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  1. $750 accepted from StriperMurph. paypal preferred for payment
  2. ZeeBaas27 for sale @ $800 10 to 20 hours on this reel so basically brand new. i'm on Long Island
  3. Refresh x 3000 gets a NYS & CVS jackpot today, booked 5 and cancelled 5 moving up the 2 needed to 14 & 21 of march
  4. Levi’s. Made in the USA on sale for $70, right now. Reg. $148
  5. Surveillance Capitalism....Love it or Leave it!
  6. That guy tendered to johnny morris, johnny morris shut down Sydney, NE
  7. right you are
  8. I would expect the fit to be the same. but...….differences in part # and design leaves me unsure. If I knew they were swappable i'd get G34 from for $20 something and be done with it.
  9. #77 Daiwa SA-Z4000-4500.pdf
  10. Early Saltiga, the silver & Blue ones. Maybe the first in the series, idk. Anyway I lost the "Handle Screw Cap" and i'm finding the z4500 part hard to find. However a z5000 part of the same description is a possible find. Anyone know if this part can co-mingle with these reels?
  11. Girl Scouts, more like El Chapo. Johnson & Johnson profited further as demand for opioids surged by buying poppy growing companies in Australia to supply the raw narcotic for its own medicines and other American drug makers. 60% market share “I think it’s fair to characterize Johnson & Johnson as a kingpin in our opioid crisis,” he said. Purdue Pharma kickstarted the epidemic with its high-strength, long-lasting opioid, OxyContin, in the mid-1990s. The court heard how Johnson & Johnson quickly realized the potential and set about competing. Its drug division, Janssen, was founded by Paul Janssen, a Belgian who invented an artificial opioid, fentanyl, in 1960. In the early 1990s, Janssen Pharmaceuticals was selling a fentanyl patch, Duragesic, to treat severe pain in people with cancer. But with the arrival of OxyContin, the company aggressively widened the market for Duragesic by falsely claiming there was a very low risk of addiction to the drug, according to Hunter.
  12. You Watch more of Lynette Nusbacher on the History Channel & American Heroes Channel.
  13. sour puss
  14. That's cool, stuff always comes up.
  15. that's included