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  1. Does anyone really think Biden was ever sharp ?
  2. My shop was warmer tonight and the repair area was still a bit tacky.... I warmed the resin up in the can to probaly 90 degrees by the fire, mixed up a batch with a bigger ratio of catalyst and applied the last layer of cloth. This time the batch was curing to touch in 90 minutes, so I think im good. I guess material temp as well as room temp plays in to it. I wont make that error again, thanks.
  3. For me it was a 180 lb yellowfin tuna on 80`s stand up gear. Im glad it was 25 years ago because now I think the fish would win......
  4. Im using polyester resin, not epoxy, and i did use catalyst. Repair, so no gel coat.
  5. Thanys for the reply! the mix was still a bit tacky when checked 4 hours ago..... Put the hot batch on with a layer of mat or cloth, or just a coat ? And no acetone wipedown I assume
  6. So I had a tree attack my excavator last year , and it crushed the engine cover, which is fibreglass. (and is like 3500.00 ) I removed all the insulation from the inside , ground all the surfaces of the usable parts , made a form and started glassing it back together, using e glass and cloth , 6 layers on the inside so far. I have gone through a gallon of resin. A day ago I added the last 2 layers of e glass and opened up a new gallon of resin, and it is still not "kicking". I used the same amount of hardner in the mix as previous, and while I could see it getting thicker and "stringy" like previously letting you know you were running out of working time, but it still show no signs of a full cure. At first I chalked it up to the cooler temps in the with new cold front coming in, but 30 hours in and the work is still sticky to touch. I have a heat lamp on it now. but im skeptical. Both gallons of resin were bought from the same supply house and at the same time, recently. I guess im asking how long should/could it take to cure? Is it possible I got a bad gallon of resin ? Is there a way to tell ? If after a few days this stuff is still tacky, plan of action ? thanks
  7. Pretty sure a lot of the new ships coming online have to be clean or go shore power when in port. Saw something on you tube where they will either run on natural gas or methane in port, or diesel fuel and use scr and def like most new commercial vehicles.
  8. On my polaris sportsman i used a 60 inch vee plow, it was the full lenght undermount that used the rear hitch and also connected in the front. I could remove it or reinstall it in like 3 minutes once it was set up. I bought it because my mothers house has 700' of city sidewalk that i had to maintain, it worked fairly well but the plow was a few inches wider than the sidewalk, which would make a mess always on the first storm but after the plow regraded the edges (and moved some rocks) it was ok. I agree that rear tire chains and additional weight, along with messing with the tire pressures make a big difference. I doubt you will want to manually lift after one plowing session, you will see for yourself. Harbor Freight has decent and reasonable winches . In my case I was so lazy that I bought pneumatic cylinders and rigged them to a co2 cylinder through valves so i could angle the plow on the fly. It worked pretty well till some Asswipe crackhead demo sawed the door off my shop and took it. I took the insurance money and bought a 28 inch snowblower that would fit in moms garage. Still miss it
  9. I just did one with a builder....small raised ranch, frost wall foundation, entry level kitchen and trim..... I think we were about 265.00 a square foot, including water and sewer tie in.... It should sell at around 320.00 a square foot. Id guess you could build for 225 to 240 a square foot. I highly doubt a slab on grade would pass for your project, at the least I would think you would need helical piles, which could reduce your cost, but you would spend more on the engineering end of it.
  10. Your existing place on a slab, frostwall foundation or full basement ?
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