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  1. Hallmark's been going "woke", besides being terrible!
  2. Wait, who wants to be FAIR!!! Kill the ump!
  3. Somehow, MLB must think it good for the game to have umpires, bad as they are. Hernandez is among the worst of the worst. The Aaron Judge of bad umpires at the MLB level. Yet, I can't believe it's just *because* of the union that he is not disciplined. Somehow, MLB uppity ups must think the drama is part of the game they want to present, just like when they promoted steroid players before that became a marketing liability. Makes me wonder.
  4. They are AL umps …. oh you had “I” coaches have been saying ump’s intelligence was artificial for years
  5. they were ridiculous and agreed, for whatever reason they finally started beefing at the umps and it changed.
  6. Yup Sev wanted to stay in as well
  7. It’s possible to his last AB of the season, but barring a catcher telling him “fastball down the middle”, I don’t see Judge getting 62. There, I said it.
  8. He is pressing, but I don't see any stress. Of course, only he can say for sure. It's just not the same pressure cooker that Maris faced. Not even close.
  9. Not really, he has a huge contract Locked. Just a matter of where he wants to play, and if he wants the absolute top Boris salary or not.
  10. no comparison, true. Roger had it worse !