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  1. I'm booked to head over the 19th- 23. This hurricane could screw things up, however. Last year when I was headed over I got about 30 minutes aways from Woods Hole and they cancelled the ferry. Fortunately, I was able to get a refund for the rental!
  2. I've caught with both for sure. Lately I've leaned toward white.
  4. I would never eat anything i caught in that river!
  5. It can be a productive area, access is going to be the issue.
  6. Nice post! Leifg - any particular hooded vest you've found that you really like?
  7. Great Picture! It was an experience similar to that that on MV that got me hooked on surfcasting.
  8. If you decide to split, I'm interested in the SA
  9. Seconds on the Surf Asylum if falls through!
  10. respectfully offer $40 PP
  11. Looking for Surf Asylum Flat Glides - thanks.
  12. White sluggo Surf Asylum Needle Loaded Smokey Joe Red Fin Mag Darter SP Minnow Depending on location I'll swap out SP and throw in Lordship Slim Jim
  13. I'll take these.