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    discovered the canal late in life, tryin to make up for it.
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  1. Backbone, durability, the ability to "load" the rod with whatever your desired payload is my defination of a surfrod
  2. any guess as to where all the dollars ended up ?
  3. propeller ?
  4. duuuh, must be past my bed time, thanks
  5. the second one....if your young and healthy an optometrist is a cost effective method, but as you age, or have issues a real doc is invaluable. I happily pay for his exam and tests....it is the 300.00 to 400.00 dollar a pair eyeglasses he charges. The low budget stuff is 200 plus They use to make them in house and you could get in 2 days, now my guy subs that part out.....see you next week, or the following week Next time I will pass on the glasses and try a online retailer
  6. Please forgive my ignorance, but what does ACOE stand for ? Will there be a loss of parking spaces, or just a shorter length for the 15' wide apron? I wonder if there is a grass that can withstand the occasional saltwater bath ?
  7. x2 on the thanks. my guy has been taking me to the cleaners for years....my last exam I bought 2 new pairs and a new set of lenses for a third with the exam I was out almost 1300
  8. dire straits on every street
  9. In ct. the way the towns look at it is that when ever possible, the water that lands on the property should stay on the property, They dont want it going to storm sewers, let the ground water keep recharging the aquifer and not dump in to already overtaxed storm drainage systems. The way we generally do it is calculate the area of the roof of the dwelling in sq. ft. , a one inch in an hour rain event x the roof area, gives you the capacity of what you need to put in. We try to use plastic infiltrators (turtle shells) buried in stone. It can add up . That being said in tight site locations where there isnt any practical places for that , we run the piping to daylight wherever possible. If you can run line to daylight 10 to 15 feet from the curb, they cant bust your chops about a curb cut or water in the road condition, and most light rain conditions the lawn will soak up......
  10. However, I would like to add....Why is it that when people walk down the right of way to look at the water and they bring their dogs... Big dogs....big dogs that leave HUMONGOUS DUMPS.... and said people just leave it there on the edge of the trail....And there is a lot of piles.... I wanted to throw a 4 oz. bank sinker on and take target practice on them. And the sad part is that the fisherman will be blamed for it .
  11. i thought that was intended as a humorous sarcastic post The breechway and beach i fished in south county on thursday, fri, and saturday was actually not to crowded and the guys fishing worked together....and there were even fish caught....
  12. the corrugated pipe is also a lot weaker, so good stone backfill is a must are you running it to a structure or underground vault ? how far below the surface will the pipe be for most of the run ?
  13. Her health insurance that includes dental and eye glasses
  14. we put a lot of storm water pipe in at way less than 1/4" per foot ...if the point where the water is entering the piping is higher and the exit point of the pipe is lower , the raise of the water in the pipe will push it through. In December I ran a 170' run that had 10 inches of elevation (went to a town storm sewer catch basin), and it works fine with the help of the rise of the leader piping..... Water only goes downhill Obviously more pitch is desirable, but site conditions are not always in your favor.
  15. Bar shows....james montgomery and fountainhead , r.i. 1979 concert venue.... J Geils Band, new haven, 1980 r.i.p. John Warren Geils