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  1. Why don't they ship what they have instead of waiting to consolidate? Then have there vendor drop ship you the line. Lot of problems with the LTL trucks with the amount of pallets they can move this time of the year, sounds like they are waiting for their stock order to come in. Did check Rapala/Sufix site and it was in stock there reg shipping is free. Not sure on delivery window. As others pointed out cx the line and get from somewhere else, get the other stuff that is in stock
  2. It will morph into the Jersey Devil by years end.
  3. Wonder if they do inventory.
  4. They stayed out, baby whale was eating heartily. DA in a boat kept cutting through seemed to push them away from beach. Guys went on end of jetty and popped out a couple of shorts. Was hoping for a move in. Never came.
  5. The chafe
  6. SoMoCo. Monday AM 14 fluke. 13 shorts 1 Keeper. Almost all on a teaser with pink gulp. Lots of Dolphins mauling a school of bunker.
  7. You missed the best part when a boat started dropping nets in front of the drifters. Needless to say some folks were pissed off. Out Sun am looks fishy but the wind has the flags straight out figure about 18. Some gust to 20+ East to NE.. Not a great day for the light stuff.
  8. If you are bucktailing. You can pickup a tsunami classic spinnining rod for $50, a 3000 series reel with braid 30lb.Leader 20 to 30 lb. Fluorocarbon is the preferred you can get away with mono. Use ball jigs 2oz to 4oz. Get them with short and long shanks. Use 5 or 6 inch gulp worms. 5 inch minnows. Color white glow, pink shine, salmon. 5/0 baitholder hooks. Ball on bottom with a worm, dropper loop above with hook and minnow. Depending on area wrecks, rocks tighter distance. Sandy bottom distance can be greater. Chk with the mates. Bring a dehooker if u have one. junk towel, sunblock, hat, raincoat if necessary. Boat rods live bait is supplied bring weights 3 to 5 oz bank or flats. Hooks bring 5/0 6/0. 30lb leader you'll be dragging. You can set up a hi lo rig with gulp as others have said. Was out a few days ago and as someone pointed out current is moving down there.
  9. This am wind SE steady 10 then started to increase, gusts up to 20+. Good waves looked promising. Started fluking but saw blues smacking bait at end of jetties. Switched up and pulled in 20 inch schoolie striper on a white bucktail. A few taps from . Mr. Cow Nose Ray paid a visit in the wash as well
  10. Weird morning NJSP helicopter low on deck hdg north. Hovered awhile by Belmar area. Not sure what was going on. Saw blues busting the surface. Caught this guy.
  11. Capitalize CRABS Next time
  12. Congrats Dad. Boy I believe from hat color? Whoops Didn't see the prior post. Good Luck, they grow up fast.
  13. Remember Crocodile Dundee's style of fishing
  14. SoMoCo in the am at the turn. 1 schoolie 24" dropped another. 3/4 white smiling bill w/ O tail strip. Water stained good waves. Surfers have showed up.
  15. Think this says it all. And it's not enough.