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  1. I have been using spinning equipment for fishing on bridges. I would like to try using conventional on the bridge also. The bridge is about 25 to 30 feet off the water. The spinning rod I am using is a 9 foot Ugly Stik. That works fine. I don't need to cast very far. However I would like a 9 foot conventional rod and I have not seen an ugly stik that size. My concern is pulling the fish out from under the bridge against the current. When I used used a medium action 10 foot Ben Doerr it had too much give. With the graphite rods I am concerned that a fast taper will cause the same problem. What do you guys use? Thanks
  2. I just recently bought a 344-5 Newell reel. In my internet travels I have seen a lot of similar models. I was wondering if someone could give me a general rundown on what the different model numbers indicate. Here are the different models that I have run into: C344-J5 G344-F P344-J 344M S344-5 344-5 Thanks
  3. The cats I have owned are generally indoors cats and they have gotten out frequently over the years. Once they get older they generally want to get back in real quick. However when they are younger it has taken a while sometimes for them to come back. One came back with a broken tail after a few days. I believe it got its tail caught somewhere and finally broke it to get loose. Signs are a good idea. Also call the animal shelters. If you are near more then 1 jurisdiction make sure you call them all. A friend at work traps cats that annoy him and then turns the cats in to a shelter near work which is a good ways away from his house and not the nearest shelter.
  4. A lot of family members have done research. My uncle has done the most. He has traced all sides of the family back to Germany and what had been Germany. He has researched public records over there and contacted a lot of people with the same last name. They invited us to a family re-union last year at Rudolstadt Germany. My wife and I went to the re-union with some other relatives from here. We had a great time. They sure knew how to party. My mothers side is from Germany, Denmark, and Norway. Both sides of the family orginally settled in Wisconsin from about the 1830s to 1850s. Someone was asking about doing research. The local and State Historical Societies can be real good resources. In the Wisconsin Counties I was looking up there is a lot of information. Robert where in Wisconsin are your relatives from?
  5. I sent a PM I need your address. Thanks
  6. I snore a lot and went and saw the doctor and he said I had a deviated septum and said surgery would help out a lot. The doctor said I would need to stay home a week so as not to open things up. My minister said he had surgery done and was in a lot of pain afterwards. He said it wasn't worth it. However he had it done 20 years ago. Were you in a lot of pain afterwards?
  7. In my prayers.
  8. I had to do it when I had a new well put in. I also talked to my brother about it who use to work for wells and septic department with our County government. Yes you dump it down the well head and then turn on each faucet in the house until you smell the chlorine. Then let it set for a while. My guess would be overnight. It takes a while before the chlorine goes through the system. My recollection was I had to do my test again because I had remanents of the chlorine in the water. I had a real good well so I then just ran two hoses for a good while to much sure I had the chlorine gone. I was told sometimes the contaminate is just in the faucet they get the water from. I cleaned out the inside of my faucet good where they were going to take the water to do the test.
  9. I never remember a 24 hour rule either. One reason to wait longer would be because of injury reports. Another reason is some people forgot about the pool until Sunday. Or is the 24 hour rule just for the 1st week? I will take the Packers this week.
  10. He is better then the other 2 that have ratings higher then him.. I don't watch any of them. If all the lying attributed to him is true he qualifies to be in the White House. Most of our Presidents don't seem to know what the truth is.
  11. Sometime in 1995
  12. Thanks for the time confirmation. The bread sounds great!
  13. I keep looking through all the threads and can't find the time for the fling. I thought it started at noon is that correct?
  14. If you can't find a tutor try to line up someone else in your class to study with. Hopefully one that math comes to a little easier then it does to you. Why wife lines up with someone in her classes quite a bit.
  15. A real treasure.
  16. I helped 2 kids and a wife with algebra and Trig. Don't get discouraged. If you put the time in it generally comes to you. When doing problems it is more important to understand the principle behind the problems then knowing the answer. Knowing the answer for a problem by itself doesn't help you a lot. My wife has very little aptitude for math and she got through it. Need to put in a lot of time if it is hard for you. I hope you did well on your test.
  17. 2,000 sqft. plus basement on half an acre of land in Clarksburg Maryland Taxes are $3,100 and will be going up when assessment catches up to the land. Though taxes are only allowed to go up 10% at a time.
  18. Yes get title insurance. Some strange things can happen. If you ever re-finance try to just update the original title policy, you shouldn't need a whole new policy.
  19. I can see some rationale for having the elderly take tests. However to be fair the most dangerous group of drivers is young drivers. They have less experience driving and this worsens when they participate in other risky behavior like underage drinking, speeding, or street racing.
  20. We have a Chesapeake Bay Forum. Post over there I am sure you will get a lot of help.
  21. I hope you mean bread crumbs and not animal tree marking.
  22. How long did it take you to find that website?
  23. I am now carefull on the car scam deal. The two places I gave guys money I heard it happening quite frequently. Also they never seem to have a car nearby. For some reason it is always somewhere also. I also fell for the I just got out of drug re-hab and need money for the subway to go see my sick mom. She headed in the opposite direction from the subway when I gave her the money. I think the twist on this one got me to feel sorry for her. She said the guys she just passed would give her the money if she s***** their d****. There must be a lot of dirtbags out there. Another woman who did have a car thought her car was low on gas. She asked me for some money for gas. She evidently asked another guy at the gas situation and evidently he wanted a sexual favor in exchange. When my wife has been along she has tried to give them more money then they asked for. [ 02-09-2005, 10:37 PM: Message edited by: TomR ]