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  1. I also use a WorkSharp. I had it for sharpening other tools but now it's stationed right next to the lathe. Works fine.
  2. What's wrong with leaving end blocks? They certainly help when drilling and cutting lip slots.
  3. duct tape and Flex Seal.....
  4. 1/16"x 15' Clear Vinyl Tubing for Fishing Lure Treble Hook Cover Protector - $3.70 fleabay
  5. Just the opposite problem. I have to move the fan away from the box so it doesn't pull the paint too fast.
  6. Okay. I've been away from this forum for a while so I figured I would come back with something that you guys can beat me up over. This spray booth/box design is something I have been using for a few years. It works great. So before you hit me with explosion proof motors and flammable cardboard let me preface this by saying I've never had an issue. The fan I picked up on CL for $50, that was thee big expense. The box is sitting on one of those funky hospital bedside tables but anything would do.The furnace filters are $1.99 at Benny's and I usually stack two of them together (cuz I'm a big spender). A 20" box fan was used previously and it was also effective but the industrial floor fan is the ticket. I can vent out my shop in a matter of minutes and can tell what my wife is cooking upstairs. This is just to give other builders an idea. I hope it helps.
  7. I estimate that the first plug that came out of my shop cost around $8K
  8. yup, what he said.
  9. I use a .025 blade thickness to match the gauge of the lip. After sealing just run some sandpaper through the slot. The lip will fit nice and tight.
  10. You need a Surf Rocket. Check 'em out online. They claim an increase in distance of up to 500%.
  11. I've been using the Penn Spinfisher 6500. Decent reel for under $200.
  12. ditto. Never had a paint failure using this method.