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  1. Plover police shot that down, too much risk to the 4 eggs that were on the beach. They're pushing the "I'm not a seal" T-Shirts made from hemp. Good for 30 minutes in the water. I predict 3 chomped tourists and 75 lawsuits btw
  2. Seen a few over the years, but last August I believe I saw "large marge." Southwest corner of the bank reeling in the down bait and this shadow the size of a VW bus cruises up. Cuts and scrapes all over, those allknowing black doll's eyes. Reason I think it was marge was a NOAA photographer jumped in that week to film what he thought was a basking shark, then marge cruised by and he ruined his wetsuit. That guy took great video... I didn't click record in all my excitement. You couldn't pay me enough to swim out there
  3. Shocking how many people I've spoken with that are all for the GND and have not read any actual information from the proposal. I'd love nothing more than for all supporters to defend this proposal item by item and explain exactly what that would entail for the average American. I sincerely hope this is brought up again and again so democrats can truly understand the insanity.
  4. Registered democrat who voted for Hillary and this nonsense is giving me serious thoughts about switching to an independent. The fact that this was supported by 9 senators and 60 in the house terrifies me. The deal is a socialist manifesto with environmental policies that would cripple us. It read as if kindergarteners wrote this with help from a drum circle of hippies. "All men to pee in bottles" for water conservation, rebuild every building, unwilling to work... one thing after another. If trump wrote this the far left would hate it, of course.
  5. They are teens, probably uncomfortable with all the nonsense. Guy walks into the crowd of them singing school songs obviously attempting to get a reaction. They showed great restraint for teenagers, you can see some of them trying to get others to stop the tomahawk chops. They are even heard defending homosexuals from the black Israelite group. Native American goes to the news blaming the teens for threatening his life and chanting build a wall, lies. When people demonstrate peacefully, even if you don't like their hats or religion, EVERYONE needs to have some fraction of tolerance. Especially the far left who claim acceptance and peace for all. The hypocrisy (on both sides) makes me want to vomit
  6. Going to be interesting to watch what this does with crime in Boston. I tried to delve into some research before sticking with my initial reaction of "you've got to be kidding me." Her plan of action comes right from her website, and it does seem like other "progressive" reform may be coming. Eliminating cash bail, more pre-trial diversion and alternatives to jail. I wish instead of looking at the problem of clogged courthouses and choosing to not prosecute, we would look to make our courts more efficient... but what do I know. Im most definitely shocked this would be announced to the general public. What would stop someone from shoplifting and resisting arrest or worse if they know there is zero repercussions?
  7. I think any test for dwi marijuana is pointless. The breathalyzer for alcohol gets dismissed in court constantly, so many loopholes. Sat on a jury where a lady drove across someone's lawn and through a rock wall and her blood test results performed at a hospital were dismissed. Cop friend was shocked we found her guilty cause he says 99/100 cases are dismissed. Why would a less reliable test have anymore success? And as it relates to LTC, they won't do anything now, but I'm sure in ten years when they attempt to take everyone's firearms the database could be a "weapon" the politicians use decriminalization is a good thing, no more wasted money jailing people with a sack of weed. Life will go on the same, no mass hysteria on the highways, no armed robberies for pot money, no additional broken homes, no rampant homelessness. just hoping the stigma is removed and sick people look to it as a safer natural alternative to painkillers and other meds
  8. Few more things... -not sure the manufacturer of the reel or butt of the rod (I think) -powderhorn looks very cool with deer and pickerel and a date of 1784 -random handline and hooks, little spinner that says "sterling number 1", looks like the weight on the handline says "No. 1 Essex usmc" Any background/information is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Yeah this was a sunset cruise I wanted, 6-8 Saturday, not fishing, this was my last attempt to see if anyone knew someone with a sailboat essentially. I think when I'm nearing retirement I'm going to run some sailing/cruising operation. There's only one yacht charter,compass rose, that's private, 9th wave was privately chartered and the rest are big party boats. Women don't really put much emphasis on a proposal right?
  10. Looked at captains fishing parties, surfland recommended as well, may be too many people and what not. Thank you! im going to check out joppas, thanks again guys! Trying to tie it all together with breakfast in the lighthouse. This stuff is tough! : )
  11. Last minute desperate attempt to dial in a proposal weekend in Newburyport. Anyone know of any boats, preferably sail, that run sunset cruises? 9th wave is booked private and the bigger boats seem too cheap. Any recommendations, charter fishing boats that clean up nice, or locals that may not be listed. Looking to go out Saturday the 25. Thanks!
  12. A lot less, usually 10-14 dollar range
  13. Beg to differ... when fish are actively crushing bait everywhere on the surface, yes it can be easy. When zero fish show on top and you pull one up, when your catching 5 to 1 over other people or when you land it on the nose of a fish halfway out it does take skill. Think every lure shines in certain situations, only one I feel is hitting the easy button is when you're catching on sebiles 20 feet out, anyone can do that. Working a pencil it took me many years just to figure out I needed to hold the line tight to avoid wind knots, somewhat of a learning curve
  14. Crowds at the canal? Out of staters? And now canadiens?!?!? What the hecks going on over there. Any seagulls? Great report, I can smell the salt
  15. Just my opinion... we've fished rips in Falmouth, devils bridge, nomans, Elizabeths, Chatham and p-town, those schools have been hit so hard you're hard pressed to get a limit. Now it seems the canal bite is the only show in town. Once that schools been wiped out there will be serious changes that need to occur if we want to avoid the crash. I believe before the last crash there was tremendous blitzes off the block, then poof gone... seems there's a similar pattern setting up now. Hope I'm wrong