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  1. I've already soaked my boots 5 times in the Charles... I'm going to bite my tongue
  2. I can only imagine state government is concerned with protecting the lives of the citizens, and no one exactly understands what that will fully encompass. If thousands become interned and have permanent masks sewn onto their faces I may sing another tune. Meanwhile, I'll wear a light covering to appease the community during the 1% of the day I'm within 6ft of randoms. Wonder if there was as much pushback against victory gardens?
  3. A great kick to the crotch of humanity, where we realize a butterfly flapping it's wings in NM can actually cause a hurricane in china...just reversed. The political divide has and will continue, old news, just the latest and greatest showcase to name call and point fingers over. If a meteor was eminent we'd argue whether we'd burn or explode
  4. Couple days back had my best laker take down a shiner 30 seconds after my first cast, then a solid smallie 3 minutes later... then no more bites for three hours. Place can be so frustratingly excitingly boring. Do loons shut down the bite?
  5. Toilet paper and frozen French fries/tator tots are back... good trip today after finally eating a stocked bow and gave up on that prospect.
  6. Worked at retail store till shutdown this past Wednesday, it was embarrassing watching people pull at dustmasks, grimey used gloves and coughing into hands. Had customers yelling at us to stay away from them... why are they even out? Started to get to be a freak show, because people just didn't follow easy basics like wash your hands, don't couch on people and don't touch your face. The public is a fickle, panicked, misinformed thing, happy I have three weeks paid, and distance from the dummies, saddly it seems they've closed down all the parks
  7. Watched an interesting documentary from a month ago. Wuhan had their people in LOCKDOWN, door to door taking temps in full protective gear, monitoring travel on people's phones I believe. We could never do that here because people would lose it. They had that fairly centralized location they could pour the entire countries resources into, we have many outbreaks now.
  8. Did anyone take video of the mainland side Bourne bridge on the morning of August 3rd? I've seen some very large congregations, but the bass destroying mackerel against that cement was deafening. Beyond that I'd say rips and eddys punctuating an endless stream of water, a massive cruise ship almost collide in the fog with I'd guess 80 foot trawler right at a bend, mola mola leaping 10 feet out of the water at ding dong with the idiot next to me convinced it had to be a dolphin cause sunfish don't do that
  9. Boats have been at a certain lot cape side, no doubt funneling bass to and fro all day. I saw an Instagram post, looked like a plain clothed officer was making an arrest, another element to keep these guys nervous
  10. I can't help but smile and laugh, otherwise you'll go insane. Realized a few years back it's doomed, bass got wiped out at the Elizabeth's, Nomans, vineyard, Chatham and ptown. Last massive school has been actively commiting suicide in the canal and those fish plus block islands can barely dent the quota. But the weathers the problem haha. I'm going to copyright "dogfish charters" and wait for the inevitable
  11. We had a big one we named the general that would pop up next to the pogie schools around outermost. We threw him a couple to keep em off the cast net, whenever we'd be reset he'd be waiting by the fish again. They're smart and they'll eat anything, supplies get low they'll start controlling their numbers.
  12. We can import leopard seals, they'll take care of the greys
  13. Block island bound, canal bike loaded (I will be too) casting at beaches without another soul... food, sun, stars and some freaking peace and quiet
  14. Airing of grievances here that cannot be expressed elsewhere in my circle in MA. Democrats are doomed, infighting causes fracture and the only way to win is consolidating the vote. At the end of the day all the idealism and utopian aspirations lead towards practical failure and misplaced anger. Labeling and compartmentalization divides the American people further, we're not all racists but we don't want open borders, nothing in life is free. Thanks
  15. Had zero luck, intense wind. Friend who won was livelining perch... only bites. I started deadsticking a perch and I thought they would wallop it, but they mouth and tap the bait so many times I thought it was bluegills. I don't think I'll ever figure it out, tough fish. I mainly fished savage sandeels and trolled a savage gear deep diving crank. Next year I guess