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  1. if you get a cheap one for your first you will regret it forever, I got the diawa advantage for my first and had it down in a hour. The best part is the control you have over the bait, and the power as well.
  2. Flowing
  3. I just found an insane small mouth spot right up the road and i cant wait to fish it, with the nice weather weve been having around here i figured ill throw the waders on and give it a shot. What lures/ tactics should i be using to catch these guys?
  4. Theres no way you get 50 joints out of a ounce, unless your smoking little tiny things. From research in the feild:D you get about 15-20 joints. As for the bong and bowl packs, well thats a whole other game i cant even guess how many per ounce, alot thats for sure.
  5. I like you use a jig sunfish color, sight cast on the beds and just make it dance a little and be quick with the hook set
  6. just got back from fishing a small pond, took a little while to figure out what they wanted, a pink fluke worked fast, once i found that out 5 nice size bass in 45 min.
  7. Get on a plane to Aruba
  8. Went out for about a hour today to test the new rod and reel got this lil guy... First fish of the year
  9. They do, but there called like trout power nuggets or something like that, they look like your putting a turd on a hook lol. But by far the best color is yellow
  10. All public ponds... Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4
  11. Im a XC runner, and to get a 18 min 3 mile is going to be hard. If you would like you can tell me how many days a week you have to run, and i could write you up a training plan? pm me
  12. Sick ****, not even close to funny.
  13. While the citca is a great reel, i dont like it at all. Id go with a Daiwa advantage or abu revo. For the rod there are much better rods for the rod then the St.croix look around
  14. For the first time out no doubt a jig with a big beefy trailer. When it starts to get warm out, like late may, the first thing will be the frogs
  15. Congrads.... But how the hell is it possible for a 5.3gpa?