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    displaced tuna fisherman
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    discovered the canal late in life, tryin to make up for it.
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    self employed contractor....

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  1. Did you say to close ?
  2. Did you find any elves or the cookies ?
  3. "and Im a teacher too" wanna bet she is a sunday school teacher ? taze her cottage chez azz
  4. He is only 96 for cryin out loud
  5. Well , those wealthy politicians they can always count on their livestock to graze their lawns ?
  6. I bought dewalt battery mower, trimmer , and blower last year. They work pretty well for my needs, but would never last for business use.
  7. If you have to cut , the mess can be minimized by controlling the pressure of the angle grinder on the cut to only as much as the plug in shop vac can keep up with. We have also had luck with using a cheap pump up bug sprayer misting ahead of the cut, but no matter how you do it , your going to know you were there.
  8. And you know what that means..... ANOTHER SEASON OF ....
  9. But, there is silver in the water.....
  10. how old is your dog ?
  11. duuh, thanks Maybe I shouldnt be reading posts at 3 am....
  12. Im trying to follow what you have written , Im assuming you mean stare through a piece of glass? How close to the eyes does it have to be ?
  13. If you think that we can keep up with the demand of all these upcoming electric vehicles and the additional demand of going to all electric heating in buildings your going to need a whole lot more infrastructure and all those windmills and solar sites wont even be close.....back to the atomic age or coal
  14. Dont know why I thought of this today, but i appreciate it more now than i did 45 years ago.... Moons drumming alone makes it worth listening to a couple of times...
  15. why he shoot ? He din do nuffin