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  1. The Penn Battle 2 in size 5000 is still the best bang for your buck in a SW reel imo. While not sealed it can get plenty wet and can be cared for with a light garden hose spray down after fishing. It has sealed bearings and a great drag system Too.
  2. Present day there is no way around the HSC. I am fairly sure it is a Federal requirement now and all states require it. If you had a hunting license prior to the course being mandatory, I do not believe your need take one. While the online course is a shortcut, you still need to do one field day training. My advice would be to do the archery course also which is a one day course and you are covered. If you get into hunting you will be able to extend your season considerably by participating in some of the archery, crossbow, muzzleloader season.
  3. EX1020S70E is the model of a very nice Star Aerial E glass rod. Rated 3/8-2.
  4. A very solid setup would be a SC 8 ft triumph and a penn battle2 size 4000. Should be well within your budget with a fresh spool of braid and a couple new lures to boot. I don’t think this outfit is a compromise on any level either.
  5. I believe the shimano baitrunner is in your price range. The 4k size would be ideal. I would check line capacity though.
  6. Yankee made a smaller size too. I believe it was 5/8 oz and maybe 5 inches long. I had one of those rare outings on the cape some years back where that plug was hot. Smoldering hot! Chartreuse green was the color. Mind you, I had a good supply of needles with me in all sorts of sizes and color. Pretty good for a $5.00 plug.
  7. That rod Cut to 8’6” it’s perfect for that lure range however I think 2.5oz would be top end. I honestly don’t think it will be vastly different than the 8 you have. Just be aware of that. It is going to give you just a little more range.
  8. Didn’t realize that......I would not be taking my bait runner to a second bar for sure. I can see why you picked the 704 then. Good choice. I also liked the 650 and 750 SSM’s as far as getting wet they were very tough reels imo. The gearing was lower grade than the Z series but they used to hold up very well being wet for days on end during an extended trips. They were much tougher reels than history gives them credit for being.
  9. I fish conventional for bait. My second choice would be a baitrunner spinning reel if the payload is under 5 oz. You could wait hours sometimes for a pickup and these two options are bullet proof. Any less is really a poor choice.
  10. That’s a pretty stout spinner at that length. I can’t see why a tiger lite or ugly stick can’t fit the bill. I think it’s perfect for an application like that and those blanks capable of tossing that range won’t be a pool que either.
  11. I like the vmc siwash also for this purpose. For big tins I like 6/0 -8/0 size. As big as I can go without killing the lures action. Within reason of course. Don’t dismiss a tube and limerick style hook either for a few tins either. This has been a killer combo for many decades.
  12. Properly handled and freshly frozen bunker is fine. I typically use heads only when I chunk. That video is completely hysterical. Except for the part about the guy losing his life over a bucktail.
  13. My thoughts are that those two reels you mentioned are on the heavy side. Especially the 6500. Did you scope out the weight?? Some 10 ft rods can sometimes swallow up a big reel and sometimes a somewhat smaller reel like the 5500 size can kill it. These are top notch reels. Just pointing out the weight in case you haven’t gave it much thought.
  14. I would check one out but my expectations would be very low. Okuma has not put anything out in that price range in the last few years that did not seem like low end junk to me. I am not an Okuma hater by any means either. I just see disappointment there. The penn conflict 2 LC has been on my radar for awhile. While twice the price, I think it is noteworthy and comes in smaller lighter sizes that make sense.
  15. I always use the FF with chunk bait. Hi low with soft baits like worm or clam. The hi low makes zero sense to me with chunks but I know of quite a few guys who use them with great success from the beach.