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  1. it just seems that all we ever hear about are new ways to raise revenue....NEVER do we hear about budget cuts or perhaps reducing some entitlements...... The way the system is now it encourages people to stop trying and go on the dole... and the middle class continues to erode away to pay for it all
  2. I would like to see how you prep and eat some of those clams...
  3. the homeowner should get a property tax abatement for saving the county money for housing and free legal services for the 2 dead guys....
  4. it was mentioned earlier in the thread.....but here is the link....not really a disturbed fan, but no denying the performance
  6. I have only used it (knot sense) inside with a uv light......dont know it that made the difference. I have only used the stuff while fishing on the beach , I wouldnt doubt that the the stuff would eventually peel or chafe in real abrasive conditions, My goal was the smoothest fg knot going through the guides when fishing with light stuff. For me I think it helps
  7. I have not had that issue when applying to dry wiped off power pro ss to fluro leader. I do use a uv light to cure , i assume you are doing the same
  8. time will tell if the trailer was oversized for the truck or not.....but one thing for sure, if the driver wasnt paying attention and made a sudden maneuver to miss or correct, that trailer would have been in control of the truck....especially with a driver without a lot of experience
  9. i have experimented with knot sense...It is marketed to fly fisherman for use on flys and knots. I dont think it is a superglue, you need uv (either a uv light or sunlight) light to cure it. I think it helps on my less than perfect fg knots, if used sparingly when it dries it remains pliable and i think flexable, almost like a silicone...so a little goes a long way.
  10. I doubt the weight of that empty trailer was anywhere close to 17,000 lbs... I owned a 48 foot double drop semi trailer, all steel construction including the deck, 2 axle air brakes, big 24 inch rubber , it would carry up to 52,000 pounds......and it weighed only 18,700 lbs.
  11. so how did the post issue end up ?
  12. Many of the 9/11 victims got compensated through a fund , it was decided it was deserved for their family's. how can you not offer something similar to the people who did their duty and responded and worked the site , many of which are now critically ill ? It shouldnt be all that hard to figure out , lung issues and cancers in the same areas of the body. Because there will be some inevitable fraud no one should be helped ? The clock is ticking, do the right thing. If we can give people who wander in to this country privileges that in many cases include free medical care, shouldn't hard working citizens of this country who played by the rules and did what was expected of them be treated better ?
  13. are they no longer in business? I thought they were doing stuff online now ?
  14. Double Secret Probation
  15. wonder if peta is letting the bluefish, bass, and other assorted predators know that the fish they feed on can feel pain and they should stop....