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  1. Just wanted ti mention the airwave 9’6”elite. this is a cery nice rod upgrade from 9’ if you are looking for something a bit longer without committing to a true big stick. A plus here would be that you may be able to run the same reel you had on your 9 footer.
  2. Spring time traditionally is a time for smaller offerings. Could be why. Hard to say.
  3. What 9 footer ? Tica Dolphin? What area of LI? I think a 9 footer is a great rod for the north shore and bays. SS beaches and out east in some places a larger stick would be better. A bigger rod may most likely need a bigger reel too.
  4. If the OP is pondering this I think he needs help! Just kidding but I do think it makes zero difference.
  5. I have mainly always used manley pliers. I think they are the best bang for your buck for decades. I would never be without the side cutter feature (with any plier). Just in case I have to cut a hook free from my hand. Just about any plier needs occasional maintenance imo. I have seen a few VS pliers cease up and become very hard to open if never washed/ lubed. Not saying that is an issue with all of them but that was something i saw on quite a few occasions.
  6. I like small mr twister grubs on the back of my jigs.
  7. I love my conventional outfits but for up to 2 oz I'd rather go spinning. I don't see much off the shelf SW options like you are looking for but good luck. There has to be something out there.
  8. I have been using a light mist from a garden hose for years on my rod and reel. Not much else gets hosed down regularly. There has always been a lot of talk back and forth about a hose spray. I can tell you first hand even a light spray is not for every non sealed reel. Why I settled on the reels I use is because they can be hosed down in this fashion with no effect after each use.
  9. I have been very happy with the Battle 2 reels these days. I think the newer ones are very solid reels and when I need to replace the gen 2 it would be with the newer ones. My biggest complaint with the Battle lineup from the beginning was sizing. That series needed a 4500 size imo. So for that size I went over to the boca 50 from quantum. I am very happy with these two reels for quite some time. If I was to replace a boca and had a few more bucks, I would be looking at the cabo ptse. The battle and boca /cabo have been being refined for several years. Present models are are very good bet.
  10. I don't throw the custom option around much as there are great rods to pick from off the shelf but slinging 8 and bait I know something about and you need a stout rod. Off the shelf rods 10 and under I don't see it. Not for 8 and bait. Going custom glass you can make it just as you need it. Should be within that range you indicated. You may be able to find an off the shelf 70/30 split heavy 11 or 12 and cut her down? If this is something you do a lot of invest the most you feel comfortable.
  11. I’m at a loss for an over the counter 10 that would handle 8oz. Would you consider a custom rod? Also, I can’t see a big difference in 10 vs 11 with regard to your backcast. If you open up to an 11 I think you may find more choices.
  12. I think a variety of knots would be fine. Biggest mistake I see guys doing with a casting egg is too short a leader. While short 3 ft leaders do work, longer ones flat out work better for me. 4-5 ft in case you are wondering.
  13. I always was under a rather clear impression that it is the port you are returning to however, It’s clear to me you need to abide by rules and regs in each state while you are physically in each state otherwise you are open to a fine. You can’t have your cake and eat it too so to speak.
  14. If you think you have a problem, I kid you not I have a friend that has tubs of brand new plugs. Mostly BM wood and SS. At $20 for each wood and $10 for each SS which is probably close to what he originally paid, there is probably 10k worth of plugs there that never saw daylight let alone saltwater. You don’t come close to having a problem! Yet!
  15. True. The 8 foot Triumph rated to 2 is another great rod.