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    discovered the canal late in life, tryin to make up for it.
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  1. large cunner has saved a couple of trips for me , a bit bony but nice tasty white meat, but dont tell anyone you heard it from me.
  2. are there weakfish there ?
  3. SO, getting to my question...... see any bluefish ?
  4. My way.... 4 lb er, filleted, mayo, horseradish, in tin foil, on the grill same size, italian salad dressing, in foil , on the grill make the grill as hot as possible, set the aluminum foil wrapped fish on grill for like 8 minutes, or till flakely, enjoy !
  5. Were there any bluefish around ?
  6. So all you caught were the 2 drum ? Catch anything else or were you glued to cnn during the day ?
  7. So how was Hatteras ? Catch any ?
  8. Im aware of R G Letourneau and what he accomplished in construction equipment, he was the guy who pushed the bigger is better on construction equipment and invented products that use the same technologies even today. He is considered by many to be the father of earthmoving.
  9. Sorry Edmond, that sucks.
  10. After seeing it on this video, my opinion went from bulshite, to now i think it is a clever design with a unique interior, the lines even make some sense. It will be interesting to see if the actual production model stays true to what he shows here.
  11. https://www.thedrive.com/news/33500/new-ford-bronco-delayed-to-2021-upcoming-f-150-and-mustang-mach-e-pushed-back-too Looks like the show has been held up once again. Is this an omen ........?
  12. I bought a smoke machine for leak testing, there are fairly cheap ones on line . Close up the windows and doors put smoke machine inside cab , add a shop vac with the hose on the discharge side going in through partially opened and sealed window to make positive cab pressure and you should be able to find the leak s
  13. Is the headliner wet as well ?
  14. I sort of thought if everyone had the same one fish a day the poachers would be easier to pick off. Call me naive.