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  1. Just getting started this year, new home, planted a bunch of wildflowers and such. (Ignore the grass, or lack of) My wife and I went to Jamaica and instead of the falls or a weed tour, we went to a hummingbird sanctuary and love the little things. They would land on your finger and drink from nip bottles
  2. Tried to catch them for years, so much frustration. Chum, hair rig and patience and had 20+ pound fish to catch 5 minutes from home. Carp are intense, using 15 pound braid they would take 50 yards up river in seconds, they find every log, and had no quit. First trip of the year tomorrow, fingers crossed
  3. Take a vote in sub-zip codes, blocks, neighborhoods, why provide policing if it’s unwanted. If people feel they know better, maybe they do. I’m sure quartering off policed zones and non-policed zones will be a snapshot of the reality in 100 years.
  4. You don’t force entry into the capitol building of the USA, this is an absolute embarrassment to our country. The fact this could be deemed patriotic horrified me
  5. Happy holidays, happy Hanukkah, merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Diwali (next door neighbor launched sweet fireworks). All this bull is aimed to get us all mad at each other for celebrating life, and being alive, and tinsel
  6. Feel good story today, justice prevails. I wish the officers full recovery and many more years protecting us
  7. Love this guy, I’ve never seen another dog successfully hump him, and don’t touch his toys or family
  8. Not defending, they seem like lunatics attempting to get a sound bite to save their jobs, like all of the media. The communication from the White House is lacking as of late, I’m sure they are over eager
  9. A mask study conducted in April/may where everyone else was not wearing a mask, funded by a supermarket chain. Seems like old useless science
  10. Let the cities starve, my wife gets to do chores in between bolstering our economy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  11. The Jessie one is a small example of what could be a tinderbox, sick man. But I think the majority caught on to his “plan” sooner than later
  12. Nick sandman takes it. I was in Canada at Niagara and my wife and I saw a Canadian news story about it. She was full on BS that this kid could confront a Native American. I said press the brakes... and low and behold. The spread of information and false-information is terrifying, like cities burned terrifying. I blame social media (the super-fast kind), otherwise these situations do not occur with actual (responsible) news agencies
  13. Maybe joe might sound empathetic for all of 20 minutes in an attempt to lessen the anger. Black people will continue to get shot, it’s reality of law enforcement when citizens continue to disobey direct instruction. The feeling someone in power actually cares slightly about you goes a long way to quell the anger... there will still be anger, misplaced or justified, for the next remaining years of humanity
  14. A vote is a vote is a vote, mine went in a week ago, hopefully it’s not counted as 3/5th. Thankfully a tremendous amount of apprehensive geriatrics did not have to forcibly stand for any amount of time surrounded by yahoos and inclement weather. Fingers crossed the system works and votes are accurately counted
  15. Probably in a best effort to avoid situations like Seinfeld where they paged Joel Rifkin over the loudspeaker