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  1. Surveillance Capitalism....Love it or Leave it!
  2. That guy tendered to johnny morris, johnny morris shut down Sydney, NE
  3. Early Saltiga, the silver & Blue ones. Maybe the first in the series, idk. Anyway I lost the "Handle Screw Cap" and i'm finding the z4500 part hard to find. However a z5000 part of the same description is a possible find. Anyone know if this part can co-mingle with these reels?
  4. right you are
  5. I would expect the fit to be the same. but...….differences in part # and design leaves me unsure. If I knew they were swappable i'd get G34 from for $20 something and be done with it.
  6. #77 Daiwa SA-Z4000-4500.pdf
  7. Girl Scouts, more like El Chapo. Johnson & Johnson profited further as demand for opioids surged by buying poppy growing companies in Australia to supply the raw narcotic for its own medicines and other American drug makers. 60% market share “I think it’s fair to characterize Johnson & Johnson as a kingpin in our opioid crisis,” he said. Purdue Pharma kickstarted the epidemic with its high-strength, long-lasting opioid, OxyContin, in the mid-1990s. The court heard how Johnson & Johnson quickly realized the potential and set about competing. Its drug division, Janssen, was founded by Paul Janssen, a Belgian who invented an artificial opioid, fentanyl, in 1960. In the early 1990s, Janssen Pharmaceuticals was selling a fentanyl patch, Duragesic, to treat severe pain in people with cancer. But with the arrival of OxyContin, the company aggressively widened the market for Duragesic by falsely claiming there was a very low risk of addiction to the drug, according to Hunter.
  8. You Watch more of Lynette Nusbacher on the History Channel & American Heroes Channel.
  9. sour puss
  10. That's cool, stuff always comes up.
  11. that's included
  12. Hi gray gables, If you still interested i'd need $750 for a flawless hardly used generation 2 ZX27.
  13. You must intimidate easily if you thought that was an angry display. Looked like a lot of restrained gum flapping in the biggest match of the biggest tournament of the year. Would have liked to have seen her rip one off that umps noggin, the sue him for the 2 million being runner up cost her.
  14. iphone for customer service, especially if you can get to a store. Ask about corporate account perks. AppleCare+ in case of job site mishaps. iphone 7, 8, X all more than enough for basic phone, text & photos as are a million other phones that lack CS.
  15. Yes, Regularly. King Oscar or Season mostly. King Oscar gold pack is tops, imo. Almost always it's just sardines in olive oil with McIlhenney's mild jalapeno topping.
  16. Right after attending that other Sunday tradition.
  17. I just thought this up, pretty good, huh.
  18. I predict rugby scrums and waltzing matilda. goodbye to orange crush and ACDC
  19. Doable on a 2 & 2.5 fwiw
  20. I saw it but not he least bit suprised. It's how we roll. But some you must have noded off now and then. McKesson Agrees to Pay Record $150 Million Settlement for Failure to Report Suspicious Orders of Pharmaceutical Drugs
  21. joke thread, right?
  22. It would be the right thing for the Sox to do, no question.
  23. You mean a 5'5" shrimp like Altuve hitting 25, right?
  24. Ha Ha, Fox is a party to the $25 Billion paid to the NFL a few years ago