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    discovered the canal late in life, tryin to make up for it.
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    self employed contractor....

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  1. I have slammer III reels in three different sizes, and with 2 seasons on the beach there have been zero issues with any of them . I would not hesitate to buy more.
  2. made a lot of democrats cancel their weekend plans ?
  3. I'm also a fan of the 8'8 Tsunami Airwave Elite .... depending on line size you can go down to 5/8 oz. and up to probably 1 3/4 oz. I fish mine hard and it has been very durable , and not a big hit to the budget
  4. I was just on mantle mount s web site.....that thing is trick ! could be the way to go.....
  5. how big a tv and how close to the wall do you wish to get it ?
  6. Ill happily eat my words, but i doubt that I will need to. They will offer a lukewarmed over something that some design committee armed with bean counters will value engineer at the last minute. I do hope Im wrong.
  7. nice, it appears that I cant read today, I read your reply to Gary and read itas yours....I guess I really cant do 4 things at once... That being said I would go toyota if you can find one .......
  8. hey 98 snake eater, sorry for going a little off topic, but I have to ask (if it isnt being to nosy....) What did you pay for the tlc, and why did you let go ?
  9. AHHH BRONCOS I had a 74 with a 302 and an auto and it was kind of a turd and turned in to a rust bucket quickly....bought a leftover 79 brand new (8,900.00 out the door) and had it for 4 yrs and 110k . It was sturdy, with the 351 m and a 4 speed manual actually not bad on gas, though perhaps a little under powered with the smog stuff when towing the boat. I was a city street plowing contractor with it and it did a good job and was pretty reliable. Tons of interior room. Though getting in the back seat was kind of a pain. I hardly ever had to use 4 wheel drive on the beach , the limited slip rear diff was usually enough. The days of a 2 door body on frame, solid axle, straight 6 or v8 powered utility vehicle are gone and not coming back My opinion....let the Bronco name stay in the past , and not be a marketing scheme for some yuppie doosh wagon, Yeah , I know, to late..........
  10. geeeze, all I wanted was a simple yes or no........ ooooooooh noooooo
  11. and he just has to toot his own horn.....
  12. what hammer head punches it to 25 or 30 mph when giving a pull?
  13. romo needs a muzzle
  14. i thought that was dan aykroid`s former fiancee in the movie trading places....