (if I remember)
  10. I'm saying that Don painted it. Show it to him when the pandemic is over.
  11. KIngcuda is right. Popper is not Russo, Snook Bait Co or Masterlure. IMHO. Bob
  12. That pikie looks like Don's paint. IMHO. Bob
  13. Good eye, guys! Great posts. No need to reinvent the wheel; just rotate it. Thanks. B
  14. offer withdrawn. they're going back in the vault. B
  15. I have these 2. both are mint. Small eye is early pine and large eye is maple. $130 ea plus $5 to ship one or both. Bob