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  1. A lot has to do with where you are fishing. A 9 foot rod is a very universal size. It fits comfortably in many beach and jetty fishing situations. Longer rods when properly matched with the right reel and line will always cast further than their shorter versions. How much further involves several variables. The tradeoff is the overall added weight and in some situations like on jetties the added length can be cumbersome.
  2. I found that is you pick through the US lineup there are some very nice options for certain types of fishing.
  3. For a surf setup the Airwave elite 8’8” is a rod to strongly consider. IMO I would consider going for the 5000 size in that reel too. It’s not exactly budget but it is worth the extra $. This is a very capable light surf setup.
  4. Using a smaller rod like that in the salt can be a ton of fun. I would take a hard look at the penn conflict 2 lc. They are fairly light and will give you a lot of capacity to give you a fair amount of line options. Frankly an old school daiwa whisker lc can do the job very well too.
  5. found a buyer closing thread
  6. Not sure if there are any archers out here but I have a brand new condition Kodiak magnum in grayling green 52 inch recurve in brand new condition with a brand new bear archery string with beaver ball silencers. It is marked 40# and pulls 42@ 28 inchers. I also have 3 brand new (in package) strings in packages that are exactly the same as the one on the bow directly from Bear. all strings are D97 Fast Flight Flemish twist. If you want to know.....I bought the bow on a whim about a year ago and just don't care for the high wrist type grip. It simply doesn't work for me. It shipped directly from Bear archery and took 10 weeks to get. There is not a mark on the bow of any kind. It is in brand new condition. I acquired it from a pro shop/dealer here in CT. If anyone is interested they can verify this with the dealer. I dropped $560 on the bow and the 3 extra strings. Looking to recoupe $360 firm. Shipping is on the buyer as it is an oversized package. MO or Paypal are ok.
  7. To truly get the most out of those plugs, I'd rewire and fish them with the belly hook and a single dressed hook off the rear. the belly hook will aide in keeping the plug stable when swimming it on top which IMO is what makes those plugs so great..
  8. I'd go with nicer reel hands down. I don't think you need to spend more than $150 on a spinner to get a very decent reel that with proper care will last many years. There are a ton of rods from makers like Star, Daiwa, Penn and Tsunami that perform very well for short money. IMO a reel does more than hold line and a smooth drag is worth it's weight in gold. You can skimp on a lot of things in this sport but a reel would be dead last on my list.
  9. I'm guessing that your line is being compromised somehow and the fact that it seems to be breaking off with Kastmasters is more coincidental and misleading. The idea that EB mentioned about bluefish may be swiping at your swivel is another reasonable explanation. I would go over your guides carefully and maybe try no swivel. As far as using Kastmasters, they can be super lures at times. 90% of the time a slow to medium retrieve where the lure is gently swinging back and forth is all you need to connect. There are times when jigging them or a ripstop retrieve can catch but honestly those times are few and far between IMO. Play around with sizes and trailers . I have taken some large fish on small tins over the years. If you tie your own trailers, single hooks with long sparsely ties hackles twice the length of the tin itself have been good to me for decades. Not only does it change the profile of the lure but it tames the action a bit too.
  10. The 132 1m is a fantastic rod. Personally, if you like fishing it I would just replace it. New technology is just that new. You can wind up dropping big money on some new rod and not like the feel perhaps or the range it throws. The 1321m really has an extremely broad range.
  11. That's not really a problem. That is what I call a lesson learned cheap. Your boat is still on the trailer and no one got hurt I assume. Get to a body shop and have them assess your bumper, frame and hitch.
  12. If you your intentions is to lift fish, treat yourself to a good old glass rod. The 120l like someone mentioned would be ideal. I prefer an overall length of 9 ft.
  13. How much it affects the population I would leave to you guys. I will say that the seal population on the cape pretty much has ruined it for me for a fishing/vacation destination.
  14. Not all sinking needles ride deep in the water column. The gibbs stubby sinks like a stone yet on a painfully slow retrieve you can get it to glide right under the surface film. I would use it almost anywhere.
  15. That means your spool is not going down far enough or it's sitting too high. Check that the spool is seated correctly on the shaft. What it has for washers under the spool on the top of the shaft. You need at least one washer there so remove any extra ones. Removed the drag washers and check the order. That may be affecting the height at which the spool is sitting. If you put backing on the reel it has to lay perfectly level. Use thinner mono like 12 or 15lb test for best results.