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  1. this was a troll post - he is a smart kid and you are a grumpy old man who needs to prove him wrong
  2. WAAAAYYYY more talked about than done. These threads make me laugh.
  3. Donnmar Checkpoint CP850EX Stainless Pliers
  4. just saw this - RIP Jon S. I met Jon S in the early 2000's from his kayak forum. He rented a house for a week in Welfleet and I and a few joined him and crushed the bass. It was one of the best weeks of fishing in my life. Thank you Jon S!
  5. I have a SSV 5500 that has caught many fish and I've had no issues with it. I will upgrade to the brass gears if the zinc ones fail. Last year I picked up the 2500 Clash and 4000 Clash. I have fished the heck out of the 4000 and I find I am going for it more than my Stradic FI that has been my go to light inshore reel for a few years now. I picked up the Slammer 3 4500 and 7500 but have not used them enough to comment. I have one of the original Slammer 350's that is my favorite spinning reel I've owned. I have had zero issues with it since day 1 and it's been through the ringer more than once. It's a survivor. First day I had it I was fishing for schoolie stripers with small pieces of clam in the delaware bay and a 50 lb class black drum wound up being released 20 minutes or so later. I believe the Slammer 3's will prove to be excellent reels like the original slammers.
  6. Gami 6/0 Baitholder for 6" Gulp Grubs for bait strips I use two 5/0 Owner octopus hooks snelled w/ a 5" plastic squid bucktails I use a 5/0 trailer hook
  7. not very likely - the SLammer 3 has a bronze oscillation gear why would they put something less in the torque
  8. good action for 2 hrs this morning then it shut off completely for us at 8:30am but no 40" plus fish. Found fish pushing pogies but nothing large. Might be trying for tuna tomorrow instead.
  9. 901 is too heavy - 9000 I toss 6" sluggos with no weight to albies withthat rod better than any rod I've ever had. When I loan that rod to people it's hard to get back.
  10. my favorite rod for tossing real light stuff is the Greenwater GWR9000S.
  11. online I use Tackle Direct they are excellent to deal with
  12. slow day for all I spoke with and a slow night for those who fished last night. Fished 630-1130 today. 4 just over 28" for me and one for my brother and none for his GF - many shorts from 12"-22" or so and good weather to make it a nice day but I'll take **** weather and real fish any day. Second trip in a row that I didn't see any 40" fish. Talked to a really nice Mass Marine guy and did a short interview before he weighed the one fish we kept for dinner tonight. Pogies are around - mr charley showed up at the mouth of one of the rivers today chasing the pogies along ith the stripers - 80-120lb class fish i was told. My favorite time of year I want a tuna on spin gear topwater this year.
  13. there are 40" class fish along the beaches at night (even last week at low tide). 12" black sluggos on the surface very slow ( no rod action at all keep em right on the surface). Daytime the faster the retrieve (bone sp or white sluggo) pumping the rod the the better for us.
  14. fished with NH angler thanks again bubba we delayed our start till 5am due to the tstorms. Went to a good outgoing spot and we got 7 keeper sized fish and many fish in that 24"-27" range. I lost 2 other nice keepers that threw the sp minnow when they jumped. Water was 49 in the ocean and 65 inside. The fish where in the 65.
  15. i do use white 9" during the day with a 8/0 live bait hook but I prefer the sp minnow because I can cover a lot more water with the longer cast. I fish with a very fast pace in the daytime looking for reaction strikes.