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  1. This why I always say the tackle should match the fish and the conditions. Big rough water deserves big tackle heavier than normal leaders and line especially on the rocks. On the sand you can get away with a bit less but don’t let the sand fool you. Under sweeping conditions i have had large fish drag me down the beach a half mile. I dont want to play a large fish for 30 minutes when heavier tackle can whip her in 10 minutes.
  2. I typically don’t but im sure they would work well. The smaller kastmaster have the skinny tubes but they are not long enough for me. I hate their red color too. I like flat red best not that florescent red. I find it easier to buy the exact tube i like and cut them to size.
  3. Tube trailers on diamond jigs in rough surf can be outstanding. Tube trailers on J7's and Hopkins No Equals are outstanding in the surf during more normal conditions too. The biggest drawback of tubes is that the ones available cut and fitted to hooks off the shelf are way too thick in diameter and the hooks are needlessly too big as well. Long thin diameter 3/16 -1/4 inch tubes one and a half times the length of the tin have proven to be outstanding fish catchers for me for a very long time. The trick is to cut tubes to size yourself. A 5/0 Limerick style Mustad hook is the largest I ever used. They cast just fine too. The Limerick style hook is hard for a fish to get leverage on. The smaller 4/0 and 5/0 can handle some very large stripers and even big blues. I would put fishing tubes from the sand right up there with swimming super strike poppers. Your missing out on a great producer day or night. I am never without these in the bag. I have seen many different colors work but red gets my nod for the best all around color followed by green and yellow at times.
  4. IMHOI Penciling is 20% rod, 40% technique and 40% plug. The best rod or this and the best technique will never keep a water soaked pencil doing what it needs to do. Same as best rod and best plug with no technique. To further assess why you are having issues need to look at the individual components here. I put the least emphasis on the rod only because there are a great deal of rods on the market that while vastly different in feel are very capable of working a pencil fairly well. I can't say the same for pencils in general. I have bought tons that were duds. The technique is the one variable that comes from within so trial and error and finding your own method is up to you. Share with us your rod choice and plug choice and will see if we can make some sense of this.
  5. If its a SC 10 ft ben doerr model, those were nice rods for sure. I think if it does what you want it to do stick with it but at 20 years old I would have a spare waiting in the wings. That is alot of time on any black/guides if it saw steady use. Unlike some others I personally feel $200 can buy you an excellent performing rod these days. There is little no point spending more.
  6. In a calm surf I think a bomber, mambo, or redfin can be outstanding after dark.
  7. If you are talking chunks.... a rod for 5-6 and bait should be rated on the higher end at 10, 12 or even better. Trust me. This has a bit to do with most rods being rated on the high side to begin with and alot to do with 5-6 and a chunk of 3 oz being a very wind resistant 9 oz package. You need a rod with ball to push that. A stout bait slinging rod is never a bad thing. You can certainly use a 8oz sinker over a 6 oz to load the rod better if you had to. The fish won’t care a bit.
  8. Could someone have been livelining it? I have seen people use rubber bands around a bait fish before and slip the hook under it. I never used this method myself but I have seen it before.
  9. I got into this post very late...sorry. Any sort of lure plus bait fishing like you want to do is a compromise when it comes to the rod. The US served you well because of the type of blank design. It's not stiff and has a lot of flex not to mention the toughness. Lure fishing and casting a whole mackerel is a wide range for any single rod. I would have suggested the Ugly Stick or its close cousin the Tiger rod. You simply won't find a better suited longer lasting rod for this kind of money. I would just replace it.
  10. Probably white. Chatreuse can be a hot color at times. Smokong hot. White has been a consistant producer I would say. With all the colors I have seen work over the years you would be at a real disadvantage picking just one.
  11. Floating ones are generally most useful from shore. There are times when a sinking model can be useful in deep pockets or on jetties sometimes . A sinker is a nice tool to have in the bag too.
  12. Scoob check your messages - Redfin
  13. A 10 foot for a 1 oz jig is overkill to me in most places. sorry that was supposed to be part of the above post.
  14. The lower rating if your a 1 oz jigger for sure. Every rod is a compromise to some degree. If you find yourself throwing a specific lure most of the time buy the rod for that lure.
  15. Not even close imo. The 5k model barely makes sense to me. Granted thats my opinion but factually, you would be robbing yourself of casting performance with both those reels. Thats a rod for some 5k reels and some 6k. Size varies from one manufacturer to another.