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  1. Block island bound, canal bike loaded (I will be too) casting at beaches without another soul... food, sun, stars and some freaking peace and quiet
  2. Airing of grievances here that cannot be expressed elsewhere in my circle in MA. Democrats are doomed, infighting causes fracture and the only way to win is consolidating the vote. At the end of the day all the idealism and utopian aspirations lead towards practical failure and misplaced anger. Labeling and compartmentalization divides the American people further, we're not all racists but we don't want open borders, nothing in life is free. Thanks
  3. Had zero luck, intense wind. Friend who won was livelining perch... only bites. I started deadsticking a perch and I thought they would wallop it, but they mouth and tap the bait so many times I thought it was bluegills. I don't think I'll ever figure it out, tough fish. I mainly fished savage sandeels and trolled a savage gear deep diving crank. Next year I guess
  4. I am looking for any general, focused, speculative, or secret tips for lakers. Heading up to the adirondacks next weekend and fishing a friendly tourney. We will be at a small lake/pond, 90foot max depth. Went out once caught one jigging a spoon after marking bait, good tactic to stick with? Is it worth it to drop a jig with a shiner on it to the depths? My setup is 8 pound braid and about 3 foot 12 pound flouro. Necessary to go lighter? Just making sure I'm not missing any solid tactic, and I can't justify purchasing trolling gear, that's boring anyways. Thanks!
  5. Love hogy epoxy, they are my catch all. Don't really have their own particular niche (cept hardtails) and really catch everything
  6. Bachelorette is airing currently, have no fear my fiancé records it, so I can both fish AND get sick to my stomach
  7. I'm sure once they've bought your footage they will selectively choose what is published with the intention of not spot burning, even to the detriment of their sales.... i just dont get it, the sponsorship, logos and chest pounding, like freaking NASCAR. I'm 33 and feel ancient, I love the outdoors, challenge of catching, and the peace and quiet with not catching... suppose I'm doing it wrong... must purchase GoPro
  8. Two years ago it was insane in jersey and quiet up here, if I'm not mistaken. Hope they get back up, miss dropping a surface tension 5 feet from the boat and having 12 of them go at it
  9. Got my best smallmouth yesterday, no length or weight but she was a pig! Missed one nice rainbow, jumped and threw the hook at me. Surprisingly no laker takers on the floating shiner...
  10. I bet the gaff rule is aimed at the flotilla of boats that work off the outer cape, bay etc. in the summer. I just lipped questionable fish, or get a net, so simple. Circle hooks for live eels too? That would suck
  11. I did a class at redsbest and they showed you how to shuck cherry stones, oysters and razor clams. Eating the razors raw was interesting, the meat is its muscle that moves it about, and it continues moving after being separated from the rest. Firm, sweet, delicious. I'd love a shellfish license but not worth it being an out of towner
  12. Most guys know the rules and do t care cause there's .01% chance of getting caught. More stings at the canal, epos should be crawling out of the woods. I've seen em drive by a few times in the 15 years I e been fishing there. Last year one waved as a biked by with two 20 pounders lol. If they can't enforce the laws why make more? And this 50% bass die after release crap.... come on... maybe if you're deadsticking with 4 trebles on.
  13. Fiancé knows the drill, look for birds and splashes so I don't drive off the road. Relay information without yelling "blitz" cause that's not good. Think I sounded the depth of a puddle last week...
  14. Snapping wire? .....sorry
  15. Looking good, respectively offer $100 for the three lots