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  1. I did a class at redsbest and they showed you how to shuck cherry stones, oysters and razor clams. Eating the razors raw was interesting, the meat is its muscle that moves it about, and it continues moving after being separated from the rest. Firm, sweet, delicious. I'd love a shellfish license but not worth it being an out of towner
  2. Most guys know the rules and do t care cause there's .01% chance of getting caught. More stings at the canal, epos should be crawling out of the woods. I've seen em drive by a few times in the 15 years I e been fishing there. Last year one waved as a biked by with two 20 pounders lol. If they can't enforce the laws why make more? And this 50% bass die after release crap.... come on... maybe if you're deadsticking with 4 trebles on.
  3. Fiancé knows the drill, look for birds and splashes so I don't drive off the road. Relay information without yelling "blitz" cause that's not good. Think I sounded the depth of a puddle last week...
  4. Snapping wire? .....sorry
  5. Looking good, respectively offer $100 for the three lots
  6. Don't kill large breeders anytime of the year. Keep your 30" around fish (I do) but the picture at two tackle shops, boat, pretend fish was caught on the beach, drag it up and down the service road high fiving and slapping asses meanwhile your fish rots away before you hack at it with a dull pair of scissors crap has got to go. Feel bad for the mothers, swim all year and right about to dump a few million potential babies and fulfill their call of nature but then dragged up and slapped on the deck. Stock will crash again, too many people, too many reports.
  7. Drove by heading to hike at wachusett mountain. Couldn't believe how many actually come out for opening day! Think I'll wait another week, still cold from last years marathon Monday morning trip
  8. Got to be some type of placebo affect. If the actual dosages are so low it must be new users letting their minds carry them away. Watched a YouTube video where people had a thc infused dinner by a professional chef. 10 minutes in they were all rolling on the ground and "tripping" out. The chef said they had the equivalent of half a joint at that stage. and this has been around before legalization. Do yourselves a favor and watch the YouTube video "cop eats pot brownies, calls 911" classic
  9. They need to raise the penalties for falsifying reports. Clearly with social media people desire to get likes any way possible. Obviously the cops needed to detain that man based upon her claims. Surprised it took longer than 10 minutes to look at the security footage and release him. People are very disturbed and when their lives revolve around likes and attention, this will continue happening
  10. They live a very long lonely life, think they occupy a cavern and feed on shellfish in their little area. When they got overfished it will take a very long time for them to grow into breeding adults. I don't know what % the population is at but I suspect there won't be a grand recovery for them. i remember getting a 25 pound abouts fish that flailed on the deck until latching into the anchor chain. Didn't let go until it was dispatched. Firm whitefish, great for chowder if I recall correctly
  11. Nasty slime darts make catch and release so difficult. Remember introducing my girlfriend to fishing, inline spinner down the hatch, painfully slow release, then a large mouth whalloped the little pik at her feet. I do appreciate their tanacity and ability to withstand the garbage winters we have here, they have rescued a few slow days.
  12. Anyone ever get the "women in waders" wall calendar? My parents kept that painful tradition alive for 6 christmas'. Year one was butterfaces awkwardly holding supermarket salmon. By year six they had enough money to get basspro caliber models
  13. Great tips thus far! Glasses, stypic (fish rag wraps no bueno), and nap before hopping on 24 north. I will add, always be aware of who is around you while fishing around people. They don't pay attention to your back swing. Also, whopper ploppers tend to snag everything, hooks are extra sticky. Got one stuck on my bathing suit then embedded dangerously close to the bait and tackle. Stay safe!
  14. Slow movie but awesome gangs of New York is a top ten for me wish Daniel day Lewis had done more mainstream films
  15. Whoa, fentanol laced weed?!? Seriously?!? I think a speck of that crap the size of a grain of sand kills you. They used to tell us weed was laced with acid and meth back in the day, I think I've been dodging the bullet the past 500 bags I've bought. If MA priced their shops any bit in line with what you pay to your friends they'd be able to dent the black market. Now the legalization has just introduced cool products like vape pens, and people get them for 1/2 the price from a friend. If they had rolled this out correctly everyone in MA would show ID and buy legally, black market dries, kids can't get it easily. It was easier to get weed growing up than beer. Im not 100% knowledge of MJ effects upon a developing brain, can't be good. Kids/teens shouldn't smoke cause it could make them lazy, and maybe not discover a new talent or hobby. I hope when I'm a father I'd have a relationship with my child and be able to explain the risks of drug use without resorting to scare tactics that they know is just BS.