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  1. I got into this post very late...sorry. Any sort of lure plus bait fishing like you want to do is a compromise when it comes to the rod. The US served you well because of the type of blank design. It's not stiff and has a lot of flex not to mention the toughness. Lure fishing and casting a whole mackerel is a wide range for any single rod. I would have suggested the Ugly Stick or its close cousin the Tiger rod. You simply won't find a better suited longer lasting rod for this kind of money. I would just replace it.
  2. Probably white. Chatreuse can be a hot color at times. Smokong hot. White has been a consistant producer I would say. With all the colors I have seen work over the years you would be at a real disadvantage picking just one.
  3. Floating ones are generally most useful from shore. There are times when a sinking model can be useful in deep pockets or on jetties sometimes . A sinker is a nice tool to have in the bag too.
  4. Scoob check your messages - Redfin
  5. A 10 foot for a 1 oz jig is overkill to me in most places. sorry that was supposed to be part of the above post.
  6. The lower rating if your a 1 oz jigger for sure. Every rod is a compromise to some degree. If you find yourself throwing a specific lure most of the time buy the rod for that lure.
  7. Not even close imo. The 5k model barely makes sense to me. Granted thats my opinion but factually, you would be robbing yourself of casting performance with both those reels. Thats a rod for some 5k reels and some 6k. Size varies from one manufacturer to another.
  8. Yes it is. For every few hundred lures or so that hit the market once in awhile one comes along that is is just right. A gem if you will. Even more rare is this particulat lure came in three sizes that all performed flawlessly and equally well. Why they changed them i just don’t know but it was a shame and a real kick in the nuts to the guy who first designed it. I never had an issue with durability like some guys claim. I may have cracked 2 plugs in 2 decades. They last long enough for me and chipped paint never bother me at all. Just a shame they changed them.
  9. Be aware the new ones are nothing like the old ones. Don't waste your money on them like I did. They changed the material so the small ones are 1 5/8 oz now. They are not as buoyant and do not ride the surface like the older ones. The extra 1/2 oz of weight did nothing for their cast-ability either.My recommendation is the 1.5 oz gibbs. They are widely available. I'm sure there are many other top notch pencils but the Gibbs 1.5 is the closest match in all around performance to the old 1 3/8oz Yo.
  10. That's great that you have M setups. You can then tailor the new rod for the cape. The SC is really perfect for 1/2 to 1.5 oz IMO. I don't find it stiff at all. It's a pleasure to fish the lighter stuff from 1/2 to 1 oz. 1.5 oz pencils no problem all the way down to unweighted plastics or small jigs. My go to pencils on that rod was the 1 3/8 oz yozuri surface cruiser and the 1.5 oz gibbs. Handled the SS little neck 1.5 oz sinking version beautifully. Really a very nice all around rod for the cape. Don't underestimate that 8 foot Star Aerial either. Throws a very wide range 1/2 - 2 and throws it all equally well.
  11. Unless you plan on fishing the Canal, I have fished all over the Cape and rods between 8 and 9 ft are ideal to throw lures from 1/2- 2 1/2 oz tops. I never needed the 3 plus oz selection of plugs required for a place like Montauk anywhere on the Cape. Two of my favorite rods for here have been the SC Triumph 8 footer rated 1/2 to 2 and the Star Aerial surf 8 footer. Both of these rods are 2 piece. Unlike many SC rods, including most the Triumphs, the specific one I mentioned has a nice butt to length ration. It's on the short side. Assuming your GF is of reasonable stature, it's would be a nice fit. Ditto on the Star Aerial. The Star Aerial in 9 foot has a nice butt to length ratio as well if you prefer a slightly longer rod. The Aerial is cheaper than the Triumph but it is a solid rod. I have punished several over several seasons with no issues. Any of these rods can be had for under $120. There is no need to spend $250. If you really want to burn up $250 buy two of them. Just wanted to add if you occasionally go to Montauk, make the second outfit a larger one. As large as she can handle. The rods I suggested for the Cape really have no place at Montauk. Those are two vastly different places and thinking of a one rod solution is really impossible. It will leave you with a rod less than ideal for both places and $250 poorer. Just trying to be helpful. I have made plenty of mistakes with regard to picking and buying rods and reels over the years. I wish I have more guidance back then. Best of luck.
  12. I never fished bait in that area. I was strictly a jig fisherman and the best size lures were small like i indicated. To fish bait you need a heavier rod. Worms and sinkers 2-4 oz need a rod rated as such. 8 and 9 ft rods are generally ideal for this. For chunk bait fishing you need sinkers 4 plus and the added weight of a bunker chunk requires a heavier rod. Most 8-9 ft rods are less than ideal for this heavier weight range. You would need to start looking at 10 ft plus rods rated 3-6 for example. I would consider that on the light side.
  13. For general bait and lure fishing work the 650 SSM is a very decent reel. Yes it was heavy, yes it was foreign made and yes the internals were not as high quality as the USA made predecessor but I can tell you first hand that is a solid tank of a reel that can get plenty wet and beat up too. There is no sealing save the drag knob. The 650's and 750's were my last old school type reels that I used in the Montauk surf and they held up fine in the silty sandy waters. A blast with the hose after each outing they held up for 5 days worth of fishing. After a trip like that they got a full cleaning. If they have one draw back is the type of line you prefer to use. If you prefer the more modern braids and would never consider fireline original or mono, then I would pass on the old soldier of a reel and go with a newer design.
  14. It's been many years since I fished the Brooklyn side of the Verrazano bridge but I pretty much used a 6'6" ugly stick, 8lb test mono, a reel close in side to what you have and small bucktails from 3/8 to 5/8 oz. That's it. Maybe one broken back rebel in my bag. I caught tons of small stripers in that area all along the seawall. I can't think the SI side is vastly different.
  15. If those are on the beaches….it pays to catch some and lay some large chunks on the bottom. Bunker being more common and plentiful always had the reputation of the "big fish" bait but hickories attract large fish equally.