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  1. As pointed out no ordinance on it yet. See if anything on township docket. Secondly individual may have been an immigrant from a foreign country was he able to read English
  2. It was kind of strange when I went out to the tip of Sandy Hook for the first time in a few years last month and couldn't help but notice how close the land was to the channel marker buoy. It was an incoming tide. Just wondering if this is where the Sea Bright beach relocated to?
  3. 244 years of "Semper Fi"
  4. NoMoCo at 6:30 am. Water was clear and pretty much flat, saw something moving north in a hurry, no fin probably a seal. Plucked 1 16" short on a 6" Baker minnow around 8 am. Was ripping it through the surf fast, he hit it in the trough 15 ' from the beach. Had a couple of more bumps then nada. Some others had luck with Avas with white tubing. Didn't see a lot being pulled out. Bait was busting and going south but out of reach. Tried a bunch of different pencil poppers but no joy. Regatta was assembling offshore as well.
  5. Nice lip mark. Regular Tsunami or DT
  6. Not a Hail Mary, Judge ordered DOJ to comply with Brady Rule [ Supreme Court Brady vs Maryland 1963] (Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963), was a landmark United States Supreme Court case that established that the prosecution must turn over all evidence that might exonerate the defendant (exculpatory evidence) to the defense.) The Judge on this case also was the Judge on Senator Ted Steven's appeal when it was found that the DOJ had withheld evidence that would have exonerated him. Powell is fully aware of this and I'm sure the DOJ is as well. If they have abided by the Judges order to comply with Brady no problem it's over, but if they violated a 65 year old Supreme Court Ruling AGAIN watch out. If the Judge throws out the case, the DOJ has to go after Flynn again in another trial, I don't believe you can appeal another appeal. Don't confuse a trial with an appeal, they are completely different, even though he was guilty in the trial, an appeal is a review of facts, procedures, evidence etc. If it is proven there were errors the judge has the ability to throw the case out ala conviction. Ironic how Powell has this particular Judge, that might be a conspiracy theory as well. Lot of wrangling to be going on here.
  7. At the discretion of the judge though. Didn't realize this is the same judge who came down on DOJ hard for their bungling of the Ted Stevens affair in Alaska. Read that case and notice some similiarities.
  8. Think you missed the tidbit in the original article "Early on, Judge Sullivan ordered prosecutors to adhere to Brady. If the judge finds that prosecutors did not, Ms. Powell wants the entire case thrown out." She is an appeals specialist Flynn fired his other lawyers, it's a gambit on her part she's there for only 1 reason get her client off the hook. "The law is clear that, in extreme cases, a court can dismiss criminal charges based on egregious prosecutorial misconduct. What is unclear, however, is whether Brady requires the government to disclose evidence unrelated to the charged offense that points to broader prosecutorial or government misconduct. That is an issue of first impression that Judge Sullivan will have to address." Margot Cleveland
  9. See page 1of this thread for the proper descriptive phrases, This is a copy of part of it: "The terms to use are.......... Monmouth County Ocean County Atlantic County Cape May County North Jersey for the Hudson and other backwaters. County name plus "In the back" for Inlets, Rivers, and Bays." Don't want to be accused of plagiarism
  10. Ouch!
  11. Had the same problem with my 706, saw a Bill Wetzel video, basically to stop the rotor the spool needs to be out all the way and the handle has to face the rear of the reel, had to insert a couple of stainless steel washers in the handle to get it to align, I think it can be done to the 4500 as well.
  12. I have 2 of the reels, Penn SpinfisherVI 4500 BLS and the Daiwa Saltist 5000. Daiwa is a heavy reel I use it on a 10' Lamiglas surf and jetty. It moves a lot of line per crank. Not real good when it gets dunked a lot of line flies off it. Penn BLS I've used on a 7 ' Penn Battalion during Fluke season, it was smooth and handled everything from stripers to blues as well, I'm going to match it to my 9' Lamiglas and use it to buck tail. I've dunked it a few times and it seems no worse for the wear. Price point is good as well. Think it would match better to the airwave versus the Saltist. Think the selection depends on what you plan to use it for and if distance is a factor.
  13. Definitely Could be, hard to tell with juveniles only way I was told was where the dorsal and anal fins line up. You are right about the length of the dorsal finbetween them. Interesting conversation piece though.
  14. I'll second pompano, gentle slope of head and dorsal appears to be in front of anal fin.
  15. In all likelihood you will see all sorts of nuisance regulations, ordinances (ie:towns create a parking authority and you need a permit $$ to be on the street after a certain time) enacted by the towns in order to thwart this. You may suddenly see an overabundance of handicap spots, spots for emergency vehicles etc. Emergency Police closures suddenly appear. Need to find out what the cost is to the towns for non - compliance. Hey its a start, now everyone needs to start documenting the problem areas and send the info to Sudsy, BTW Tim thanks for your efforts as well as the other groups involved at the political level.