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  1. hows the wind tonight ?
  2. My italian grandmother could make this for us and I have yet to have it as good from anyone else.... My fishing partner and I could easily consume 4 lbs of fillets in a sitting. Miss those days.
  4. (same problem. No links to ad-supported sites, please). Dont worry, Ford will soon come up with the unobtanium option group package which will be marketed to the true off roader....parts made from billet something or other with built in sensors to tell the body computer to reduce torque supplied from the electric power steering pump. Likely painted in body matching color so it will look good in the mall parking lot . Limited production, get on the waiting list now before the speculators buy them all
  5. Id say a bluefish bomb ?
  6. I do like your italian best....it has a certain something....
  7. cigar butts
  8. So, could say that it was a ponzo, or ponzi scheme ?
  9. we'll get em next week, just you wait n see
  10. I wonder if his insurance has a clause for assholery ?