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  1. Love the 4 1/2” sinking model 1.5 oz. I prefer a single hook with a long feather off the back. Swimming them day and night is very effective.
  2. I fished fireline for a solid decade 14 and 20 in the bay and surf and 30 on my bait rigs. It is a great line but 14 never held up for me after repeated use any better than a 20lb spectra line let alone 30 lb class line which is where a lot of guys are claiming it’s breaking point is. Not saying anyone is lying or anything like that. Experiences do vary but no way 14 is a line for the surf, structure and bigger fish. Not imo anyway.
  3. Ugly stick makes a white rod called the striper series one piece casting with a trigger reel seat. I believe they are 7 ft. I think that would do the job admirably. They make a spinning version too. Solid tough rods and the tapers seem very useful and more modern feeling than the old school ugly sticks of the past. For an inexpensive rod these are a top choice.
  4. I fish them like any other minnow. Slow and steady. I think fisherman have become accustomed to lures that cast much better than these but I still consider them remarkable fish catchers and one of the top minnows out there if not the top minnow plug. The mambo while not as famous in both 5 and 7 inch sizes is a very close second.
  5. I spent a lot of time with both these plugs over many years. I never felt the jointed compared to the straight.
  6. Funny you mention those. Just had one in my hands the other day. Nice rods for the money.
  7. I have a battalion but its not a 2-6. I believe it is a 1-4 or 2-4. I will say that I also have a lami surf king 1-4 that is lighter than the battalion. Both these rods are slightly overrated for the ranges printed on their blanks. I have no complaints with either.
  8. If you are used to being alone, one trip to Montauk will be an eye opener. Judging from your post you seem like the kind of guy who I would enjoy fishing next to as I have the same level of politeness and respect for the guys around me. Pakalolo's advice was very good. You need to analyze what's going on and proceed accordingly. If a guy is hooked up next to you and his fish is being swept in front of you, holding back on casting until his fish is in close is the right thing to do. Under most crowded conditions you need to do what is right and courteous while at the same time have a set of balls on standby. Not everyone is going to be that nice and considerate.
  9. The Penn should feel a bit more solid as it has a handle that threads into the main gear. This is the superior connection for these two parts in any spinner. Most if not all of the low end spinners do not mate the handle and gear like this. To me this is a key feature and why I got away from lower end Shimano's.
  10. The older Shimano Sienna and Sedona were very durable reels in both fresh and saltwater. I have been away from the more current shimano products lately. Currently, I would look at the Penn Fierce 2 which is 59.00 list it comes in 2k and 3k size not the in between 2500. Not sure if you can live with that but this is a very sturdy reel for the money and in this price range probably one of the better reels out there.
  11. I guess larger plugs still make sense but given that scenario of the day before, the best quality fish probably moved with the bait.
  12. Black and swap the rear hook for single with feather. I like a long black feather best.
  13. That sure is a big reel like others have indicated. I would pair it up with the heavier 11 ft airwave elite perhaps. I typically hate big rods like that but that is what I’d be using in the canal along with 50lb braid. If the rod and reel match up well even heavy line like 50 can perform very well.
  14. The bg90 is a very tough reel and a bargain moneywise. As far as capacity, I would go with the theory that more is better. I plug with 300 yards on nearly every reel I use and If I could fit more I will. For a bait fishing situation where you have the possibility hook up with large fish a big reel with a ton of line will not hamper you at all over a smaller reel with less line. It seems like a no brainer to me to go big.
  15. Braided line no but line is the last thing I would worry about in a hot car in the summer. A rod blank sitting in that type of heat just can't be a good thing. I would personally avoid it.