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  1. Few more things... -not sure the manufacturer of the reel or butt of the rod (I think) -powderhorn looks very cool with deer and pickerel and a date of 1784 -random handline and hooks, little spinner that says "sterling number 1", looks like the weight on the handline says "No. 1 Essex usmc" Any background/information is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Yeah this was a sunset cruise I wanted, 6-8 Saturday, not fishing, this was my last attempt to see if anyone knew someone with a sailboat essentially. I think when I'm nearing retirement I'm going to run some sailing/cruising operation. There's only one yacht charter,compass rose, that's private, 9th wave was privately chartered and the rest are big party boats. Women don't really put much emphasis on a proposal right?
  3. Looked at captains fishing parties, surfland recommended as well, may be too many people and what not. Thank you! im going to check out joppas, thanks again guys! Trying to tie it all together with breakfast in the lighthouse. This stuff is tough! : )
  4. Last minute desperate attempt to dial in a proposal weekend in Newburyport. Anyone know of any boats, preferably sail, that run sunset cruises? 9th wave is booked private and the bigger boats seem too cheap. Any recommendations, charter fishing boats that clean up nice, or locals that may not be listed. Looking to go out Saturday the 25. Thanks!
  5. A lot less, usually 10-14 dollar range
  6. Beg to differ... when fish are actively crushing bait everywhere on the surface, yes it can be easy. When zero fish show on top and you pull one up, when your catching 5 to 1 over other people or when you land it on the nose of a fish halfway out it does take skill. Think every lure shines in certain situations, only one I feel is hitting the easy button is when you're catching on sebiles 20 feet out, anyone can do that. Working a pencil it took me many years just to figure out I needed to hold the line tight to avoid wind knots, somewhat of a learning curve
  7. Crowds at the canal? Out of staters? And now canadiens?!?!? What the hecks going on over there. Any seagulls? Great report, I can smell the salt
  8. Just my opinion... we've fished rips in Falmouth, devils bridge, nomans, Elizabeths, Chatham and p-town, those schools have been hit so hard you're hard pressed to get a limit. Now it seems the canal bite is the only show in town. Once that schools been wiped out there will be serious changes that need to occur if we want to avoid the crash. I believe before the last crash there was tremendous blitzes off the block, then poof gone... seems there's a similar pattern setting up now. Hope I'm wrong
  9. Thanks for having such a wonderful state for this mass vacationer. First day on the block and a couple keepers thus far. Never seen such unforgiving and fishy water in my life. Love to get into a daytime bluefish bite, girlfriends never caught one, old harbor area, wouldn't mind any helpful suggestions
  10. I've been doing good by the chocolate factory, but my buddy got two 50's at the Ferris wheel... just follow the minks
  11. Question about releasing a fish on the boat or in current. With larger fish it obviously takes more time for them to get the energy back. When you're holding them should you keep their mouths open or closed? Like what's the best way to get more oxygen back into their gills? Then the whole "move them back and forth in the water thing" does that help at all?
  12. Scientific data primarily, mountains of studies but essentially cod are at 8% of a targeted biomass. Whether or not the science is flawed I do not know. Historically cod practically paved inshore and offshore waters and you could catch many 50 plus pound specimens. I'm sure "seasoned" fishermen could chime in on what the fishing was like, from boat and shore, back in the 60's 70's and 80's. I'm hoping the population repairs and we can keep a few soon. I won the pool on yankee fleet with a 35 pounder back in 2004 and that started my passion for all things fishing.
  13. Barely any blues, and acres of pogies happily milling about
  14. Girlfriend booked us 4 days around July fourth, most excited for this trip. Reading old threads and apparently you need eels eels eels, and parrot colored needles. I'll be set up with a couple rods 30 and 40 pound braid, and probably one with 15 for scups/schoolies. Dragging my bike over too for rod holders and what not. I'll be picking up DZ's book as I have been dying to get out there for years, maximize my time
  15. Heard the offshore ghost leviathan sub species of cow stock that invaded the block in the 80's showed up. 60 pounders plus all day, then they vanished to the canyons for another 30 years.