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  1. I have always preferred a conventional setup. My go to is a 9 ft lami glass rod with a abu 7000c3. Bank, jetty, bridges etc. If I was on a boat, I would have the same setup maybe 7.5-8 ft. I forget which blank mine is but it is stout.
  2. I would opt for a larger size. 6-7k
  3. I think you are over thinking it but it was a nice diagram all the same . All sorts or fish even crabs might peck at a bucktail close to the bottom and give you a good bump. Scup, seabass, fluke, snappers in late summer etc. Fish also strike from all angles so the line angle would literally not be an issue imo. I realize it may look like it could be but i really doubt it.
  4. I’m not sure about which is most overated but honestly how fish is cared for and cleaned from ocean to table has more to do with how good it tastes in the end than the type of fish it is imo.
  5. I will toss my hat in on the airwave elite. Nice balance of quality, performance and price. just a friendly piece of advice, think about payloads. Few if any of these sticks are probably made for 3oz pencils and other big lures.
  6. I had used fireline orig 30lb for 2 decades and then switched to 65 and 80lb Suffix832. Never had issues with my penn 140,s 200’s and more recently with my abu 7k’s.
  7. I would reach for a grugtail on a jighead. That kind if fishing can be frustrating. You can also go out of the box and go big like. 7 inch redfin with or without a teaser or even more out of the box with bait. If I suspect there are decent fish around I would feel good about a slab of meat.
  8. I would take a look at tiger lites and ugly sticks offerings. You can walk out of cabelas with two nice rods for $130 bucks that will do the job very well and for longer that any other rod i can think of.
  9. I always fished my small jigs with a snap like a duolock. I never liked tying direct. I always used a short 3ft leader on the bay with a swivel at one end and snap at the other. For the bay and small fish, I cant see needing more than 20lb test for a leader. It’s a shame the chunking dried up. I have no experience in that area but in the northeast you can find some very large fish in the backwaters.
  10. How a reel feels on any given stick is related to not just the weight but the size too. I would think a 5k Battle 3 would be ideal. If you want smaller and lighter than that, You may want to consider dropping down a rod size.
  11. I was never a huge fan of bottle darters BUT I loaded a few of the NB plastic ones to @3oz a few years back and they were MONEY during big blows in inlets. Watch you 6 on the rocks during big wind! Dangerous to be out there in some conditions but if you are careful you can be pretty safe doing it.
  12. Sorry, I would pack her up send her back. There should be nothing geary in a new reel imo.
  13. To each his own on the reels. I dabbled in Daiwa here and there. Honorable mention has to go to the old Whisker series for long cast work. Amazingly way ahead of its time. I ran one on my light albacore surf outfit for the better part of a decade. In spite of the lack of an IAR, it excelled at distance and line handling.
  14. I am a huge fan of the Penn Battle 3. I stuck with that platform for a very long time. Penn did an excellent jog on the "3". Just size it right for the 12 footer. 7K IMO would be ideal.
  15. Yes! Don't discount this theory. Very common issue. The bail doesn't have to look like you ran it over with a car either. It can be tweaked just a touch for the line lay to be off. Think about the thickness of those washers and the difference they can make.