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  1. When the MD hit the market it took me a couple seasons to consider that plug the very best lure that ever came across for a surf fishermam. Its unique and the swimming depth is the most useful attribute for most beach based guys. I spent a considerable time testing and fishing just about every type of minnow plug including the MM and while some have a a night or two in the spotlight quite a few of them were luke warm at best. The MM swims too deep for me to be a practical go to lure for my areas. In general I seem to do best with thinner profile minnow too. The MM is rather chunky looking. The fact that the MD shares the same chunky profile does puzzle me a bit but its catching ability is without dispute.
  2. Dead Duck beat me too it. The Hahns we worth their weight in gold in the quite still shallow waters. They were very buoyant plugs and in the back waters which were sometimes brackish that extra buoyancy made them very life like in the water.
  3. Like others have stated 20lb mono would also be my pick. An eeling rod imo is not a rod I really want to plug with too. I like a stiffer rod for that and heavy leaders too. 50 would be the bare minimum on the sand beach. On the rocks I would use 80lb leader.
  4. Nice collection of some oldies. Not in your collection there but the 5 1/2 inch broken back rebel was really a killer decades back. Probably still is.
  5. 6 and 7 inch bomber and 7 inch mambo (all as they come) maybe 40 yards in calm conditions. A little wind at my back I can get another 10 yards or so. That is with a 9 footer and 20lb braid. The large redfin loaded can best that considerably. The small 5 inch redfin (loaded) and small mambo fall short of that distance but not by too much. Most of the time I throw these with a shorter outfit and light 15 lb braid but I can still punch them out there with the 9 footer if need be. Having 20lb test instead of 30 on the 9 footer helps when you want to toss the smaller baits with the same outfit. If getting out past a bar on a sandy beach is on your to do list at times (ands it is on mine) and smaller baits are the ticket, I love the small sinking SS popper with a feather and the largely overlooked Gibbs stubby needle. Best of luck and Happy New Year to all!
  6. The little sp is a super plug. In case you missed it the smallest bomber longcast is another top notch small bait. Admitedly, I am not the fan of the larger 6 and 7 inch longcasts. The small one is amazing. It casts like a dart, takes a slightly larger hook, and rides well in the water. At 3/4oz it shines as a small bait option. The chicken scratch finish of bombers especially was always my favorite too.
  7. The best minnow plugs for fishing the surf for me have been: the 6 inch straight bomber the 7 inch straight bomber the 5 and 7 inch mambos the 5 and 7 inch straight redfins Now, I have bought and fished nearly every minnow plug on earth and while I have caught fish on alot of them the plugs listed above are the ones that performed year after year after year for decades. While the redfin and the bombers are quite different in how deep they ride the mambo to me is a combination of both the others. I still like my redfins and bombers but If i wanted to be fair and honest it would be the mambo that is the very best all around minnow for the surf if I had to pick one type.
  8. I believe you are refering to the “spoon jig” in your reference to JS. Great tin in its own right but its not the same as the Fiord. The spoon jig comes in several sizes and they are beefier than the fiord so it rides deeper. They are chromed over led while the fiord is brass (i believe). I am a huge fan of tubes also but I prefer my fiords with BT and prefer the tubes down deeper on lures like the spoon jig, hopkins no equal and diamond jigs. Its always nice to have a selection of these metals. I have done so well with so many over the years. Happy new year to all!
  9. The 5/8 and 1 oz size are the same profile just one is thicker. I think they are about 3 inches long and pretty slender. They are both nice to have for the bay. The larger size is a little longer and wider. It came in a thin and thick version that weighed 1.5 and 2 oz which were both fantastic to have. I liked them all with a single bucktail hook. They all allowed for a slower than normal retrieve but the thinner ones can be crawled in so slowly. This is just not typical of tins in general and IMO what makes them so fantastic.
  10. The fiords work best for me in the bays and quiet surf both day and night.They are great at covering alot of water and are closer to spoons in the traditional sense and offer you a slower than normal retrieve option over standard SW metals like kastmasters, and hopkins shorties and no equals. They have a more gentle swaying side to side action unlike the kroc that seems to kick hard on the retrieve. The fiord has a slimmer profile compared to the kastmaster. I have seen krocs slay fish from time to time. They used to do a number on weakfish too when all else failed but for me personally I never found them to be outstanding like the Fiords.
  11. Kastmasters have the profile of many different bait species. Granted they don’t have the detail of a fish however the profile and flash is what makes it work more often than not. Larger lures do not always mean larger fish. I have taken a few very large fish over the years on small lures. Some of those on small kastmasters. I like to try and match the lure size to the bait around. Sometimes that means tossing 3/8 and 1/2 oz kastmasters on decent sized feeding stripers. Make sure to big up the hooks when doing this . All this talk about kastmasters made me think of the leaser know metal lure from the same company makes. The Fiord Spoon. These are probably the most under rated and selddom spoke about metal lures on the market. Excellent for more shallow waters. You would not be wasting money adding a few of these into your arsenal.
  12. Kastmasters are great lures that can be worked in so many different ways. Honestly 90 % of the time a straight slow to moderate retrieve is all you need. I like them with single hooks and bucktail and also plain. It is a lure that pays to have it in several sizes too. Sometimes that is key.
  13. Bingo! The amount of pressure a rod can put on a fish today compared to years back is crazy. In addition to the pressure measured in pounds there is virtually no stretch or cushion either.
  14. I don't live on the cape but usually go for a week much later in the season. I'm not sure about migratory fish hitting the cape that early. You may be looking at holdovers at that time. Hopefully someone "in the know" may be better able to shed some light on the early season there.
  15. I have fished both and they are a nice option if you need a travel rod. Absolutely no complaints. I like the triumph series rods in general however I never felt the travel rods were fairly priced. Some would argue that but I do think they are a bit high considering the hardware. I have not fished the nomads but between the hardware and the spigot ferrule design you can't deny that those are two premium features for the same or maybe less money. Just one word on the SC hardware and SC in general. While not premium hardware, I never had an issue with any of these guides personally. I believe they are PacBay possibly. Certainly not junk. Also with the SC, the integrity blank itself is solid IMO. Your getting a good quality piece of composite here while to be fair the nomad blank is a bit of an unknown. Tough choice between the two in a way. The SC is a safe bet in a way and the nomad maybe slightly less of a safe bet. Tough one. Good luck!