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  1. I'll give it a new home BC Kids playroom is in the need ot one. Southwest Nassau here so picking it up is no problem...if it is still available of course! I'll send you a PM Jay
  2. I just heard the Bass are blitzing in Turtle Cove No one on em... I'm headed there now!!!
  3. I'll take it.I've the 3500 and like it
  4. Was wondering what the shelflife of kerosene might be.I've finally cleared the garage somewhat and would like to get back to tinkering in there after the kids go to bed.My heater was last used about 2 years ago and I still have about 3 gals of kerosene in a can. Is it still usable or does it go bad? Thanks folks! Jay
  5. I'm in!
  6. Yup! Its my game!!! But these 300LBers are tough to control I find runnin their a$$es around a bit will tire em and then I can have my way But these mountain built guys are brutal to deal with till they are tuckered out
  7. In my prayers Allen!!!!!
  8. Thinkin...but aint going I've got an early day sat...
  9. Boxing out BC That dude is to big! Maybe if a couple of us gang up on him Lets see...Bill40 at 205lbs + ipspest at 205lbs... we'd have 410 LBS of leverage combined
  10. See ya there folks!
  11. I'm in
  12. Some jobs ya just have to walk away from! thanks but no thanks! Of course that sort of thinkin comes with age and the realization that your body will pay to dearly for the trauma you will put it thru for the almighty $$ PS: Should have read the entire post! Glad you were able to do what ya did John! But...as said there are some jobs that I walk away from with the body aging like it is Damn growing older is hurtin more n more
  13. Congrats Joe!!!
  14. I had taped a bunch of resin paper over a new laminate flooring last winter to protect it.I left some areas taped down for over a year Now I've wound up with masking tape sticky residue that is being a PITA to remove. The floor came out real nice and I don't want to screw it up by using something I shouldn't trying to remove it. Sugestions would be appreciated. Thankin ya kindly of course
  15. Hey Z! I bought an XXL and have worn it once.To big for me and am looking to get an XL. Would you be looking for a bigger jacket and be willing to trade? Nassau Cnty here...I'll be at the pint fling Jay