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  1. Baited Saturday night and got a couple. Not what I was hoping for. Then Sunday this behemoth of a snapping turtle kept it quiet still.
  2. Curious about blues this year and if they are large and crushing squid on top, always good exercise launching Roberts and tensions beyond view. Big pre-spawn commons have pushed into my local Charles spot, think I’ll focus there.
  3. That’s awesome the live feed, thought it was snipped to show fish, but doesn’t look like it. I call the tog with the weird flipper, he’s mine.
  4. Nice, I’ll have to keep a closer eye. We have some very tall pines behind the house, maybe a flying squirrel resides back there. love watching the red squirrels dominate the feeder, angry little guys
  5. Do red squirrels come out at night? Feeder was rustling and saw a squirrel, too dark to positively identify, was hoping it was a flying squirrel.
  6. I fish with a bouncing rod 80%, green tube diamond jigs for stripers,wacky senko for lmb, and any skinny small plastic on jig for trout/anything else. Reaction bites I think. I work the rod like a pencil popper on CCC but super low and to the side mainly, when I feel resistance I kinda judge whether to feed it or set immediately.
  7. With lures I like a bobber with trout magnet combo, but that’s boring as heck. Little jig head, (1/8 and under) power bait shiner under 3” and bounce retrieve like a pencil popper just under the surface gets so many strikes. That constant movement has gotten fish biting more than anything else.
  8. Possible way to increase revenue would be citations with zero chance of rebuttal, and increased enforcement. Seems like the easy way, charge more to law-abiding sportsmen for a license. If every person who fished actually paid for a license, coffers would be full and MA could continue to provide all the amazing services currently offered… I have been checked for a license in MA twice in 20 years. Fishing in NY, NH and ME the difference in giving a damn is night and day
  9. Not many “other cultures” buy a boat and wetsuit to launch a dart at a 50, take a muscle pic and send it off. Most everyone is participating in the demise… I primarily carp fish now
  10. I loved the zero shame writing off hundreds in gear to realize his kid is better at fishing
  11. It all counts against the quota that continues to not be filled. If another comm gets BS you’re getting a head start, so be it. Arbitrary times and days for catching with minimal oversight from epos. They’re chasing unicorns at this point, some live in RI and some bite at night. Don’t blame the player, the game should have been called by now
  12. Sandy point BI is the new home! Had to sneak a few past the stinky germ ridden Sea dogs last week. They are not shy, came 3 feet onto the beach to grab them. Biggest fish I saw there was a gut hooked, steel leadered, backwards reeling 15lber. I gave the guy a circle hook after his wife asked me to help release the floater after 15 minutes on the sand. Good times
  13. Apparently Morocco had a treaty with the us in the 1700’s that granted them some form of sovereignty. Everyone’s coming out of the woodwork now… freedom and such
  14. Just starting to digest this, but they ran out of gas on some type of “training” mission after driving 1 1/2 hours lol. Let no officers be hurt please
  15. I made a good amount of $ 2004-2015, it’s over now. The money made for shops and charters to have clients C&R a solid bass far outweighs $ made nantucket patrons spending $60 a plate for “wild caught.” Resident fish gone from the Elizabeth’s, gone from devils bridge, nomans gone, Chatham’s gone. Only way is to sneak in the dark or head south. The sun’s setting, not to mention the canal MASSACRES, find a supplemental hobby * Friday night, not paying attention. I’ve never fished Quincy bay flounder. My father did, and he said they loaded glad trash bags full of em. I feel we attempt to justify the numbers we see now, without any historical concept